Instagram Video Advertising

Instagram Video Advertising: Tips For Instagram Video Ads

Instagram is the one of the World’s largest active users platform in social media. Instagram is overgrowing with individual users and visually entertaining on different social media platforms. Instagram gives you the platform to show off your Brands with exclusive visuals. The most useful tips for Instagram Video Advertising is listed here.

Do You Know?

Instagram has more than 400 million active users per month, and 80 million photos uploaded every day.

Marketers are excited about photo sharing apps to showcase their Brands with exclusive visuals. Instagram has gained the special place in the Social Media among photo and video sharing apps.

Nowadays Brands and advertisers are using Instagram ad campaigning of their product and services to reach the potential customers in Social Media.

Instagram Ad Formats

Content creators would like to advertise their brands in the form of images, Videos. Three ways we can promote on Instagram. They are Image Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads.

Image Ads:

If your Image Ad gives you the beautiful description, then there is no alternative place other than Instagram where millions of people are active in twenty-four hours. Advertisers reveal the story of Prosucts through the photo ads.

Video Ads:

If you like to show your product real time making, Product teasers, and upcoming services then choose Instagram Video Ads. Now you can share up to 30 seconds of video on Instagram. Instagram video ads give same visual quality as an Images on Instagram.

Carousel Ads:

Carousel Ads add external layers to the Image ads which will undoubtedly lead the audience to visit your Instagram Account. That means carousel ads combine multiple images in a single Ad in the horizontal format. These ads designed primarily for business advertisements.

Tips For Instagram Video Advertising

Target Your Audience

Study your Client first and move on to the audience. What type of videos or images get good results and engegement. Target your audience like as you are in Facebook.

Reaching the right audience with proper content is the most prominent advantage. Use the targeted audience in your Ads.

Be Consistent

No one likes the unconsistent content and changing the brand. Explain the complete strategy of your videos, what type of content posted here and primary goals of posting on Instagram.

The audience will expect consistent updates in your website to be precise with preferences and the how often your posts updated.

Add Catchy Soundtrack

Music has emotional power, and it has more influence in the social media. A Music track should synchronize with video and catchy to grab the audience attention towards the ads. If audience like the music track they re-watch the video and engage with the content.

Pick the Right Aspect ratio

At the time of Instagram introduced the time limit was 15 seconds, at a 1:1 ratio. But it’s changed to 60 seconds long and 16:9 or 1:1 display ratio.

The aspect ratio varies from mobiles and desktops the 60 seconds Video with perfect ratio completely display on mobile that leads to grabbing the audience’s eyes while scrolling the NewsFeed.

Promote Best Content

The videos with best quality visuals and proper usage of filters for lightening the backgrounds make to follow more audience. Active users in Instagram almost need to have fun, and many people use Instagram to create fun and Entertainment.

The product video should be unique, entertaining and worthy to watch. The viewer doesn’t want to see how powerful are your Brands, they just want fun that can easily connect with audience easily.

Use Strong Call to Action

Use a Proper call to Action tags on the Video Ads. Useing the active call to action will engage with the business directly. We have number of call to action buttons to include in ads. Make sure to choose the right one and add in your Instagram Video Advertising.

Work On Editing Apps

There are tons of free video editing apps available in the market. A well-defined video Ad has a specific identification and user engagement in the market.

If you are not spending more revenue on Instagram Video Advertising, just go through the free video editing app download it and create an excellent video ad for Instagram.

Use Large Legible Text

If you include a text on the Instagram Video Advertising, make sure that text should read quickly and easily. Using small fonts and text with different sized is hard to read.

Stick To A Single Style

Make sure that the text and image formats on your Website should be a single style. Users can quickly identify their style and forms of advertisements. The website should maintain these best features, and they are the mobile optimization, fast loading, a clear description of your Services and visually show what you have promised to the audience.

Guide to using Instagram for Brand Promotion and Drive Sales

Instagram is now the most appealing platform for selling and buying for young consumers. Most companies are now promoting their products and services on Instagram. Instagram can be used not just for promoting business and brands but also for direct selling. Shoppable Instagram stores can be created to sell the products.

Those who have an eCommerce site or an offline store can utilize Instagram for the promotion of their brands and also increase their sales. The link to the store can be placed in the bio where it is clickable and will lead to the website. The bio of the store must be exciting as this increases the list of followers.

Stores can promote their products using creative photos. It is proved that detailed images of the product influence the consumers to purchase the products. The photo should be able to grab the attention and direct the traffic to the website which might turn into sales.

Running contests on Instagram is a popular way to keep the customers engaged. Stores must have a clear goal before beginning Instagram marketing. Depending on the goal, the marketer should create ads or try other options to engage the audience.

Trying a creative and new concept helps to impress the audience and increase subscription. Live coverages of events related to your business can help have a strong bond with the audience.

User-generated videos can be posted as this impresses the prospective customers and can lead them to your website. Use popular influencers to promote products and brands.

Instagram is used by more than three hundred million people every month, and this platform helps the potential shoppers to turn into customers. Special offers, bonuses and launching announcements can be made exclusively for the followers of the store.


Instagram is most engaging social media app not only for individual use but also for business promotions. It’s time to create and try different types Instagram Video Advertising for branding your product using the above tips for your Business.

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