Video Freebooting

What is Video Freebooting & How It can be Prevented?

Video freebooting referred as copying the content without the permission of the creator-owned copyrights. Some people go with different sources for the creation of the new video by copying the existing digital media content without any permission from its owner and finally create new with cloned copied content.

This is called as Freebooting which is illegal. Now it was going with the Facebook platform too. YouTube was also facing the same problem but, the creators can send the claiming of rights, and the video can block. But, what was the solution for the Facebook platform.

Facebook Freebooting

Facebook had started the video advertising competing with the YouTube platform in the video advertising. But, there are several problems raised with the piracy of the videos by the users as they are downloading the copyrighted content and spinning the same and uploading as the new version., this becomes the biggest problem on the Facebook with video. Already, Facebook got several complaints from the content owners.

It is imperative to have quality content on any video platform as well as the secure rights for the content creators too.

Today, the world was going towards the technology and majority of people were misusing it on the social media platforms, and we can say that Freebooting is also a misusing of technology.

It becomes a very critical problem for the platforms like Facebook, YouTube and whatever the platform may, even the content creators lose a lot.

How to avoid Facebook Video Freebooting?

Facebook video freebooting has become a great problem for the content owners as many users are just stealing the YouTube videos and re-uploading on to the Facebook pages which are turning as viral hits on the platform.

Facebook video freebooting leads to the pirating of the content on the Facebook platform. So, the platform had planned its measures towards the avoiding of the freebooting on its platform.

A new version of the technology is presently at the beta stage which can spot the freebooting videos. The software also informs the content owners whenever it got notified a specific content on the platform.

Freebooting is grave matter as it is hard to expect which video can get pirated from the open platforms like YouTube and when videos come to the Facebook platform were just played in closed groups.

To avoid the Facebook freebooting, the system informs the users on Facebook to take another step before uploading which can prevent the piracy and also protects the privacy of its users. The Facebook new tool is presently at the beta stage, and very soon the platform was going to develop perfectly.

Avoid Freebooting

If you are one of the content owners and if your video had stolen by some other person then the first step you have to go with is to take a snap of the page where you and found your pirated video. Then comment straight to the point that the video had stolen and then try to contact the person who pirated your video by showing the evidence by comparing your copyrighted video content.

How Facebook is planning to Prevent Video Freebooting?

Facebook was suffering from the freebooting complaints from the content creators across the platform. It was planning to make a better prevention step against the freebooting to make its platform piracy free content.

Even the video giant, YouTube is also suffering the same due to the violation of the copyright acts by its users.

From research reports, it revealed that the re-uploaded video content has greater engagement and the views rate when compared to the original content. It leads to severe negative causes for the content creators.

So, finally the platform had responded and started its work on Video matching technology. This technology helps the creators to know about the versions that are created under the freebooting on the social network.

The tool perform checking’s on the uploads of the video on the platform and identifies the matches.

So that, it allows the publishers to report the videos and get them removed. But, the tool that was introduced by the Facebook was still a beta version, and it must be developed and improved its performance.

The platform was improving the tool for its best performance, and it is excellent news for the content creators.

The present version may not be that much impressive in performance but, very soon the Facebook platform was going to launch a comprehensive version of the software, and the usage of content ID may also expect to come forward before the audience in few months.

Copyrights are legal rights which help in protecting the original content on the web.

The copyrights can also give to the various authors, artists etc. when comes to the video copyrights, it plays an important role today with the increase in the audience consumption of video as well as the demand.

So, many content creators were generating brand new content for monetization, advertising, marketing, tutorials, short films and many other videos for various purposes by taking some copyrights from the platform.

But, the issue is duplicating of content. Yes, a content creator creates with his/her creative inclination with the videos to earn some advantage over it.

But, many users are violating the rules by uploading the copied content on the platforms which comes under the copyright infringement.

Copyright Infringement on Facebook

If any other user copies your content without your permission, then you can make a complaint to the Facebook by claiming your content from that particular video.

Sometimes you can contact the person through message and can request them to remove the copyrighted content without filing a complaint to Facebook.

Facebook Action on Claims

If you got any report from the content owner on your content complaining under content infringement then, the Facebook would immediately remove the content from its platform without any prior notice to the concerned person on the platform.

The platform also sends some warning message to the concerned person about the copyright infringement.

So, if you didn’t like to remove the video and you are confident about what you have done was right. Then, you can file a counter-notice to the Content owner on the Facebook under DMCA act.

Facebook Building its own Content ID

Content ID issued for the content owners having the copyright rights on their content. Content ID helps in prevention of the copied content. With the increase in the videos and the demand towards them attracted several social media platform including the Facebook platform.

Facebook was generating best videos with good quality and even offering the advertisers with different types of ads.

But, many of the video platforms have the common problem of piracy of the content. Facebook is also making its steps towards the prevention of the freebooting of the content on its platform.

By increasing the pirated content on its platform, many content creators were suffering from the loss of views and subscribers and even make them turn towards the YouTube again.

So, Facebook was planning to make its content ID for the platform to eradicate the duplicate content on its platform.

It is using the different software which was provided by the Audible magic. It identifies and curates the matched content from the database.

Facebook was going to work on the video match technology which is equal to the performance of the YouTube content ID.

The platform had ignored the building up of software matching technology since few years.

But, now it was putting its efforts in the creation of the video content matching system for its platform.

It is now at the beta stage and expected to improve within a short span of time. We can expect that this is the step forward for its development and very soon it is going to compete with the YouTube platform in 360 degrees.

Facebook Video Freebooting Creating Problems for YouTube Video Creators

Video freebooting is the term coined by the Brady Haran, the filmmaker from Australia.

Freebooting is nothing but re-uploading of the video from the platforms like YouTube and uploading on to the other platforms like Facebook for their benefits is called as a Freebooting.

The YouTube platform was facing the same problem due to the Facebook video piracy.

Because majority of the Facebook users are re-uploading the different videos on YouTube on to the Facebook platform to earn great following towards their Facebook page because the Facebook platform didn’t allow the video ads on Native videos.

They earning from the likes and shares on their Facebook page.

Freebooting is not just sharing the link to some other person on Facebook but also embeds the YouTube video views and ad revenues to the original publisher, and it is what we can call as perfect working system.

But, this system was not working in a right path and deviated. Facebook decided not to allow the video sharing on its platform, and it was decided to host its content.

So, people are re-uploading the content on the platform with native video which leads to the content violation leads to the freebooting which was becoming a great problem for the YouTube users too.


Recently, Facebook announced that it was going to develop the content ID of its own which can filter the copied and pirated content on its platform which can give relaxation not only to Facebook but also to the YouTube and other platforms too. But, at present, it was at the beta stage and very soon it is going to develop in all verticals.

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