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YouTube Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever noticed that 8 years kid can earn $ millions? Yes, it’s happened in the case of ‘Ryan.’ Who review and unbox the toys on a YouTube channel named “Ryan Toys Review.” Now he has become the top YouTube influencer. It’s not a simple thing to play a strong role in YouTube influencer marketing. It happens just by launching the channel. This needs lots of time and continuous engagement of a huge fan base. But here we explain all strategies that are needed to wipe off the hurdles as the YouTube influencer.

Now every business from small scale to large scale depends on YouTube. Especially, to improve the growth of their business. YouTube has given life to a million creators globally. YouTube is feeding a billion audiences daily by providing entertainment.

Have you ever imagined what happens when no YouTube?

We can say that YouTube is personally touched the worldwide audiences. As it leads them to watch it regularly to have relaxation. It is playing an essential role in the daily life of the audience and also giving life to successful digital marketing.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube influencer marketing is nothing but where the business brands asking YouTube channel creators to make collaboration. Mainly, to promote their products or services on their channel.

This serves audiences with rich brand partnership video content. It is one of the most significant benefits of it.  To become the most trending and seeking social media platform for the businesses who are looking to cope up with the YouTube influencers.

Today the audience from customers love the influencers. Mostly, such type of personal connection with the audience, letting them become celebrities. It is leading to build the trust of influencers. They are purchasing by considering the feedback and reviews.

YouTube influencers are everywhere now i.e., on TVs, newspapers, magazines, and Billboards. They are expanding the digital world boundaries into the real world.

How to implement YouTube Influencer Marketing?

Finding the relevant YouTube Influencers:

From homemakers to business, people are using YouTube either create or watch the video content. Finding the most relevant YouTube influencer is the necessary thing to discuss.

To do that you need to focus on the number of subscribers that the channel has. Because of the more subscribers’ projects that it has the most engaging content.

The more engaging content they deliver, the more video views they obtain. It is what we need to place your product videos. In most of the cases, some channels might have dummy dead subscribers.

They obtain them by subscribing to the other YouTube channel. The audience reaction on promo videos through the comments mentioned below the video. This can be better fitted to find the relevant influencer. If the comments section filled with negatives, then choose another YouTube channel.

Analyzing the received information:

Factors like price which is high, average or low; a way of interaction either it may be friendly or egoistic; video quality and their recommendations.

Connecting with YouTube Influencers:

When you find relevant influencers, then making interaction with them is the important one that you need to do. Without wasting time, ask them whether they are interested in launching the promo ads on their channel.

Discovery the best terms:

Selecting the best YouTube influencer, who is offering the best terms is the next thing you need to do. You should discuss the factors like the length of the video, looking at the video script and ways to resolve issues.

Viewing the video before publishing:

The videos which are going to take off might have factual errors; there may be a lack of terms of the contract, chances of changes in the script, and publishing the low-quality videos.

Promoting great product:

Choose the product which is the most trending in the present market and advertise it on the selected YouTube channel.

Considering comments:

When your video published then immediately monitor the audience reaction on that promo through comments and respond to them. You have to face the netizens of both negative and positive. Because all the people won’t like your ad campaign.

There may be chances of seeing the existing customers who are not satisfied with your products or customer service. Then they give a negative comment. Hence, be patient to provide a proper response to the audience.

Analyzing results:

Offering promotional codes is the best strategy to drive customer sales through YouTube influencer marketing. These benefits you get the sales engagement than normal ad campaigns. Google Analytics is the best monitoring tool to analyze your promo videos.

Working on SEO for videos:

The SEO for your promo videos can make your brand to be discovered by the new customers and audience who are most relevant to you. The working on metadata of the video is the most crucial aspect. Make research to get the right keywords.

How to find the right YouTube Influencers

Initially, fix the goal what you want. Then start approaching the YouTube influencers who are best fits to partner with. Which means who are mastering the online presence are the exact influencers who you are looking for.

You need to analyze the influencer persona. They must influence the audience that is your brand targeted.

Do they reach your expectations of creating content as delivering the same tone of your business brand marketing?

How strong fan base the influencer has?

Do they have frequent communication with their subscribers or fans by responding to comments or messages?

To find the best brand fit YouTube influencer gather their data as much as you can. It includes gender, followers, age, interests, and locations, etc.

When finding all these qualities on a particular influencer, then you can go-ahead of building a relationship with them.

Top 10 YouTube Influencers

Ryan ToysReview:

Ryan ToysReview is one of the topmost influencers on YouTube. Under the guidance of parents, he used to unbox and reviews the toys that he was collected from the stores. Just at the age of 8, he is earning $ million as an influencer. In the year 2018, he has earned $22 million by reviewing the toys.


PewDiePie is one of the most followed and engaging YouTube influencers. He got much popularity just by playing video games and commenting.


It is operated by Chilean, who is the most famous YouTuber, singer, writer, musician, and comedian. It is the top-ranking Spanish channel. He makes the video by considering the most common issues of teenagers or adults facing. The fun he generates in the videos letting him be on the top.


It established in 2005, and it is attaining the audience attention through sketch comedy. Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox are the founders and main stars of this YouTube channel.


Evan Fong is the founder of VanossGaming YouTube channel, and this channel has above 20 million subscribers. He has built such a bulk fan base by posting montage style VanossGaming videos.


Samel de Luque is the legal name of Vegetta777. The commentary while playing the video game made him be the top Spanish YouTuber.


This channel has more than 13 million subscribers. The extraordinary delivery of prank videos and weekly comedy videos of her grabbing the audience attention as well as the brands to do influencer marketing.

The Bucket List Family:

It is one of the most influencing channels. Here they broadcast the videos of travel adventures. They travel to many places and disclose each place to the audience.

Dua Lipa:

She is well known for pop music debut single named ‘New Love.’ Her channel has 10,672,513+ subscribers. This pop start has integrated with Footlocker and Patrizia to launch the influencer ad campaigns.

Ingrid Nilsen:

She uploads the videos of fashion, DIY, and lifestyle. She creates the ‘how to’ and ‘tutorial’ videos, including recipes.


Most of the influencers on YouTube, helping the brands to get the sales. YouTube influencer marketing is the most engaging digital marketing strategy in the present and future era. Most of the unknown brands are buzzing their marketing sales through the medium of YouTube.

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