How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Nowadays video games are more prosperous than ever. If you observe Statistics, video games are generating high revenue than Hollywood movies. If you are a Gaming lover and if you are ready to become a YouTube Gaming Commentator. The idea of playing a video game is the easy task when you jump into creating your own YouTube channel you should have Great Desire, the right equipment, and Support from an audience. The following are the things you should get ready for the things before going to start a YouTube Gaming Channel.

YouTube is the best destination for every marketer and as well as for the gamers too. Monetization is mainly helped the marketers to generate better revenue from the videos. The players upload the gaming content on to the YouTube platform. Many people were not get partnered with the YouTube Gaming Channel, but it’s advantageous to the Gamers.

Mobile devices had bought a new change in social marketing and advertising online. YouTube channel plays a crucial role in advertising and promotion of a brand or individual across the web. It is the most significant platform for the video content, and the videos rank at the top place in Google search engine results.

The online video viewing was also substantially increased which paves the way for better conversion rate across the web. Many advertisers are approaching YouTube for advertising to succeed. When comes to mobile gaming and app promotion and YouTube platform is the perfect destination.

Ways To Promote Mobile Games With YouTube Channel

Here are some ways to promote the mobile games on YouTube platform.

Go with shareable content across the platform:

Shareable content is the future content which can be very successful especially on YouTube platform.YouTube is the platform which allows the users to promote the video on cross platforms by providing the direct launch icons of other social media platforms. So, create shareable content which is unique and exciting.

Launch trailers using YouTube Ads:

Try YouTube ads such as Trueview and skippable ads for your gaming trailer. Create contests and encourage the gaming lovers to get involved. Stay connected with the audience of YouTube by interacting with the YouTube comments section.

YouTube had also launched the YouTube gaming channel for Gaming lovers. So, try YouTube gaming and create best ads to promote the mobile gaming.

Announce best offers:

Offer the audience with a free game as a trail along with tutorial which can explain the things in a better way. It can increase the audience engagement towards your mobile game.

Cross-platform promotion:

Embed the YouTube video and write some interesting facts and things to your Mobile Game in your blog or vlog and interact with the people by asking suggestions and joining them in conversations.

How To Promote Video Game Plays And Get Views

Promotion of the video game play is significant to receive some views within a short period. Actualizing social video sharing can have on your gameplay and exhibit how you can without much of a stretch execute it.

Transferring recordings to online networking is an intense approach to increase both mindfulness for your diversion and activity to the App Store. Records can be particularly viable because they permit individuals to encounter your deviation, investigate a percentage of the levels and get energized, before downloading it.

How It Works:

In the wake of executing the required resources into your diversion, your players will have the capacity to utilize the offer catch to share their recordings on online networking. The recording process happens out of sight, with no loss of game play rate.

When they wrap up, your players can transfer the video to YouTube, and offer on Facebook and Twitter. Players can even trim the recording to incorporate just the energizing parts, and will likewise be given different records from your gameplay, which they can watch to perceive how various players performed.

Execute Social Video Sharing:

Coordinating video sharing into your amusement is snappy and simple. With only a couple lines of code, you get every one of the advantages of online networking sharing. By setting your metadata to incorporate a connection to the App Store, you can even expand your activity to App Store.

Future Of Gaming Monetization With YouTube

While uploading the gaming content, one must prove the videos to monetize them the ads are also will not be displayed or advertised on your videos until it approved by the YouTube and the network. If it was not accepted finally, then the uploader will not get any payment.

Users have a chance to claim their general usage, but it will not work all the time. Even there may be some situation whereas the uploaderís sometimes may not get the pay though they keep their efforts on videos.

Many gamers are chosen to join in a major network to increase their exposure as well as the earning potential. The YouTube has started the random checking of Videos on its platform whether that particular video that uploaded partnered or not.

The gamers are using the YouTube networks for their better identity among the various videos that are already present on the platform. They are uploading multiple gaming trailers and a first look at the video games. Video games make the gaming industry rising from the YouTube platform, and many users are just connecting with the networks for the new gaming content today.

Twitch Vs YouTube Gaming A Comparison

YouTube has recently launched its new gaming platform for the video game fans which become a significant competitor to the gaming platform Twitch. Previously, Twitch has a more substantial number of users and high engagement levels towards its gaming content.

