YouTube AdSense Revenue

How To Increase YouTube AdSense Revenue

There are different ways to make money on the YouTube channel. Google AdSense is one of the efficient ways to actually make money on YouTube. The only thing the YouTubers have to do is to sign up for Google AdSense and follow some strategies to increase the YouTube AdSense Revenue.

One of the best ideas to earn money online is to publish YouTube videos. The original publisher gets the payment based on the views. With the introduction of high-quality cameras in smartphones, it is now easy to shoot a video, upload it to YouTube and to share it. A decade ago, only seven percent of people used online upload content, but now it has increased to seventy-seven percent. YouTube portal is visited by hundred crores of people in a month.

For those who upload content in YouTube, revenue comes from digital advertisements. YouTube is adding new tools to make the portal more attractive and also introducing new ways for the publishers to earn money. People who upload YouTube content want to earn some money. There are few ways which can help increase YouTube Adsense revenue.

How AdSense works on YouTube?

When a viewer clicks on the video which is on the YouTube channel or the video, the YouTuber gets paid by Google from the money they receive as the charge paid by the company or individual behind the advertisement.

Though this is a tiny share when there is a lot of viewers for the channel, and these engage with the ads, the more money the YouTuber can make.

It is essential to increase the fan base and engage with the audience. The more the audience, the more the engagement and the more the revenue for the YouTuber.

What must YouTubers know about YouTube AdSense Account?

  • Many numbers of channels can link to a single AdSense account.
  • , commonly, sometimes YouTube channels suspended, but this will not affect the monetization of other AdSense linked channels.
  • AdSense earnings are calculated once in a month.
  • When the earning of a YouTube channel reach $10 on the AdSense account, PIN verification is sent to the physical address to verify the YouTube AdSense account.
  • Payment from AdSense is received when the finalized earnings/balance is at least the minimum, the address o the YouTuber if verified and the payment method is set up.
  • There might be the difference between finalized AdSense earnings and the estimated earnings because of many factors.
  • Check the banking details before submitting them. Choose one of the associated bank accounts as the primary payment method.

What Factors Increase AdSense Revenue of YouTube?

Several factors determine how much money one can make from YouTube AdSense. These include the country from where the channel is receiving views, the type of content uploaded to the channel and the average watch-time for each video, and so on. Pay rate also determined by the kinds of ads that the channel audiences are interacting with.

Strategies to Increase YouTube AdSense Revenue

YouTube AdSense revenue can be affected by various factors. There are, however, some tips and strategies that can help increase revenue. YouTubers must ensure that their content is advertiser-friendly. The content should be original and appropriate thumbnails should be used for all the videos.

Check the best time to upload videos to YouTube channel. The chances of getting ads from low budget advertisers increased when videos uploaded early morning. More subscribers will watch the videos in the morning, and the video will get more clicks.

YouTube AdSense revenue can increase by using affiliate marketing. It is not necessary that affiliate marketing can only use with product review videos. The YouTuber can provide links to the products they are using, such as a camera, mic, portable tripod, etc. These details can offer in the description of the videos.

  • High CPC keywords must add to the title, description, and tags of the video.
  • There is high chance to get more ads on the video if top competition keywords used.
  • Make sure that the videos you are creating are of high quality and some value to the audience.
  • Upload videos regularly. Have a schedule for uploading the videos. Regular uploads help to build an audience.
  • Create customized thumbnails for videos.
  • Improving the rank in search engines also enhances the YouTube Adsense ads. Research for high ranking keywords in the niche and include them in the titles, descriptions, and tags. The more and the better the keywords, the more will be the traffic, and better ads will be showing on the video which increases the Adsense revenue.
  • Do not display any ads within the video as this can lead to conflicts of interests with the advertisers who choose your video to show their ads.
  • YouTube AdSense earning does not build on costly equipment but with the fanbase. Encourage fans to comment on the videos. Respond to positive or negative comments. Ask subscribers for their valuable suggestions and ideas for future videos. They will start feeling like they are part of the channel and will come back to the channel.
  • Embed videos on social sites, blog posts, etc. to get more likes, comments, and shares.

Amazing Ways to Increase Adsense Revenue of YouTube

• Try building your video library. Regular uploads will help increase the traffic and lead to increased Adsense revenue. Follow a schedule for uploading the videos.

