YouTube TrueView Video Ads

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube TrueView Video Ads

The number of the search engine in the world is Google, and it is used by most businesses for their online marketing. YouTube is the next big search engine apart from being the number of video sharing platforms. Most audiences search for the content they are looking for on YouTube. There are different types of advertisements on YouTube and every marketer should know about them.

YouTube can be used for content marketing and for this first set up a YouTube channel and publish good quality videos on it. Promote them through social media and through official blog or site. Get views, comments and followers.

YouTube TrueView Video Ads

TrueView Video ads help to increase the views for the video. Most viewers prefer the TrueView to other video ad formats, says YouTube. Using this format also is advantageous for the advertisers as he only has to pay money for ads that are viewed by the audience. These video ads also help the advertiser to reach the right people at the right place. TrueView video ads give the viewers the feasibility to choose the ads that they want to watch and when to stop.

How to Setup YouTube TrueView Video Ads

Setting up of YouTube TrueView Video Ads is explained here. The creator first has to login to AdWords and then go to New Campaign. Choose the ‘Online Video’ option here. The user will be asked to enter the name, budget, and language, etc of the campaign. Select a video and then we can see three options for TrueView ad formats which are in-stream, in-display and in-search.

In-stream ads are pre-roll ads that allow the users to skip them after five seconds. The creators will have to pay charges only when the audience watches the video for thirty seconds or till the completion of the video. In-display ads are promoting the video using display ads and through websites. These appear on the right side of the video. The creator will be charged even if the YouTube user does not watch it completely.

In-search video ads appear in the search results. There are like the regular PPC ads on Google and these are very effective in capturing the attention of a customer. In-slate ads and in-display ads are the other formats of TrueView ads. In-display ads are now known as TrueView discovery ads. These also appear in mobile search results.

Choose one campaign type and select the devices on which the TrueView ads should appear. Save the settings. Give a name to your Ad group. Paste the URL of the YouTube video for which you want to use the ad. Enter the bid amount and click on Save Ad Group.

Advantages of YouTube TrueView Video Ads

Trueview advertising of YouTube allows promoting the video ads with more than one billion users of YouTube. The content creator only has to pay for real view or the audience engage with the video by liking it of clicking on CTA. With TrueView ads, it is possible to target the right audience. Another advantage of YouTube TrueView ads is that detailed analytics can be accessed. This helps in measuring the success of the campaign. This analytics help in understanding for how long people are watching the videos, how they are engaging and if the calls to actions are effective enough to make conversions.

TrueView ads help to reach the targeted audience. Brand awareness and the following can be increased with TrueView video ads. These can also help increase video shares, subscriptions to the channel and the advertiser will have the opportunity to communicate with the customers.

How to Launch YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

There are millions of mobile applications across the web, and it is tough to stay from the millions of apps across the web. So, it is important to promote your application through various online platforms. Many app promotion campaigns are available through the Google Adwords that can be helpful for better app promotion. Well, let us explore the things about launching the YouTube TrueView for App Install Campaigns.

Different types of Ad campaigns for Mobile app promotion

Advertising on Adwords starts with the creation of Campaigns. You can choose the type of campaign basing on the advertising goals.

The search network campaigns

• Search network campaigns appear in the Google Search results as well as on Google sites.

• It will be issued in the search results at the top of search results when people search for a particular term or with a keyword.

• The search network campaigns are focused on people to take action by clicking the ad.

• By using the right keyword in your ad that can match the search of your relevant app can be more helpful for you to increase your app installations.

• By clicking on your search network ads, people will be directed to the app installation page, and as a result, you can boost the installations through these campaigns using Adwords.

• These campaigns target the people who are actively searching for the information.

• These types of ad campaigns are the best for product-oriented or service-oriented. You can also utilize for your App promotion too.

Shopping campaigns

• The shopping Campaign ads can bring a retail ad touch to your app promotion. However, they are designed for the products selling.

