YouTube On People With Disabilities

Role Of YouTube On People With Disabilities

Using social media platforms such as YouTube helps to publish the content and connect with other people. These platforms provide the wealth of information. User-generated videos, as well as professionally created content, is present on YouTube. YouTube offers great information to the People With Disabilities.

It is the most famous video sharing website. It is also an excellent place for learning new things on any subject matter.

For people with disabilities, YouTube provides the opportunity to watch videos related to disability issues and also share ideas with others.

The Truth about being disabled

There are billions of disabled people leaving in the world. It is said that nearly 15% of the world population is suffering from some disability. They are facing discrimination in several ways.

Education, medical, social, judicial and employment opportunities are not available to them which is leading them to poverty. These people, however, are also a part of the society.

Disability is not a curse. There are many disabled persons who instead of worrying about their disability utilized their other abilities and became successful in life.

Things That World Should Learn from Disabled People

There is a lot to learn from others in this world. Disabled persons have a different perspective on life as they see the world through different lens. What can we learn from them?

  • We should learn that people need not have perfect bodies to lead a happy life.
  • Most of us, the ordinary persons feel that best way to live happily is not to have any imperfections. However, we can see not all the disabled persons without limbs or with other deformities are depressed.
  • They live more happily. Ordinary people, most of them are impatient.
  • They are negative when they cannot get success. But people with disabilities know how to take things as they come.
  • They treat each of the days as a gift and focus their energy on different things instead of worrying or crying about what they do not have.
  • People with disabilities capable of doing many things as is already proved.
  • Disability is genuinely a difficulty, but these people are determined to face them. We can hear the success stories of disabled people and get inspiration.

Top YouTubers with Disabilities

YouTube is a perfect place to get success with hard work and determination. We can see many disabled YouTubers with millions of followers and billions of views for their YouTube channels.

Annika Victoria suffers from Takayasu’s Arteritis, and she makes videos on sewing, fashion and many more.

Shannon Devido is a YouTube with spinal muscular atrophy. Followers enjoy the comedy skits and more on her channel.

Although suffering from genetic abnormality, Jaquie YouTuber creates videos on chronic illness and many more.

To watch videos on various topics, visit the YouTube channel of Kat. Kat suffers from spinal muscular atrophy.

Michaela Davert has osteogenesis imperfect. The disease is also known as Brittle Bone Disease. Her video topics include beauty and even disability.

YouTube has videos on almost all topics. There are also some excellent videos related to disabilities. One of the most viewed YouTube video linked to disabilities is the videos o American YouTuber Zach Anner, and its name is Top 10 things I wish people knew about Cerebral Palsy.

Another popular video is Can Blind People Open their Eyes? Created by The Tommy Edison Experience.

Top YouTube Channels for Disabled People

There are lots of disability YouTube channels on the internet. Mentioned here are some of the top YouTube channels.

  • Special Books by Special Kids is a channel that shows videos traveling around and interview the humans with the diagnosis. About two videos are updated per week.
  • Zach Anner is a YouTuber with cerebral palsy. He entertains the audience with humor and frank discussions of disability. About one video is uploaded per month.
  • JoshSundquist is a motivational speaker, and he uploads about two videos per month.
  • Jordan Bone YouTube channel is another popular channel that uploads about three videos per month.
  • Mandeville Sisters cover everything about disability and discrimination and living with disabilities. About 4 videos per month are uploaded by them.
  • Rikki Poynter channel is run by a deaf vlogger. She makes blogs related to deafness and deaf culture. She uploads about 3 videos per week.
  • Ginsberg Law YouTube channel is run by a disability lawyer Jonanthan Grinsberg. One video is uploaded per week.
  • Amythest Schaber YouTube channel has videos about autistics. One video is uploaded every month.
  • ASL Stew YouTube channel has videos related to deaf culture. Two new videos are uploaded every month to the channel.
  • Annie Elainey is another YouTuber with a disability having a channel with videos on different topics. Two videos are uploaded every week.

Disabled persons can either directly talk about their disabilities in the videos or entertain the audience with other subject topics. Participation of disabled people in YouTube community gives exposure to disabled people. Other disabled persons will be inspired to share their experience and express themselves.


YouTube is a unique opportunity for disabled to connect and communicate with others without actually going out which may cause pain or tiredness for them. Many disabled YouTubers are now sharing details of their lives, demonstrating their special skills and answering the questions of viewers. Thousands of audiences are watching them. Encouraging them and getting inspired by them.

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