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What is a Cloud DVR? – The Ultimate Guide Cloud Digital Video Recorder

Cloud DVR can be explained as the digital video recording capabilities deployed from the cloud. The cloud service can be a third-party cloud service or a Pay-TV operator network.

The pay television subscribers can record the live content in the storage in the cloud storage provided by the operator or the third party provider network instead of on their hard drive in their home. They can watch the recorded content later on any device anywhere at any time.

The traditional digital video recorders that are found at home are fast becoming things of past.

The subscribers now want to record the live content and want to store, process and delivered from the cloud so that they can access it anytime, anywhere on any device.

Cloud DVR technology is becoming an appealing technology for television viewers. Cloud DVR allows the viewers to record an unlimited number of programs and replay them anytime depending on their choice.

Cloud DVR helps the television, cable and telecom operators to get new subscribers and increase average revenue per user.

Cloud digital video recorder is better than DVR, and this is because of these reasons. Consumers used to record their programs with DVR recorder, and when it failed, they lost all the recordings.

This can be a loss for the service provider also as when the consumer loses all the recorded programs due to DVR recorder failure, they may consider changing the provider. In Cloud DVR, the consumer recordings can protect, and there is no risk of losing the recordings.

Using cloud DVR helps the operator to update new features and capabilities regularly. With Cloud DVR, the operator can offer a free trial of the functionality and allow the consumers to try the service.

When the content stored in the same network functionality. Services like Sling TV are offering DVR functional at no extra charge, and the consumer can go back up to seven days and watch the show they missed.

One of the attractions of cloud DVR is to save on storage. If the content licensing rules are not strict, the operators can store a single copy of each show and stream it to everyone that recorded the show. Saves storage cost.

Ericson, Comcast, Nokia Networks, Concurrent are some of the platforms on which Cloud DVR is available. Google Drive used as a cloud storage point. Cloud DVR software installed on desktop computers or mobile phones, and these serve as the cloud station.

The Cloud DVR platforms offer various features such as HD recordings, look back, VoD, anytime consumption etc.


The key features of Concurrent cloud DVR platform support for direct recording of live video, storage, delivery etc.


This platform offers solutions for telecom operators, public safety, media industry and so on. These platforms focus on providing simple solutions for video storage, processing and delivery.

Nokia Networks:

This platform offers reliable storage and streaming capacities.

Cloud digital video recording also brings some challenges for operators. Storage is the foremost concern as a high volume of data needs to store, and it is complex and difficult to maintain. The real challenge for the operator.

The television watching behavior of the audience is changing. They now want to watch their favorite programs on their schedule, and thus it becomes necessary to move to the cloud.

Cloud DVR helps to reach more subscriber devices reduces costs and also increases the revenue opportunities. The networks can provide their subscribers with more flexibility and control on what programs they watch. Service providers, subscribers, and advertisers can benefit from cloud DVR.

What is Cloud DVR ?

The video usage had greatly increased, and the creators and distributors have to know about the change in trends to stand with the present competition. The linear television viewing has greatly increased, and the VOD, OTT services are already going well.

Cloud DVR is a simple digital video recording from the cloud, which may be a third-party cloud service. That means the subscriber of the Pay TV can able to record the live content by utilizing the cloud storage in a third party or other network providers without any hard drive in setting up a box of home DVR.

The shows that are recorded can be watched anytime from anywhere. The VOD and other content can be stored indefinitely and can be delivered to the Setup Box. Many additional services like pausing the Live TV and recording and rewinding is also made possible.

The parallel recordings are unlimited and recording ability.

Cloud DVR Architecture

The cloud DVR technology helps the people to record the live streams, shows etc with an unlimited storage via a cloud network. The service is very appealing and users can replay the content across devices at their comfort.

The Cloud DVR is the new way towards the pay TV, cable and other telecom operations in order to attract the subscribers and increase the revenue generation.

Classic Architecture

Every cloud DVR video stream initiated with the encoding by the providers of the channel. The commercial ads are inserted basing on the geographic basis by splicing the devices.

Once it is received, the Transcoding will apply to transform the content that was incoming in a proper format for better ABR distribution.

The packaging stage will get prepared with different resolutions in possible formats. Different combinations of the codec’s, DRM, formats, and bitrates are get recorded in a high-performance large data storage center.

When it is requested by the subscriber device the ABR contents can be delivered through a streaming server towards the consumer devices. The delivery can be performed via the internet and get cached in the content delivery network to offload the systems to increase and improve the performance.

