YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas: 500+ YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration in 2022

More than 1 billion hours of video content is consumed on YouTube every day. As YouTube usage grows, the Opportunity is brooder for business. Starting a profitable YouTube channel in 2021 takes a lot of work. The YouTube Video Ideas that you generate should be exciting, creative, thought-provoking, fascinating, informative, and entertaining and, at the same time that leads interest to your audience. One of the most challenging parts is making the right decision on what type of YouTube Channel you would like to build. Let us take a close look at 500+ YouTube Video Ideas and popular niches for Your Inspiration in 2021

500+ YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration in 2021

Introduce Yourself

‘What’s In My Makeup Bag?’

“Getting to Know You” Beginner YouTube Video Ideas

“Hello World!”

10 Things I Do When I Am Bored

A Bad Love Story

A Challenge Video

A Crazy Travel Story

A Day in the Life of…

A Good Love Story

A Lie You Told

A Series

A Story About Your Hobby

Actor Bio

Address a Misunderstanding

An Opinion Video

Analysis of Scenes

Animal Videos


Annoying things about X

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Answer Unique Tech Questions

Answer Viewer Questions

Artsy Videos

Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos

Audience Participation

Beauty Routine for Skincare

Before and After Video

Behind the Scenes

Best and Worst

Best Fitness Apps

Best movies

Best X

Blooper Compilation

Bloopers Reel

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Boyfriend or Girlfriend Tag

Build on a Crowdsourced Idea

Business Intro

Case Studies

Celebrate a Subscriber Milestone

Celebrate an Anniversary

Celebrate Your Channel Anniversary

Celebrity Gossip Videos

Challenge Video


Change Locations

Channel Trailer

Christmas Video

Clothes Tips

Collaborate with a Friend

Collaboration video

Collaboration YouTube Idea

Collection Video


Comedy Sketch Video

Comedy Skit

Commentary on recent events

Compare One Game To Another

Compare Two Products


Cooking Video

Correct a Misconception

Couple Videos

Cover a Musical Event

Cover an Event

Cover and comment on industry news

Create a Comedy Short

Create a Fail Compilation

Create a Live Mix

Create a Music Lesson

Create a Myth-Busting Video

Create a Parody Video

Create Animated Explainer Videos

Create Comedic Dubs

Create In-Game Skits

Create Opinion Videos

Create Skits of Relatable Situations

Creative Videos

Current News

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials Videos

Customization Options

Cute Video

Daily Routine

Day in the Life

Day in the Life of Your Profession

Deep Dive into Current Events

Detail an Animals Care and Feeding

Diet Plan

Discuss a Book

Discuss Animal Habitats

Discuss Computer Hardware And Peripherals

Discuss Current News

Discuss Different Climate Regions

Discuss Directorial Influences

Discuss Future Releases

Discuss Gaming History

Discuss Gaming News

Discuss Gaming Rumors

Discuss Gaming Trivia

Discuss Historical Books

Discuss Historical Writers or Authors

Discuss Literary Influences

Discuss Movies or TV In-Depth

Discuss Music In-Depth

Discuss News or New Releases

Discuss Niche-Relevant News

Discuss Tech History

Discuss Tech News And Rumors

Discuss Tech Rumors

Discuss The History Of A Topic

Discuss The History Of Different Countries

Discuss The Latest Advances In Storage Technology

Discuss The Specs Of Your Laptop or Tablet

Discuss Time Management

Discuss Transfers or Drafts

Discuss Trending Rumours

Discuss Unreleased Games

Discuss Your Career

Discuss Your Hobbies

Discuss Your Musical Influences


DIY Video

Do a 30-Day Challenge

Do a Challenge

Do a Freestyle Rap

Do a Live Stream

Do A Product Review

Do a Throwback

Do A Water-cooling Video

Do a YouTube Challenge

Do an Introduction

Do Some Mythbusting

Do Something Outrageous

Document Your Interesting Experiences

Draw My Life


Educational or Tutorial YouTube Videos

Event Recap

Exercise Moves

Experiment with Unique Instruments

Explain How Certain Tools Work

Explain How To Build A Treehouse

Explain How To Take Care Of An Animal

Explain Tech Concepts

Explore A Game In-Depth

Explore Local Music

Explore Scientific Concepts

Explore The Inside Of Your Desktop Computer