• These campaigns allow the advertisers to create a campaign and efficiently manage the same along with the ad scheduling feature.

• You can also target the ads basing on the location and management of the keyword creation and management.

• The conversion management was the new feature in this type of Ad campaign.

Video campaigns on Adwords

• They are very straightforward and easy to manage.

• You can start the Adwords video campaign by signing in to Adwords by clicking on campaigns and choosing the type of campaign.

• You can promote your video campaign on your App installation or more about your app for the promotion of same.

• You have understood about the different Adwords campaigns that are available for online promotions.
Let us discuss the TrueView for App installation campaigns.

YouTube TrueView for App installs Campaign

• You can utilize the TrueView campaigns for your App promotion using the YouTube platform.

• By using the TrueView campaigns, you can display your Ads to the right people who are interested in your app related content.

• TrueView can bring good awareness on your App with the App installs campaign.

• It can boost the awareness of apps with the best content that can grab the customer attention online.

Working of TrueView

• TrueView App installs campaign consists of TrueView Discovery and the in-stream Ad formats.

• The ads will appear on the YouTube Mobile and Tablet applications.

• You can also set some device settings; you can also setup the device settings and can place your ads with other targeting options to reach the right audience across the platform.

Ads for your App

• For the promotion of your mobile application using the TrueView, you have to enter your App name and the YouTube video.

• So you can send to the targeted people towards your App store to download the app from the advertisement.

• The Android version will be different from the iOS. The conversion and targeting tracking will be depended on the operating system you are using for your App.

• The Ad you have created must be linked to the App store so that people can install the App directly from the video ad

• You can also show the advertisements in various formats with optimization of the App promotion.

• The App details like name, price, and ratings can be displayed next to the video ads and were visible during the Ad preview.

Bidding for Video Views

• There will be two options for bidding the video views while creating your campaigns. One was by Target CPA and other Maximum CPV

• In Target CPA, you can set the amount you want to pay per install, and your bid will set automatically and boosts the conversion rate at the possible rate for the target of cost per acquisition.

• Sometimes the users might convert by watching 30 seconds video ad

• For bidding more efficiently, Adwords will find the people who are likely to engage with your Ads.

• The Adwords change your ads by using the cost per thousand impressions while billing your bid.

• When comes to maximum CPV, the bid amount you pay for someone for viewing your advertisement that influences the ranking of your ad

Creation of TrueView for App promotion campaign targeting App installs

• Sign in to Adwords Account and click on a campaign and select video.

• Provide the campaign name and select the Mobile App installs

• After selecting the ‘Mobile App Installs’ enter the URL next to your mobile app from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

• It allows people to install the app directly from the video ad you have created for the campaign.

• The iOS and Android versions require a different setup.

• Select the bidding types for your bidding strategy. You can select the type by entering into the bidding section. You can either select Target CPA or Maximum CPA.

• Enter the daily budget and choose the targeted languages and areas or locations where Ads must be shown in YouTube video network.

• Consider the targeting options by targeting the device models and OS. Ad words will show your ads automatically on the devices that are compatible with your Application.

Guide to YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

YouTube TrueView for app install campaigns are aimed to make more people download the app. The campaign’s performance can track by using the installs as conversions. Mobile app install campaigns run exclusively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Install ads created with the help of AdWord from where the people can directly download the app. Adwords can help to create the app after taking into consideration the reviews and the rank of the app. When more people download the app store rank is increases and this increase further downloads. Here is everything on YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns.

YouTube TrueView for App Installs Ads

The objective of YouTube Trueview for app install ads is to get traffic from social media and downloading the app. YouTube is the first place people go to watch the videos on any topic they want. This is the world’s largest video sharing website and has billion active users per month. YouTube True view app install ads are different from Facebook and Twitter app install ads. YouTube ads come with a CTA linking to the app store listing of the app. These are pre-rolled before a user watches a video. This increases audience engagement.

