YouTube Multi-Channel Network

YouTube Multi-Channel Network Ecosystem in 2022

A YouTube channel is launched and is growing. What should be done to take the channel to the next level? Joining the youtube Multi-Channel Network of YouTube can be considered. Multi-channel networks are the affiliates of multiple YouTube channels. These assist the creators in producing, programming, cross-promoting and in sales/monetization, audience development also.

YouTube MCN can compared to talent agencies. The channel owners will exchange a percentage of AdSense and revenue, and the MCN will help in brand deals. Connect the owner with other YouTube talent and can also provide studio space.

Guidelines and Rules to Follow for YouTube MCNs

Before joining YouTube multi-channel networks, make sure that you understand all the services and results it will deliver. Remember that a percentage of the AdSense revenue is to share with the networks.

Consult legal counsel before signing a contract with MCN and is Because the agreements are legally binding. The fee charged by the networks and specific services and support offered.

Know about the duration of the contract and also understand if you can terminate the agreement.

YouTube set up some best practices that all multi-channel networks must follow. These are to be followed by them, and the responsibility of them is to provide value to their creators.

  • MCNs should not use any misleading or spammy language to lure the channels to join them.
  • The service and support that the creators will get have to be explained clearly in the contract.
  • They should act honestly and transparently when it comes to respecting the services and obligations.

Benefits of MCNs for YouTubers

Singing onto a multichannel network means lots of viewers, access to better studio space and equipment and getting support for the creators.

MCNs help their audience to discover content independently conceive by their favorite stars on YouTube.

The MCNs help the content creators to get more popularity and help YouTubers to generate higher CPMs.

In the last few years, the role MCNs are playing has changed significantly. These are beneficial for MCNs, advertisers, and also the creators.

This business model is sure improving but is not going anywhere. Multi-channel networks will continue to provide services for creators who are buying.

This is going to stay as long as there are creators, viewers, and brand advertisers and do not count out MCNs playing the vital role in YouTube video in the coming days.

YouTube MCN survival in 2021

YouTube multi-channel networks might consider the future of the entertainment business, but there are some issues.

MCNs conceived as collaboration groups where creators can create content together and also get help to promote one another. MCNs were funded by each creator’s contribution as a part of advertising earnings. The business model gained momentum quickly. But soon cracks began to show.

Most of these multi-channel networks have no technology to offer financial transparency and creative tools to manage the business. Smaller creators found that they are tied with multi-year exclusive contracts but are not getting the expected hands-on services and interact with their favorite YouTubers.

MCNs are now providing hands-on assistance to creators and also focusing on making these high value and scalable. The key to success of the MCNs is transparent about the services they offer to the creators and being responsive.

There are also examples of small creators in an MCN outgrowing it and move onto another that offered more high-touch services. The YouTube MCN business worldwide is continuing to grow with the growth of mobile broadband and smartphone usage.

These networks are now focusing on geographic, language, and content-specific niches to cater to the regional audience and attract local brands. Influencers are expecting high-quality service from the networks, in this time of evolution of MCNs.

Top YouTube MCNs

Here is the list of YouTube top multi-channel networks based on the revenue share, contract length and the services they offer to creators.

  • Maker Studio is one of the top MCN and offers several tools to their users and helps them to grow.
  • Machinimia Inc. is another top MCN and is the best place starting place for gamers.
  • Fullscreen was founded in the year 2011 and generated more than five billion monthly views. It offers facilities such as Audiomicro, Spreadshirt, Videoblocks, Cover Song License, etc. Joining this network is difficult as the requirements are hard. It has more than 48000 YouTubers in its system.
  • Broadband TV corp is another to YouTube MCN that generates over ten billion monthly views and has 1.6 lac YouTube channels. The requirements needed to join this network are no tough. Lock-in period is two years.
  • As the YouTube and YouTubers are evolving, MCNs are offering services such as digital right management, funding, monetization and others to the creators apart from collaborations and partnerships. The competition around large multichannel networks is narrow. Niche MCNs are going to develop more as they cater to specific needs of creators.

Facts about YouTube Multi-Channel Networks

A multi-channel network is an organization that works with video platforms such as YouTube. To offer assistance in areas such as “product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization/sales, and audience development” in exchange for a percentage of the ad revenue from the channel, according to Wikipedia.

YouTube has scaled unimaginable heights when it comes to promoting content in the form of video. What started as a simple service for one to upload videos of any genre or kind, has now grown to a stage where it has become the backbone of the YouTube race.

It has now reached the pinnacle of success whereby other #technologies wish to partner with YouTube to help the channels that belong to specific products, market them and bring about promotional events that help steer the product’s brand. This multi-channel network concept has opened the floodgates and is bringing in more and more collaborations among business of every kind.

Here are a few areas where MCNs can provide value in:

  • Some promote your channel via collaboration with other creators and tools.
  • Some may have their own ad sales team for advertising and sales.
  • Some may create adequate marketing strategies to help promote the product of a particular channel that garners heavy traffic.
  • Some share best practices and recommendations on how to optimize your content.
  • Some may provide production studios and facilities for their creators and build tools to help streamline production.

In short, building a business (or an audience) in the video category has become incredibly popular. Millions of people are using YouTube daily. It’s the favored search tool of the millennial generation. Now, with MCN’s it’s going to get bigger and better. Have you jumped on to this bandwagon yet?


There are pros and cons of joining YouTube Multi-channel networks. Consider what value can provide it for you before deciding to join. If it is just for negotiating brand deals, creators can do it on their own. But MCN offers a lot of support and opportunities. Ask for a trial period or a short-term contract if possible. Choose the network very carefully.

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