Youtube Video Editor

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Video Editor

YouTube launched cloud-based video editing tool, the YouTube video editor in 2010 to allow people to edit the videos online before they upload them to YouTube and other websites. More and more features added to the editor since then.

How good is the YouTube video editor and can be it used instead of the desktop editors?

at the beginning of YouTube, video editor only helped to trim the clips, add a necessary transition or add music. YouTube video editor now can be used to add effects also. The processing of the Youtube video editor is faster, and it is easy to use.

Here is how you can use to YouTube video editor. Upload your videos. You can opt to make them unlisted or private until you edit the videos and only then allow the audience to watch them. You can go to the link.

The videos are listed in chronological order. Drag the videos to the timeline. Up to seven clips can add to the timeline. Scissors icon that appears when the mouse is moving over the possible. Hitting this icon will bring an edit dialogue, and you can decide the out and in points of the clip. Word the start and end point and after the editing finished, save it to finish.

Another feature of YouTube video editor is to add the YouTube Audioswap feature that allows adding music to the video you created. The audio that is already in the video will be removed once this feature used.

Once the editing of the video completed, publish the videos after giving it a title. The processing time for YouTube takes longer, and it can take up to 15 minutes to process a two-minute clip.

The users can download the video editing in the YouTube editor after it processed. If the video uploaded is in HD it will be processed in HD, and the finished version will be in HD too.

The basic features of YouTube Video Editor are cut/split the videos, change the settings, add filters, adding music or text to the videos or add transitions to the video. It is straightforward to use the video editor with basic editing features.

To edit the videos using YouTube video editor you need to have the videos uploaded to the YouTube.

You can also use the videos in the creative common library. The enhancements in the YouTube Video Editor divided into four categories. These are filters, quick fixes, audio and text contrast and saturation of the videos can be adjusted with quick fixes.

How To Do A Voice-Over On YouTube Editor

YouTube provides a really fantastic tool to edit video, audio and images to add voice over.

It’s a completely free tool to use YouTube lovers. This allows creating videos, combine, rotate, edit videos. It works best for adding music, sound effects and text to the videos and apply special effects to the videos.

How To Work with YouTube Video Editor

Open YouTube channel log in to your YouTube account and go to the Video Manager.

You can see many options on the left side of the your channel, choose CREATE.You can choose any one of them either Audio Library or Video Library.

On the top New Project option appears, add a project name by typing the title of the video.

You can find many uploaded videos, select any of the video and place it on Drag Video Here option on the timeline.

Once you have kept the video, just play that here you have an excellent way to splice and split the video by holding.

This will allow you to decrease/increase the video and cut the video whatever time frame you need by dragging side by side.

Beside this video tab, the next tab will be Creative Common videos tab.

While selecting this option you can see already uploaded videos or else you can upload a new video and make changes, add some filters, slow motion option to that video.

We can add some text to the video, change the background color to the that clip.

On the same menu bar you can find audio option.Open it and drag your optional audio to the Drag Audio here option.

Then play the video the background music runs automatically.Adjust the volume for mixing up with the video to play as background.

How To Make A Voice Over, On YouTube Editor:

If you like to add a voice over to the YouTube editor videos, first you should record your voice over in your computer either an iMac or in windows.

Then we should upload a video in YouTube channel or directly record it by your webcam.

When you are working with too many clips you just choose the option called “unlisted”or “Private”.

Just drag and drop the list of videos to add timeline and hit the plus icon to cut into parts.

You can cut full video into smaller portions, edit the clips apply some changes play as one video.

You have an option to choose an audio track. You can upload your voice over track.

After uploading to a video and audio clips just hit the publish button.

Conclusion :

There are some advantages with the YouTube editors and some of them are that the tools are free and there are many video clips and music that are free to use. The features are easy and simple.

Disadvantages with the video editor are that the features are only basic editing features. It can be used only online. There is no way to shorten the music in the editor. Video clips and overlapping of music are not possible .

Google is working to make the YouTube video editor better.

Let us hope in the future it will become powerful editing tools. For now, with the basic editing features, it is good for most of the project and what attracts people to use this is the simplicity of it.

If you do not require to more than cropping videos, adding a transition or switching the music, you can conveniently use the YouTube video editor. Desktop video editor may be needed for more advanced editing options.

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