Steps to Create YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

The principle of YouTube truereview for app install ads is to get the viewers to watch the ad but not skip it. YouTube Trueview app install ads connected to Adwords. To create the campaigns, first sign into the Adwords account. Go to the Campaigns tab and click the +campaign from where you have to select the Video option.

You will then be asked to enter the name of the campaign. The name should indicate that this is an app install campaign. Choose the Mobile app installs. You are required to enter the URL of the app if you have your app in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This allows the viewers to install your app. directly from the ad. We can see the price, icon, and ratings of the app in the ad preview. Different campaigns need to created for different versions of the app like iOS app and Android app.

Select the bidding strategy and enter a daily budget. Then you have to enter the language, targeted location, and other details. There is also the facility to choose the targeted devices, carriers, and operating systems. The ads will be shown on all the devices on which the app is compatible.

Advantages of YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

The Trueview app install campaigns on YouTube help the audience to click the ad and install the apps directly from the ad rather than going to the page to download the app. The power of video along with the sound and the sigh influences the audience more to download the apps. Trueview advertisers help the advertisers to reach potential customers based on demographics, previously watches videos and individual interests.

After creating the app installs campaign, the effectiveness of the campaign can be tracked using conversions. For an android app, Adwords tracks the download conversions automatically. For iOS apps, conversion tracking needs to set up so that the download counter. Third-party conversion tracking systems can use for tracking conversions on both the operating system apps. The results of the app install Ad can be seen on the campaigns tab.

The correct channel for app install campaigns depends on the budget and expectations. People with a little more budget can choose YouTube TrueView ads. There are many options as far as platforms are concerned for marketers but what is important is to make the ad stand out from the crowd to gain the attention of the viewer.

Tips for Optimizing your YouTube TrueView for Shopping Campaign

Are you intended to launch the YouTube trueView for shopping campaigns?

Don’t you know how to make it better that benefits a lot?

Here are fine optimizing tips to create YouTube True View for shopping campaigns.

YouTube is providing various ways for the marketers to reach the millions of audience across its platform.

The True view video ads for the e-commerce campaigns or shopping campaigns are very helpful for the marketers to get higher conversion rates on the platform.The true view of shopping feature allows the viewers to know more information about the products and allow them to click for purchasing.

This new feature allows marketers to showcase their product with details including images of the products within the video ads. Here are some important tips for the Trueview shopping campaign.

Get most out of your cost per view

The CPV is the average amount that is paid by the advertiser to view video ads. It depends upon the length, quality, targeting dynamics and several other factors.

To meet the CPV goals, be careful while adjusting the bids along with the expansion of your targeting. By expanding your targeting you can compete others efficiently.

Also, improve your ads to get higher view rate towards your campaign video.

Get the most out of your view rate

The view rate is calculated by the total number of views of the ad that are divided by the number of people that the ad served.

If you get the higher view rate then you have more engaged viewers with the content. so, improve your ads with short form content and improve your targeting potential.

Meet your CTR

To increase the CTR rates, do add the clear call to action overlays within your videos on true view in display and in-stream video ads on YouTube platform.

It does not cost extra bucks, in turn, increases viewer engagement with your campaign.


Before launching the True View ads as the shopping campaign just go through the instructions of the AdWords help which guide you to link up the AdWords account to Google Merchant Center Account.

With the facility of Google Merchant account can access the YouTube TrueView for in-stream ads of shopping campaigns.

50 Takeaways from YouTube’s TrueView Optimization Playbook

Trueview is giving a chance to the viewers to see what they want to see without bombarding them with advertisements. Trueview is an ad format that targets only the viewers that are interested in watching the ad. This increases engagement. Here are few takeaways from TrueView Optimization Playbook which is the source provided by Google to know more about Trueview optimization.

1. Marketers can achieve their goals by optimizing the trueview campaigns as they can measure the track the performance of the campaign.