Now, many gamers are turning towards the YouTube gaming platform. YouTube was already hosting the gaming content along with the other content with its platform and by introducing the gaming platform that leads the potential threat to the Twitch platform.

YouTube Vs. Twitch:

Archives and Tools:

Twitch gaming platform had made several changes during 2014 towards the old broadcasts. There are several restrictions on the archiving the shows on Twitch platform which was under the highlights.

Users can only export the streams from the Twitch platform to the YouTube platform. But, YouTube gaming platform allows comfortable archrivals which are very simple and fast. By using the YouTube gaming, the videos can also achieve good exposure as the Google is the backbone for YouTube.

Reliable Servers:

The servers on Twitch had encountered with loading problems many times. But, when the servers come to the YouTube gaming platform are reliable, and there are no hassles in watching the streams without any delay in the video streaming.

Better Interface:

The user interface on Twitch is not that much good like YouTube gaming platform. Twitch directs the users to the minimal featured games and most viewed content. The YouTube gaming allows the users to the latest information. The app also allows the app framing which directs the trending streams.

Ways To Use Reddit For Video Marketing:

Reddit is the content sharing site where the users can share the various links to the exciting and attractive content online. The Reddit content voted by the millions of active users. The marketers can have the chance to increase their value with the high content by posting on to the Reddit platform.

The users have the option to vote up and down vote the content on the Reddit. As you want to know about the #engagement levels of your content then, merely post on to the Reddit to see the engagement of the content on the platform.

More than seven percent internet users are using the Reddit in which they are between the age of 18 years to 30 years of age groups. Reddit may be looking like messy for the first use but, later if you are doing with it continuously, then it will turn simple. It consists of various microsites of which were known as subreddits. Here are some ways to use the #Reddit for the video marketing.

Build a Network:

On Reddit, anyone can create the subreddits and the best strategy is to build the excellent network of your business. But, things to remember while creating the network is the name must be relevant according to the subject that was selected by the company.

Related links to the subreddits were essential, and the quality of the content must be high. It is easy to get followers, of your content, can be similar to the subreddits.

Write on Your Videos:

Write and include in your Reddit and subreddits about your business videos and explain them in the subreddits and also include the video links that can link directly to your videos. It helps you to market your video content and assists in advertising too.

YouTube Gaming Partnership: Questions & Suggestions

Video gaming content creators are rapidly growing and the demand for the gaming platforms too. We cannot say that all the gamers are getting succeeded in acquiring the gaming audience.

Only a few of them raising their stardom by producing the excellent content, quality and attracting the players across the globe to leverage the brand power and revenue partnering is the best way to reach.

Partnership with YouTube?

Partnering with the YouTube by setting up the Adsense account becomes very easy these days. Anyone can get partnered with the YouTube platform. Setting up an Adsense account alone didnít help you to generate the revenue, and it requires the posting of the viral videos regularly.

After partnering with YouTube?

Once you become the direct partner, you can access the Google Adsense. This can allow you to have better control over the pre-roll, mid-roll and other types of ads with minimum video length. These ads can help you to then generate the better revenue with the ads.

How much can you make from Gaming on YouTube?

This is a difficult question to answer in which the Ad revenue varies based on the content and time of the year. The ad costs based on the bid system. They measured in the CPM rates. The YouTube partners can expect some $1 to $6 RPM basing on the time of year.

Can I use the music that copyrighted in gaming videos?

Yes, only if you have permission from copyright owners.

Will MCN permit uploading Copyrighted gaming footage?

No, Not every MCN but MCNs with license of game copyright owners may also not able to permit you for this.

Have Great Determination, Passion, and Set Goals:

One of the important factors every YouTube gamers should have is a passion for video gaming. You should feel fun and excitement while creating a video game and publishing it every time.

You have the determination to start a YouTube gaming channel because, it may kill your money, time and efforts on putting work. Don’t start gaming channel for the sake of money or fame.

A good YouTube channel may take few month to constructs fully, and it may take years to get subsequent figures of revenue and subscription. Initial months may not be good enough, but constantly promotions may get improvement.

Every YouTuber have their reason to start a YouTube Gaming Channel. If one game clicked you will get some subscription and high income from your channel.

