YouTube Mistakes

50 Critical YouTube Mistakes You Should Avoid

We all know the power of YouTube platform and how it transformed the ordinary people’s lives to YouTube stars. However, the transformation achieved by only a few people on YouTube, and remaining are still in chasing their dreams. From marketers to creators everyone was aiming the top place in everything he or she does. Here are some common YouTube Mistakes that every YouTuber must avoid in their Journey.

1. Having a bad channel logo is also one of the big Mistake that YouTubers often do on their journey. So, keep some attractive memorable and unique logo because the logo is your identity across the millions of other people using YouTube platform.

2. Unclear channel description is also one of the big mistakes. People go through the channel description to know your identity and on which topic you are connecting with the audience across the platform. So, make sure you are going with good description.

3. Not including the links in the description. The description must be optimized so as the users must go through each and every information along with your landing pages, and other links. So include them in your descriptions.

4. YouTubers are not focusing on audience first. YouTubers need to think about the audience in first place. Not thinking about audience interest might be the top mistake.

5. Bad Visual Branding – Channel art, profile picture, etc. are not at all good on some channels which can lead them to failure.

6. YouTubers are not engaging with the audience. Many YouTubers do not engage with the audience and making mistake that leads to missing the valuable connections.

7. YouTubers are not replying to the comments. Some YouTube creators are neglecting the comments received by their followers, audience or subscribers.

8. No clear goal. The majority of creators are going without any long term or short terms goals to achieve.

9. Lack of authenticity, some users or creators are not at all authentic with the audience and hence leg backward.

10. Creators are neglecting the free resources like YouTube Playbook.

11. YouTube Creator Channel, tips and advice under dust and majority of creators are ignoring and experiencing the failure in the long run.

12. They are not reading the expert advice on YouTube about the channel management and Audience Engagement.

13. YouTubers are not following proper auditing.They are not doing proper self-auditing to know the negatives and positives of their channel.

14. Not performing the research on top channels in their niche.

15. They are not consistent. Not consistent in uploading the videos is the biggest mistake as it will result in potential loss of audience on YouTube Platform.

16. Many Channels are giving up within a short period and stepping back from the race.

17. Many users are waiting for 3 to 6 months and giving up their objective and targets on YouTube.

18. Users are not setting appropriate and realistic expectations on their videos and channel engagement levels.

19. Some YouTubers are just Pulling the audience to subscribe and begging badly.

20. Some users are trying to buy the views for their channel and following the black hat SEO techniques which ruin their channel within short span permanently.

21. Many users do not understand the relationship between Google and YouTube platform.

22. Ignoring the quality of the video is one of the biggest mistake YouTubers do.

23. Not creating any upfront value to their channels on YouTube Platform.

24. Some creators do not understand the analytics which is important to understand the audience.

25. Lack of knowledge on video SEO and Optimization techniques.

26. Some are ignoring the audio quality and putting themselves last in the search results.

27. Unattractive thumbnails, YouTubers are doing mistake by keeping unattractive thumbnails which made the audience to turn off the video during the search results. They will just step back from the video to another video which has compelling video thumbnail.

28. Irrelevant thumbnails and links, the unrelated thumbnails might fetch the instant results like an increase in viewer count, subscribers, etc. but its effects on permanent termination of the account.

29. Copied content is the biggest mistake on YouTube as YouTube platform has efficient copyright rights and copyright policy.

30. They are Ignoring individual video description. Some YouTubers are just ignoring the video descriptions due to laziness.

31. YouTubers are Not preparing the shareable content on their channels.

32. They do not understand the content that can fetch a good number of subscriptions.

33. Some creators do not include the Keywords. Keywords play a major role in YouTube Search rankings and recommendations.

34. Ignoring the sharing of video content and audio quality.

35. YouTuber are ignoring subtitles and loosing potential audiance.

36. Creators are not showing interest in cross-platform promotion.

37. Some YouTubers are not making their step ahead to collaborate with the top channels and fellow YouTubers.

38. Some YouTubers are spamming the comments though it was not spammed.

39. Not embedding the YouTube videos in their blogs.

40. YouTuber are forgetting to build a community around the platform.

41. They are not active with the audience who are discussing the similar topic.

42. Not following the content calendar and skipping the schedule.

43. They are not commenting their best on other YouTube videos.

44. The titles are not relevant and attractive to the audience

45. Another main mistake is not having the content calendar.

46. YouTubers are Monetizing without maintaining good content quality.

47. YouTubers are not preparing an interesting and compelling strategy.

48. YouTubers are not investing in right production values.

49. Ignoring story telling in their Videos.

50. They are completely ignoring best practices suggested by the YouTube Platform.

Finally, know all these mistakes while going with YouTube Strategy and avoid making these mistakes to get Successful in YouTube Platform.

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