YouTube for TV Channels

YouTube for TV Channels: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube is transforming the entertainment. Most of the audiences prefer YouTube than the small screen. As the YouTube has become the portable mobile TV, it is holding the millions of audience attention. Hence most of the trending TV channels are migrating to launch the extraordinary channel of their symbol on YouTube. YouTube for TV Channels drives the attention of the millions of YouTube users including the regular household audiences.

Is it better to have higher reputation through online presence?

Of course, it is. Most of the TV shows are being watched by the millennials in the YouTube after being uploaded to it.

How YouTube best suits to blast the reputation of TV channels?

Why are people most addicted to YouTube than traditional TV?

Purpose of establishing TV channels on YouTube

Getting the real feedback through comments:

The most TV channels are getting the real feedback from the genuine audiences about the characters that played a role, their costumes, behavior and also the content they generate.

Skipping the In-stream Video Ads:

The video ads are the most annoying one while watching the TV shows on the TV channels. More than 15 minutes of video ads will be played than the original content. Moreover, they are unable to skip while watching. Whereas, the in-stream video ads can be skipped while watching the TV show on the YouTube channel. It is one of the best advantages of watching TV YouTube channels.

Advertiser’s Lovable Platform:

As the TV advertisements are not evenly watched by all the viewers though, it happens the advertisers should pay for the TV channels to broadcast their brand’s campaign. Whereas, the YouTube allows the advertisers to pay for the audience viewed video ads by placing the relevant video ads in the well-reputed TV channel that is most engaged by the audiences. All these will happen through the acquired comments on each video of the TV YouTube channel.

User-friendly YouTube Mobile App:

YouTube on mobile has become the friendly app as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time to watch the video content as it is a handy device. The traditional TVs are not flexible to move anywhere. Hence, the users prefer to watch more TV channels content on YouTube.

Worldwide Reputation:

For example, if we take the Sky News which is not available in all the places but can watch the live news on YouTube. By approaching the YouTube, the TV channels can expand their presence of extraordinary performance throughout the global.

24-hour Streaming:

The TV channel videos on YouTube will let the audiences to watch the TV shows 24 hours without restrictions. It can drive the huge ROI for the channel through the continuous engagement. Whatever content they like on particular YouTube TV channels they can stream whereas, on cable TV or OTT TV they can’t go for their preference.

Selling Events Tickets through YouTube:

The TV channels hosting events and trailers of movies can make visible to the audiences in buying the tickets by promoting on YouTube channel. There are no other third parties required to announce their activity.

YouTube Streaming Beats TV Broadcasting

Smaller Budget Needed:

You don’t need tremendous amount to start advertising on YouTube. You can start to promote your products or services low budget for $50 and start displaying your ads in front of the right audience. But TV ads need at least $10,000 to $50,000 to get started displaying ads.

YouTube has Massive Reach:

These days smartphone usage raised tremendously as compared to previous years. YouTube can deliver ads as much as it reaches globally. It is surprising that people don’t want to see the TV shows and movies sitting in front of Television. They prefer to watch everything on portable screens like Mobiles, tablets, and laptops.

Track and Measure the Audience:

You can track and measure the audience on YouTube through impressions. According to audience interests, TV channels can arrange and broadcast the Shows, and Live programs can improve their channel ratings. YouTube channel broadcasting is measurable. You can track and measure audience Demographically. Estimate the audience by Gender, age, place and which device they are using.

Target Your Audience:

With the YouTube ads, you are not showing the stuff to the users as like Television ads. Through television ads, it is limited to see from demographically. YouTube allows you to check who is watching your shows and according to that plan and respond to it.

More Ad Reach:

Advertising on YouTube gives you more ad reach then on television commercials. People may change their channel when TV commercials are playing. But on YouTube, it is not possible. Every person should watch at least 5 sec of commercial ads before they watch any video or any shows.

Easier for Tracking RIO:

Tracking the Return on Investment through on YouTube is easy. YouTube dashboard displays that how many people saw your show and how many people liked from which country etc. Online video ads are shareable through social media sites when they are on online. It is not possible through traditional Tv.

Considering all the above Advantages TV channels preferred move on YouTube. So, all the TV channels created their YouTube Channel account on YouTube for broader streaming.

YouTube is the New Children TV

YouTube has become an alternative to the TV for children. Previously children used to sit in front of the TV for hours watching cartoon Channels and Movies. But now our children and parents are choosing YouTube as an alternative to the Entertainment.

Plenty of Popular children TV shows are now on YouTube platform. Many of young kids have their tablets, and it’s just because of the power of video.

Most of the channels like Disney and Cartoon Network etc. are kids preferred channels. These channels are rushing throughout the world by launching extraordinary video content on YouTube that is most attracted by the kids.

Kids are major sources to get an instant reputation. Most of the kids are watching the video content through mobile, tablets and PCs than the traditional TV. Hence it will be a major aspect for the TV channels to reach the YouTube.


It is one of the public praised award-winning entertaining television channels for a long time through its ultimate streaming services. It hosted its presence on YouTube in 2006 by hosting the Documentary films, coming trails, HBO series and sports specials, etc. It has 1,095,986+ subscribers and 475,966,919+ views.

National Geographic:

The exploration of the planet through the stories of science and adventure can be observed with the help of world-famous photographers, scientists, filmmakers, and journalists. This channel aims to bring awareness to the society regarding the protection of the planet. It has 7,499,602+ subscribers and 2,277,954,012+ views.


It is the kid’s favorite entertaining channels for a long time. No kid has left without knowing about Disney. The comic episodes and trailers can be watched on this Disney YouTube channel. It has many featured channels on YouTube like Disney Junior, Disney Family, Mickey Mouse and On My Disney, etc.

BBC News:

It is one of the world news hunters that delivers the news bulletin throughout the world. The BBC News is the world’s most trustable news source. It has 2,096,704+ subscribers and 626,625,219+ views.

YouTube for TV Channels Statistics

TV advertisers are shifted their 24% of TV Budget to YouTube for maximizing their success.

The amount of Television watched by the age between 16-34 follow to 50%.

YouTube is an Extraordinarily used 57% for online viewing and 55% for digital video Advertising Globally.

Analytics says one million hits on YouTube video produce less than 1,000 pounds in ad revenue.

Google held 45% of ad revenue to distributes the creators for hosting and publishing the videos.

57% of Online Viewing (TV Shows and TV ads) and carried out via YouTube Channels.

More than 50% fans engaged on Fans engage with YouTube in ways that just aren’t possible on Television.

YouTube is the 1st screen and Television is the 2nd screen for the Kids.

57% of the parents say their child prefer a device other than the TV to watch video content on YouTube.

42% of the American Households use other videos streaming services rather than Traditional Televisions.


The start up TV channels can make use of YouTube to promote themselves to attain the attention of the audiences at an instance. YouTube for TV Channels has become the treasure to attain through the launch of video ads in the uploaded video content.

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