Face a Fear and Film It

Fan Commentary

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty Trends

Favorite App or Website

Favorite Book

Favorite Characters

Favorite Game

Favorite Movies

Favorite or Best Players

Favorite Products

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Songs

Favorite Songs, Album or Artist

Favorite Sports

Favorite Travel Destination

Favorite TV Shows

Favorite YouTube videos or YouTubers

Film Technology

Film Trivia

First Video Ideas

Fitness Myths

Food & Cooking Videos

Friends & Family

Fun YouTube Video Ideas

Funny facts/stories about me

Funny or Embarrassing Stories

Funny Videos

Future Channel Plans

Game of the Year in Different Genres


Gameplay Streaming


Gaming News

Gaming Videos

Generating Ideas For New Videos

Get Your Viewers to Challenge You

Give a Studio/Room Tour

Give a Tour of Your City

Give A Tour Of Your Hometown

Give A Tour Of Your Room

Give Business Advice

Give Someone Tips for College, Work or a Hobby

Give Traveling Tips

Give Tutorials


Goals video

Hair How-To

Hair Tutorial


Have a Q&A Session

Health & Fitness

Health and Wellness Tips

Health/Beauty DIY

Highlight Compilation

Highlight Glitches in Games

Highlight Reel

Highlight Song Similarities



Holiday Video

Home Remedies

Host a Contest

Host a Giveaway Contest

How To Cook A Family Recipe

How to Overcome a Challenge

How We Met

How You Made or Lost a Friend

How You Met your Friends

How you started on YouTube

How You Use an App or Program

How-To Video

Ideas of Your Viewers

Information Video

Informational Videos


Interview Someone


Intro video

Introduce Friends or Family

Introduce Your Business

Introduce Your Team Videos

Invite a Guest

Keeping Fit on a Budget

Kill Your Computer

Launch a Competition

Life Hacks

Lifestyle Videos


Live Commentary

Live Events

Live Stream

Look at Obscure Games

Look at the Trending Videos for Ideas

Make A Biography Video

Make A Channel Intro

Make A Comedy Skit

Make a Commitment

Make A First Impressions Video

Make A Frag Video/Highlight Clip

Make A Haul Video

Make a Karaoke Video

Make A Machinima

Make A Mod Showcase Video

Make a Montage

Make a New Years Reflections Video

Make A Performance Overview For Your Computer

Make A Reaction Video

Make A Response Video

Make a Ridiculous Recipe and Eat It

Make a Science Video

Make a Skit

Make a Tutorial

Make a Video of New Years Resolutions

Make an In-game Comedy Skit

Make An Installation or Setup Guide

Make Gameplay Live Commentaries

Make Gameplay Reaction Videos

Make In-Game Comedy Skits

Make List Videos

Make Math Tutorials

Make Short Films

Makeup Challenge

Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Makeup Haul

Makeup How-To

Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial YouTube Video Ideas

Match Analysis

Meet the Team

Morning Routine

Motivational Video

Music Lessons

Music Video

Music Videos

My bucket list video

Name Your Favorite Products

News and Opinion Videos

Nighttime Routine

Opinion, Response or Reaction Video

Other Holidays

Other YouTube Channels

Outdoors Trip

Outfit or Face of the Day

Outtake Video

Overcoming a Personal Struggle or Fear



Parody Another Video

Parody Video

Participate in a Challenge

Perform Original Songs

Personal Experience into an Educational Video

Personal Story Video

Personal Videos

Play a Game

Play a Game With Another Youtuber

Play an Old Game on an Emulator

Post a Motivation Video

Post Cutscenes

Post Raw Gameplay

Post Your Transformation Video

Prank Video


Predect About Future Updates or Releases

Predict Next Year’s Ones to Watch

Preview a Product

Product Launch Video

Product Organization

Product Review Idea

Product Tutorials Idea

Productivity Tips

Promote an Event with Video

Provide Little-Known Tricks

Provide Styling Advice



Quick Tips


Random Facts About Yourself


Rant video

React to

React to a Trending Video

Reacting to Old Videos

Reacting to YouTube comments

Reaction to Plot Twists

Reaction to Your Old Makeup

Reaction Video

Record an Unboxing

Record Your First Impression

Recreate Famous Scenes

Relationship Advice

Remake an old YouTube video

Remake Old Videos

Respond to Someone’s Opinion Video

Response Video

Reveal an Easter Egg


Review a Book

Review A Game

Review a Movie

Review a Product

Review New Products

Review of product, game, movie or book

Review Something!

