YouTube Go

YouTube GO: The Ultimate Guide

YouTube Go is the toned down version of YouTube App. Google launches this app for offline video viewing and sharing. YouTube GO is lite and is a great blessing for users who have very slow internet connectivity.

Features of YouTube GO

Key features of YouTube GO are –

  • The user can tap on the thumbnail and access the preview of the video. The preview gives an idea of what is there in the video. Based on it, the user can decide whether to watch the video and then save it.
  • Resolution of the videos can be chosen based on the data plan of the user. Standard and essential quality are available, and the information of file size of each variety also given.
  • Based on the region of the user, the home screen of the app displays the trending and favorite videos among which the user can find the videos of his choice.
  • Another exciting feature of YouTube GO is that nearby friends can share videos without actually using data. The app also allows receiving the videos offline.
  • Any of the videos shown on the home page can remove from the screen.

How Do YouTube GO works?

Google announced YouTube GO in the year 2016. It designed for the users living in areas where there is no connectivity or slow connectivity. The app focuses on downloading the videos. Since the app gives the data that is consumed to stream the video, the user will know how much of data will use.

  • There are two tabs on YouTube GO, and they are the Home and Downloads.
  • Based on what is popular, the videos displayed in a single scrolling list. The series of thumbnails shows the preview of the video.
  • The information of storage available on the phone also presented.
  • Based on the data that consumed and the amount of space available on the device, the video can either download for streaming.
  • The user can opt to play the video selected or download it.
  • If the user chooses to play, it will stream, and more videos showed below.
  • The downloaded videos can be played anytime you want and can share with other users of YouTube GO.
  • In the downloads tab, the user has two options to choose – to send or to receive.
  • Tap on the file to send, and the persons who want to receive it will tap on Receive option.
  • File transfer happens quickly between the devices without the use of internet data.
  • The received file has to be verified once on the internet, and after this, the downloaded videos can watch anytime.
  • The user has to connect to the internet at least once in a month.

YouTube GO is a simple and useful app. Things are not slowed down with animation or UI elements. It provides smoother experience to the user.

YouTube GO App

The purpose of developing YouTube GO is different. It has a download button that allows downloading the videos and watching them offline. The videos can be downloaded in the chosen quality to minimize the consumption of data. This app is a liter version of YouTube app.

The layouts and interface are very clear and easy on both the YouTube app and the YouTube GO app. With YouTube app, the users can stream the videos online, and YouTube GO allows watching online or watching offline after downloading them on the devices.

A third party video downloader is needed to download videos from YouTube app, and the user cannot choose the video quality. Videos can be downloaded directly from YouTube GO, and the quality also can be selected by the user.

Multitasking is not possible with YouTube GO app. With YouTube app, it is possible to minimize the playing window and search for other videos.
Downloading videos is faster with GO app as there are only basic and standard resolutions available. With third-party apps, the download might take a while as the highest video quality is select.


Finally, people with the slow internet connection and want only fewer data to consumed might appreciate YouTube GO as it allows downloading videos for offline watching and also allows monitoring the data usage.

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