Gatherer Right Equipment:


People like to see the faces of gamers rather than only playing the games. They love to see the reaction of gamers while playing so, we should have the best video equipment like Webcam or Facecam.

If you like to include your face can in a video it would be better, it may not be in 4K resolution. Rather than buying DSLR cameras for sharing your reactions just go for a webcam.Logitech C920 is one of the best Webcam suggested to buy at low price. The quality of the video is high and smooth.


It is truly hard to connect and interact with the subscribers without having a proper audio system. Your audio recording is an extremely important factor in gaming channel. The proper audio will drastically increase your subscriber’s commodity, the audience gets connected through video with clear set audio without having annoying disturbances.

YouTube gamers mainly use two mics for audio they are Zalman ZM-Mic1 and Blue Yeti Microphone. Calman ZM Mic1 is great starters mic for removing external disturbances is combinedly used with Headphones. Blue Yeti Mic is stand alone mic where a lot of Vloggers and YouTubers are using for Audacity. Blue Yeti Mic will cost $130 in Amazon website.

Game Recording:

Game capturing software is must for YouTube gaming channel. Game recording software or a hardware we use to capture the game footage. One of the best options is to choose the video touch screen where the user can choose their own wish to watch. If you have a console you need to connect the capture card to the computer that will automatically connect to your display.

All of the gamers or YouTubers get connecting the audience with high definition video gameplays and getting a standard impression. If you spend money on Capture card it may be very helpful to the YouTubers to build a quality gaming channel.

Choose Best Video Editing Softwares:

Video editing software is the necessity in gaming channel to keep up the competition. Many of the YouTubers are well known for editing and graphical magic in their videos. Different Video editing software available in the market but some of the software are drastically used by the gamers.

They are Camtasia, Movic Pro, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie for Mac users, Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro. Camtasia is more helpful when it comes to game video editing.

It is necessary to edit the captured video footage to implement some creative thoughts in it. Especially it is must in-game video editing have fun with working the video editing software environment.

Put Effort on Creating Videos:

The biggest problem you face while starting a YouTube gaming channel is not posting a number of the video. As a YouTuber, you should prove yourself creating as many videos as possible 1-2 videos every day. Because too many YouTube viewers if you are not able to upload number of videos mostly you may get Unsubscribe button.

This is one of the biggest mistakes in gaming channels. You should focus on creating consistency video content. It’s advice to upload consistent videos on the channel, that increase the subscribers and continuous follow-ups for your YouTube channel.

Every video should have some keywords and appear with different in search as followed by the sequence of series. As many videos, you upload in your channel as many viewers will get to end up the channel.

Try for Different Video Gaming Platforms:

PS4 is most of the gaming lovers, teenagers are well known. If you are a beginner you must go with PlayStation to start gameplays. Many of the popular games are started through this PlayStation with different modes.

Twitch YouTube gameplay streaming via twitch. Twitch is the one of the best ways to stream YouTube gameplays. You can share your additional videos that can connect to twitch.

Facebook Live Video many people don’t know that 16 million people are watching facebook videos every day. So choose a best streaming platform to broadcast your videos get connected with the audience.

XBOX is one of the popular choices for video games. Best equipment to start a YouTube gaming channel for traditional home-style games without the subscription fee.

Nintendo Wii U encourage with multiplay player video games on YouTube. It has remote control style accessing and have fun with family and friends.

Share On Social Media and Promote:

Promote your videos on social media so that can get a new audience to your site. It is best to reach the audience with popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube platform.

You should check for some video streaming websites advertisers point of view. You can check for social media content website, forums where the viewer’s hangout.

Collaborate with the other video gaming channels when and where they should interact with the audience. Choose as many possibilities as you can to interact and collaborate a with small business industries.


To start a YouTube gaming channel is not too hard enough as many many people thought. You must be ready with equipment and get ready to create innovative games to entertain the gaming world. It is a complete guide to starting a new YouTube Gaming Channel for the people who are the passionate top start. Promoting the Game plays on YouTube channel make sense in Gaming Industry. Game plays can promote or Live stream through different platforms through services. This is complete Guide to the mobile video game plays and ways to promote, monetize and Live stream the Gameplay.

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