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Future of YouTube Budding Creators and Stars is a Nightmare

YouTube is Google’s best video-sharing platform, where people consume 100 million hours of content. YouTube has developed new monetization policies that will affect and flush out the low-quality channels on YouTube. It has become a YouTube Creator’s Nightmare.

These new monetization policies affect the new users, the existing YouTube channel users, and marketers. Content creators can no longer profit from their videos until your channel hits 10,000 views.

With their new eligibility monetization policies, YouTube plans to flush out all impersonators, spammers, and other lousy channel creators.

YouTube New Rules for Tapping into Ad Money: YouTube Creators Nightmare

YouTube announced three significant changes in its monetization rules to determine which YouTube channel can run ads to earn money.

YouTube announced significant updates to both YouTube Platform Program and Google Preferred. These changes will be a nightmare for new and upcoming YouTube Creators.

The advertisers ran out of the YouTube platform due to ad glitches. YouTube is applying these changes to control and reduce these glitches.

YouTube is trying to safeguard the platform by controlling YouTube Budding Creators and Stars. If these changes are happened to the forum, becoming a YouTube Creator will be a nightmare. New Creators will lose interest in the forum.

New creators only can build a platform with innovative thoughts and ideas if they restrict how an unknown creator can experiment.

It is the right sign for advertisers that YouTube’s brand safety is improving. But it’s a bad sign for the creator community.

Better give an option for small creators by accepting the outbound link to external campaigns on Patreon, Kickstarter, and other websites.

YouTube’s decision to make it harder to monetize Channel videos is hurting the community. New budding creators will look for alternative income sources, like working with OTT platforms, for better revenues.

As per the YouTube Partner Program, the channel should maintain 10,000 total views and have the right to run ads on YouTube. Instead of purely depending on Views, this time, they considered audience engagement, creators’ behavior, and channel size as primary considerations in running ads.

Per the new eligibility criteria, the existing YouTube channels/creators with less than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time maintained from the past 12 months are eligible for the YouTube partners program(YPP). These rules are implemented for the existing YouTube channels starting from 20th February 2018.

The new and existing channels should maintain the new monetization policies and meet their requirements. Altogether 30 days grace period is given to the current media/creators to meet YouTube’s new monetization rules.

Afterward, the channels which do not have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time will no longer be able to earn money from YouTube.

The channel size is considered for eligibility criteria reviewing the comments, community strikes, and abuse flags and for hitting the new policies.

Any channel aggressively violating community guidelines that track is removed from the YouTube Partners Program. At the same time, if your YouTube channel has issued three strikes from the community, that track was removed from the YouTube Platform.

These new YouTube policies will affect the significant number of channels eligible to run the ads. The new monetization policies affect more on content creators, marketers, and advertisers to run their ads on YouTube.

These changes will help many of them to maintain better and proper YouTube channels to run ads. The above is a complete guide to knowing and managing new monetization policies on the YouTube channel and overcoming the YouTube Creator’s Nightmare.

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube New Comment Tools for Creators

YouTube is the most significant video destination. Everyone knows its importance in marketing and advertising. Google started and finally exposed its efforts in bringing the creator advocacy.

Comments are essential as they can initiate a conversation with the public. For creators of the videos, the words are considered to be the most valuable outcome to estimate the fame and engagement of the users with the video content online. But most of the terms are going abusive and irrelevant to the video content on the YouTube platform.

YouTube platform makes the creators step back from enabling comments on YouTube videos s they are afraid of a negative reputation.

YouTube kept stop checks for those comments, helping creators avoid a negative reputation due to abusive comments on their video content.

So from now, onwards creators can utilize the six different tools and control the observations under their YouTube videos. YouTube platform is the best news for the creators to get on control over public remarks.

By utilizing these new tools, creators can go confidently with their efforts.

Here are the details of the new comment control tools for creators on YouTube

Pinned comments

Comments are the symbol of engagement; by utilizing the pinned comments tool on YouTube, creators can pin the top comments and highlight them to be more engaging online by sharing the information.

Creator Hearts

Using this tool, the creator can express their favorite comment to the commentators by giving them a heart symbol for the specific words, which is the best way to engage with the community on YouTube.

Creator usernames

The creator’s comments can appear with a pop of color and a verified checkmark for the verified creators. So that people can quickly know from whom the word comes.

Choosing moderators

Choose moderator’s tool is a feature in comments management that allows the creators to delegate moderation. It helps the creators by allowing them to remove the posted comments publicly.

Blacklist words and Phrases

This tool allows the creators to restrict the publicly posted comments with certain words or phrases and hold them for review before being posted or published publicly online.

Holding inappropriate

YouTube also allows the creators to utilize their beta tool, which offers them a good hold over inappropriate comments for the review. The creators can choose or have an option for inappropriate comments. YouTube has recognized that the algorithms are not always accurate, and the beta version might hold some words or miss inappropriate ones. The system will consider some feedback and identify the type of comments to review.

Therefore, YouTube is making significant efforts to support the creators at 360 degrees on the platform. I hope the Beta version will revolutionize the comments section and complete the YouTube platform the best place for creators online.

10 New Features Coming For YouTube Creators

The Youtube platform has become a central part of video marketing for most companies and brands. Now, it has announced great features for the creator, which helps them to go with the platform even better. It mainly targeted the horrible comments made by fellow irrelevant users. It was planning to make speed breakers for the impolite language in the comments section below the videos. Google was planning to create a new ranking system for the comments by bringing down 36 percent of the recent words as well as the Creators on Youtube will not need to connect with the Google Plus network.

Comments features

Youtube was bringing new improvements in the commenting system, and the new system allows the lead to 30 percent of the dislikes rate on the platform. This will provide a better ranking system, which is very helpful to the creators as it can reduce Junk comments.

Subscriber notifications

When the channel publishes a new video to its list, Google will provide new notifications for subscribers.

Subscription feed

Google is also planning the latest updates in the mobile news feeds for the subscribers to make them stay with the new videos from their subscribed channel.

Creator studio app

Notifications are provided for the users about the latest updates and happenings on the channel via the Creator Studio application.


The application helps manage the new video features, which can update the features like Thumbnails via smartphones. There is also an option to turn on or off video monetization on the Youtube platform.

Special cards

Channel cards are the new way to link video content with other channels and help raise funds.

Videos at 360 degrees in three dimensions

Google was planning to provide the creators with the option of “Adding 3D mix.”

Improvements in Live streaming

Google planned to make an easy way to manage and as well as to set up live streams.

Community forum

A new community forum has already been designed for the creators on Youtube, which helps them to meet their collaborators.

Updates on Creator’s Academy

Google has made a few improvements in the creator academy, which consists of many lessons that allow users to learn more about the platform.

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