Ultimate Guide to YouTube Bumper Ads

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Bumper Ads

Short and simple is the most preferred combination, especially while watching video content on YouTube. YouTube has become the most seeking video platform exclusively for video advertising to explore one’s brand through video. Here the YouTube Bumper Ads have conquered the first place to get the attention of the viewers.

What are YouTube Bumper Ads?

The video ads are concise and simple to expand the awareness of the brand. This video ad format has been blown out by YouTube, which will be accessed by AdWords. It is simply a six-second video ad that reveals the complete message to the audience. The bite video ads will show more impact on the viewers in less period.

Brand Awareness with YouTube bumper ads

The main advantage of using bumper ads to blast the brand is that these are nonskippable ads.

The use of bumper ads along with the true view ads will affect the brand growth which means improving the brand growth.

As they are very short to watch and are more compactable with the mobile leading to get more response of watching as it has plenty of users.

The use of call-to-action is the most efficient to pull the audience at one’s brand.

The insertion of bumper ads will direct the audience to the YouTube landing page to go through other video content and make them as subscribers.

The most significant thing is these are cost effective ads that anyone can afford to launch varied types of video ads to strike at the audience.

How to create a bumper video campaign on YouTube?

  • Sign in the YouTube AdWords account.
  • Choose the +campaign option after clicking the Campaign to pick the video.
  • Enter the campaign name that you want.
  • A standard format of campaign subtype must be selected.
  • Beside the ‘video ad format’ choose the Bumper ads of the 6-second video ad.
  • Now fix the budget by picking the maximum CPM of bidding.
  • Set the advanced settings like location, networks and language.
  • Now hit on save and continue.
  • Give the name of ad group and assign the YouTube video by creating the video with the follow-up of steps.
  • Tick on ‘save ad group’.

YouTube Six-second Bumper Ads

YouTube six second bumper ads will be played initially before the actual video starts playing. These are just alike of ‘TrueView’ ads but unskippable.

The advertisers can purchase those through Google AdWords. The experiment of six-second bumper ads concept has shown unpredictable results that inspire every advertiser to choose that category.

This shows the instant changes in brand awareness, recall and reaching the target audience.

As the mobile data is most precious for the mobile users this type ads can be displayed with the less consumption.

These ads can make a trench to evaluate the brand.

YouTube Bumper Ads Specs

Ad Type: 6 seconds long video ads with no skippable option.

Platforms it can be played: mobile and desktop.

Size of the file: 2MB

Media: video.

File format: .wmv, .mpeg4, .mpegps, .webm, .mov, .avi, .flv and .mp4.

The length of video: 6 seconds.

Aspect ratio: 16:9.

YouTube Bumper Ads Cost

These bumper ads are sold based on the “Cost per Million Impressions”. When the ad gets 1000 views on each time then the advertisers will pay.

YouTube Bumper Ads Examples

Sing Bad Romance HD Illumination:

This is the amazing video ad in which the teaser debut of SING has been dispatched at the audience with an ultimate performance of Gunter one of the leading character in that movie by Illumination. This video content is really fun generating that everyone would show interest to watch.

Amazon Prime Now – Spring Cleaning:

They had disclosed the fast delivery within 2 hours through Amazon Prime Now.

Moto X Style com Moto Maker:

In this ad, they had displayed the all available colors Moto X Style that really looks interesting.

Tide | Keep Laundry Pacs Out Of Reach Of Children:

Tide has exposed their brand in an ultimate way of pulling the message of keeping the children away from laundry packs through three simple locks ‘up, closed and safe’.

YouTube Bumper Ads Best Practices

Always make the video ads that are best suits to mobile as the users are more.

Create high-quality content in a simple format.

Place the unique and eye-catchy titles for the ad you display.

Follow the bumper ad specifications carefully before making the video ad.

By analyzing the previous video ad view retarget the audience.

Merge the bumper ads with trueview ads to find fine results than regular.

Create playlists that are visible next to the video might grab the audience attention.

How To Setup YouTube Bumper Ads Via Adwords

Bumper ads are nothing but mini ads that are generated to explore your brand. This bite-sized video ad will deliver the complete details of your video content. These 6 seconds or fewer video ads will have a great impact on attracting the audience. Here we are going to learn how To Setup YouTube Bumper Ads Via Adwords.

Functioning of bumper ads:

There is no possibility to skip the ad as it is very short.

There is no chance to increase the view count of your actual video though the audiences view the bumper ads.

On getting a thousand impressions the pay will be counted which considers CPM.

These bumper ads will boost up the branding.

It is best fits to the mobiles and we can find plenty of mobile users as it is trending and user-friendly device in the present era.

YouTube Bumper Ads via Adwords:

  • Initially, log in to the account of AdWords.
  • Hit the icon of the campaigns after that tap the +campaign option then choose the video.
  • Allocate the name of the campaign you desire.
  • The campaign subtype must be fixed to standard.
  • Choose Bumper ads 6 sec video ad which can be found after the option of ‘video ad formats’.
  • Fix your budget by assigning ‘bidding’ to CPM.
  • Now pick the options like networks, customer’s language and the specific locations those you might know well.
  • Make any advanced settings you want.
  • Now tap on “save and continue”.
  • It’s time to assign the ad group name. Produce the 6 seconds mini video and then go through the steps that lead you to generate the video ad.
  • You must give the bid value of CPM.
  • Choose the targeting.
  • Now hit on “save ad group”.

Note: The Trueview ads should be created as a separate campaign.


After the insertion of YouTube bumper ads using Adwords, you can find the fine results of using those at your channel. This is the best trend in video ad campaign.


This is all about the YouTube Bumper Ads which are being as celebrities of the advertising world especially on YouTube. These are most efficient ads that no other can defeat.

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