Review Videos

Review Your Gadgets

Review Your Phone or Laptop or Tablet

Review Your Phone, Laptop, Tablet, or Other Gadgets

Room or House Tour

Season Recap

Seasonal Videos

Setup Video

Share a Secret or Family Recipe

Share Your Gaming Setup

Shopping Haul

Short Documentary

Shoutout video

Show A Beta For A Popular App or Site

Show A Fun Day With Friends

Show a Skill or Talent

Show How to Do an Exercise

Show How You Edit Your Videos or Video Process

Show Off A Collection

Show Off A Speedrun

Show Off Drone Footage

Show Off Graphics Settings

Show Off Little-Known Tweaks or Tricks

Show Off Magic Tricks

Show off Your Collections

Show Off Your Prized Possessions

Show Off Your Product or Service

Show The Latest Beta Operating System Release

Show Your App with YouTube Video

Show Your Favorite Apps and Programs

Show Your Stretching Routine

Show Your Yoga Routine

Showcase Game Mods

Showcase Your Talents

Sibling Tag

Sing A Song

Skincare Routine

Someone You Admire

Something New You Tried

Song Cover

Speak In-Depth About Current News

Speedrun Video

Sports News

Sports or workout video

Start A Vlog

Start A Walkthrough

Storytime Videos

Suggest Food or Recipes

Summer Clothes

Supplements You’re Using

Tag Videos

Take Suggestions

Talk about a charity that’s important to you

Talk About A Game Developer

Talk About A Lesser-Known Game

Talk About A Linux Distribution

Talk About Audio Technology

Talk About Budgeting

Talk About Current Fashion Trends

Talk About Emulators

Talk about Old Games

Talk About Philosophical Concepts

Talk About The Latest Graphics Cards

Talk About The Latest Processors

Talk about Your Budget

Talk About Your Career

Talk About Your Career or Hobby

Talk About Your Dream Computer Build

Talk About Your Favorite Albums

Talk About Your Favorite Apps And Programs

Talk about Your Favorite Gadget

Talk About Your Favorite Piece Of Tech

Talk About Your Hobby In-Depth

Talk about Your Previous or next Trip

Talk on Best Players In The Game

Teach A Silly Technique

Teach An Important Life Skill

Teach Another Language

Team Member Spotlights

Tech & Gadgets

Tech Equipment for YouTube

Thank Your Viewers

The Benefits of _

The Best or Worst Gift You Ever Received

The History of…

The Time You Stole Something

Things to Do



Time-lapse video


Tips for Losing Weight or Gaining Muscle

Tips or Tricks For…

Top 10

Top X List


Tour of Hometown or College

Tour Video

Travel Video

Travel Videos

Trendy Outfits for Certain Occasions

Trick Shots or Skills


Try an Indie Game

Try Out A New Operating System

Trying Foods for the Very First Time

Tutorial on Advanced Mechanics


TV Shows


Upcoming Releases

Use Alternative Workout Equipment

Useless Skills

Video contest

Video Edit

Video Quiz

Vlog ideas



Walkthrough Video


What I Eat in a Day

What I Got For

What I Like About X

What Is in Your Bag?

What Is on My Phone

What You Wore This Week

What’s in My _?

What’s in My Bag

What’s in My Bag?

What’s in your closet?

What’s in Your Fridge or Cabinets

What’s On My Phone?

Why Are You on YouTube?

Why Do You Make YouTube Videos?

Winter Clothes

Workout Advice

Workout Routine

Your Biggest Accomplishment

Your Biggest Failure

Your Channel

Your Favorite Childhood Memory

Your History

Your Idol

Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Your Pet

YouTube Channel Trailer


Hope these YouTube Video Ideas are inspired and more comfortable to generate a more engaging audience and views to your channels. Request your intended audience to subscribe and turn on notification to get more updates from your Channel. Affiliate marketing and YouTube Sponsorships are two useful techniques to get paid from YouTube Channels.

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