2. Marketers need to be patient and be prepared to test the campaign before it delivers its goals.

3. Before optimizing the trueview campaigns to identify the goals.

4. Defining the goals helps in effectively optimizing the performance of the campaign and make improvements in it.

5. Two types of trueview video format are the TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display.

6. In-stream ads provide the users with the choice of skipping the ads after five seconds.

7. In-channels ads play on the channel page and increase user engagement.

8. To optimize the trueview ads, include a call to action to drive clicks.

9. To find the ideal performance, test the ads with different lengths.

10. Test the performance with different thumbnails.

11. To find the account health, check the VTR, CPV and total cost metrics.

12. An important indicator to find the competitiveness of the ad is the cost per view. Track the CPV and find if it is increasing over time. Optimizing CPV helps in efficient message delivery.

13. TrueView Optimization Playbook through rate is another primary metric to understand. High VTR wins more auctions.

14. Making the most of first five seconds of TrueView ads is important because after this the user can skip them.

15. Another best practice for TrueView creative is to keep the ad short, not more than 60 seconds in length.

16. Use a call to actions to tell the users what you want them to do after watching the ad.

17. Giving a real title to the ad without mentioning ‘ad’ and uploading compelling thumbnail and making the ad interactive or other best practices.

18. Make the content great by creating it emotionally compelling, informational and entertaining.

19. When optimizing Trueview in-stream, define the metrics you want to optimize.

20. Evaluate the targeting and check whether the scope is a narrow and missing audience or driving up the costs.

21. Optimize your Trueview in-stream campaigns for unique reach.

22. Measure the unique reach at the campaign and aggregate level.

23. Use the video remarketing feature to negatively remarket the video.

24. Remember, a user who subscribes to your brand is the one who showed interest and is a valuable asset.

25. Give a reason for the subscribers to come back to you, create content that is inspiring, educative and entertaining.

26. Use AdWords for video earned actions to track the impact of content.

27. Here is a targeting tip for optimizing Trueview for subscriptions. Create a remarketing list of views who watched the video and the list of who subscribed to the video. Combine both to create custom combination list. Target all these viewers.

28. Create a channel trailer and request the users to subscribe through calls to actions and also annotations.

29. Surveys help in measuring brand metrics such as ad recall and brand awareness.

30. This data is fed and processed into Adwords and optimized to improve the performance of the Trueview campaigns.

31. Use the brand lift surveys to measure the impact of Trueview in-stream ads on brand metrics.

32. Brand lift surveys also help to identify whether to create specific messages based on gender, for instance.

33. Brand lift surveys help to identify opportunities to optimize brand effectiveness and to achieve campaign objectives.

34. TrueView Optimization Playbook,Unique reach is increased when average CPV is optimized.

35. Trueview in-display is different from in-stream and this takes the users to the channel page or the landing page.

36. In-display ads run in search pages, watch pages of YouTube and Google display network sites.

37. There are two parts in in-display ads, and these are the video images and the text. Both of these can be optimized.

38. The image in in-display ads should effectively grab the attention of the user.

39. Find the best of both the text and image by testing several options.

40. In-display ads impressions appear to users when browsing YouTube.

41. The cost to drive views for In-display views is different from in-stream ads.

42. To keep the costs down on in-display ads, effective optimization is needed.

43. The impact of in-display ads is measured in terms of total paid views and earned views.

44. The stability of Trueview in-display ads auction space is more.

45. Thumbnail image and ad text are the two elements in in-display ads and both of these can be improved or adjusted.

46. Trueview provides always on a campaign where there will be no missed moments and the campaigns can reach the audience always.

47. Use the keywords for your video for which people are searching.

48. Check the placement performance of your ads and concentrate on removing low-performing placements.

49. Optimize the trueview video ad images and texts separately.

50. You can consider running both Trueview in display and in-stream ads formats as in-display ads perform better when in-stream ads are active.


Trueview ad format is the best way to connect to the audience. Trueview ads do not force the viewers to watch them, but they watch them only if they choose to. This increases engagement by seventy-five percent. Here are the top 50 takeaways from YouTube’s TrueView Optimization Playbook.

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