The cloud DVR service platform will be the interface between the infrastructure and the user and helps in managing the information of the recordings in an electronic program guide. The security is the main key encryption that can be applied at different locations basing on the system architecture.

The encryption is generally performed within the initial recording and was decrypted on the user’s device.

Sling TV Cloud DVR

Sling TV users can record their videos and some TV shows and also store them online to watch them later or whenever they love to watch.

It is available to the customers with Roku Hardware, and the feature will expand to other additional platforms. The DVR feature works with subscribers of both slings Orange and the blue sling services. The users can record the movies, Shows and other TV episodes with full series.

Cloud DVR Platforms and Software

The cloud DVR is available on different platforms like Ericson, Comcast and many other platforms. The cloud DVR utilizes the Google drive as its cloud storage point.

The users can install a software on mobile and Pc’s which can serve as a cloud station. The software supports the built-in cameras on computers or other devices and stream over the Google drive cloud account. The software will automatically manage your storage.

Therefore the cloud DVR storage will be more helpful to the users to go to their favorite TV shows and other videos to watch later without any limit.

The Ultimate Guide to TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder

TiVo offers a complete solution for is the best approach for buying OTA DVR depending on the requirement and budget of the client. There are four tuners in it and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu+, Vudu, and Pandora. It also comes with built-in WiFi.

What is TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder?

TiVo HD digital video recorder is the replacement for the cable box and other rented cable equipment. This device records all the television programs that the user might be interested in watching in its internal hard drive.

Different TiVo Products

Different TiVo products can be purchased for different purposes and these include TiVo Bolt, TiVo Roamio OTA DVR, TiVo Roamio Pro, TiVo mini and TiVo Outlet.

TiVo Bolt

TiVo Bolt family has two product and these are Bolt+ and Bolt. Bolt+ comes with 450 HD recording hours and can record six shows at once. Bolt comes with up to 150 HD recording hours ability and can record 4 shows at once. The only cable is needed for Bolt+ and cable or antenna is needed for Bolt. This box is at least thirty-three percent smaller than Roamio Pro and is at least three times faster.

Unified Entertainment System

TiVo brings unified entertainment system in a single box. There is no need to have switching devices, remotes or inputs. Users can use the television, on-demand libraries or any streaming apps with TiVo. TiVo unified search allows searching movies and shows on multiple platforms like television or streaming apps.

TiVo Roamio OTA DVR

This is the solution for those who want to get the cable experience on antenna TV. Roamio OTA works with an HD antenna. It comes with a recording capacity of 150 HD hours. It features SkipMode and QuickMode, and it can integrate streaming content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, and so on. There is no need to pay any monthly service fee, but the user needs to pay only once.

TiVo Roamio Pro DVR

Roamio Pro Digital video recorder of TiVo supports streaming and programs can be downloaded from Android and iOS devices. The user needs to take the paid subscription to enjoy the services. It does not support HBO GO and Watch ESPN. It comes with the 450 hour HD recording capacity.

TiVo Mini

When using TiVo HD digital video recorder in the home, you can attach TiVo mini to additional televisions in the home. There is no need to pay any extra monthly charges. According to the website, the number of Minis you have in the home the more you can save.

Multi-Room Solution

TiVo multi-room gives the chance to enjoy the programs from more than one location. Multi-room streaming allows to stream video over home network from any compatible TiVo device such as Bolt, Roamio or Premiere DVR.


A variety of accessories is available for TiVo HD digital video recorder. These include seeing in the dark keyboard remote, antennas, cables, streaming software and storage devices. Power adapters, HD cables and much more are available on the accessories store on the official website of TiVo.

TiVo Audience Management Platform

TiVo launched the audience management platform in the beginning of 2017. Designed to give interactive user experience, the audience based gross rating points can be improved, and the CPMs and reach are also improved. The TiVo audience management system provides all the tools to the media executives to manage to advertise in this rapidly changing environment.

It is more than twenty years since TiVo entered the DVR business. However, the cost is where TiVo is losing the audience. TiVo Bolt is the smaller and faster of all the products of TiVo and is also the most expensive. Roamio OTA is less expensive and is better than the cable television box. It also comes with an ad-skipping and streaming feature. Choose the product that suits the budget.


Instead of Traditional video recording, the third party Cloud servers providing digital video recording software. This is the best appealing technology for television viewers. This is an ultimate guide for Cloud DVR.

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