• The description of the video must explain what can expect from the video. The description must be interesting and should be able to generate curiosity for the audience to watch the video.

• Using the correct keywords and tags is important to get more traffic and more Adsense revenue.

• Let the audience comment on the video and also allow them to share it easily. Being interactive with the audience make them come back again and again.

• Do not forget to post your YouTube video link on your Facebook Page, Google+ or Twitter. It increases hits and helps in increasing revenue.

• Concentrate on the length of the video. People check the length of the video and decide whether they have the time and patience to watch the video fully. Until and unless the video is interesting and enjoyable the audience may not watch it if it is very lengthy.

How To Increase Your YouTube Channel Revenue With Seasonal Videos

Are you waiting to hit the top position on YouTube as the best vlogger and don’t you have advanced success strategies to implement? Then you need not panic about it. The simple and the best concept to raise your channel with unique video content by choosing the seasonal videos. You go on making the videos depending on the season.

When you visit any channel of top vlogger then there you can find each video associated with the new theme that assembles the specific season. Depending on that they might go on enlarging the creativity skills that help in clutching the long-lasting audience.

Global Current Trend based Videos

Try to make the videos by picking the currently trending ones that are wandering globally. When you have attached to this, then there might be chances of getting traffic from all directions of the world that makes your video to go viral.

Event based Videos

When there is any specific event, then you can create the videos according to that event in an ultimate way. If those events are related to any celebrities, then it could be a positive way to get more views with a continuous visit to your YouTube channel.

Are you willing to find the new method to drain all the audience from the competitor channel as well, then put your creative thoughts in creating the YouTube trends based videos as each looks for it? These will be the enthusiastic topic to watch on YouTube.

Watch YouTube Analytics of Previous Special Events and dates

You might have done videos on special events and dates, then go on revising the analytics of those events to get a detailed note of which topic got more views and traffic. Now give preference to generate such type of video content and neglect the concept of flipped videos.

Immersion of social media

Give the link of your YouTube seasonal videos on all social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter to get higher ranking through which the audience will be pushed to YouTube channel.

Making researched based seasonal videos

Always choose to do videos by making research based. The audience will prefer to watch real time videos. The content of the video must be unique that never collapsed with other YouTuber’s stuff.

Assigning Subtitles:

When wish to make seasonal YouTube videos that go viral then you should remember the point of using subtitles through which the unknown language users can understand that video by spelling those words. This can make the users spend some more time by watching your video.

YouTube Mid-Roll Ads to Boost your Channel Revenue

Online video viewing behavior changed, and marketers are following the viewer behavior for their marketing. Apart from this, YouTube is the top video destination for all and YouTube Mid-Roll Ads or skippable ads with the true view were helping the marketers to dive in the video ocean on YouTube to reach their consumers.

From various survey reports, it revealed that the mid-roll ads are capturing the viewer’s attention comparing to the pre-roll ads on YouTube platform. In online video platforms like YouTube, users are more likely to encounter many types of ads during and after the video watch on the platform.

More than 86 percent viewers are sticking in front of the mid-roll ads, and just 65 percent completion rate credited for the pre-roll ads on YouTube platform.

YouTube Mid-Roll Ads are more comfortable to the consumers

According to recent survey reports, it was revealed that mid roll ads are offering great returns to the marketers. The study revealed that mid roll ads have greater engagement and higher completion rates than the pre-roll ads.

When the viewers already watch the half of the content they chosen to watch and they continue watching the mid roll ads and they are becoming more patient to watch those ads.

YouTube Mid-Roll Ads increase the Channel revenue

The mid-roll ads can very helpful to increase your channel revenue. Because they have the great engagement rates comparing to the other types of ads. Especially on the YouTube platform, the viewers are less likely to watch the ad before the video start than the videos that come in the middle of the video watch.

So, the marketers can boost high channel revenue from the YouTube Mid-Roll Ads.

These are the best tips that a vlogger could follow to do the last YouTube seasonal videos that go viral. If you are at the startup stage, then it is the best time to go through this article which sharpens you to get creative thoughts in making videos.


How difficult to get more View for the YouTube Channel similarly it is difficult to get or increase the YouTube AdSense Revenue. This is an Ultimate Guide to know the Factors, Stratagies to increase the YouTube AdSense revenue.

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