10 Best ways to improve YouTube Watch Time

10 Best ways to improve YouTube Watch Time

YouTube has continuously been increasing its popularity given the Platform’s ability to offer videos from different genres. As the platform can generate considerable revenue through various ads that appear as part of the YouTube streaming, it is quite but natural that there is a need to improve the watch time.

Following can be some of the ways to improve YouTube watch time:

1.Give an attractive title to the video:

The name should be suggestive of the content of the video that is going to appear on clicking the link.

2.Suitable Thumbnail:

Every viewer is interested in having a trial of the end product. The thumbnail should be apt and should be able to create intuition in the minds of the viewer that he should be prompted to press the start button.

3.First Impression is the best impression:

As per the idiom, the first impression is available from the viewer within the initial 10-15 seconds of the video. The starting of the video should be well articulated that the viewer is glued to the video till the end.

4.Linkage to other videos:

There has to be a provision in the current video where the upcoming video is providing a hint to the viewer. This will prompt the viewer to click the upcoming video.


It is creating a line of videos pertaining to one genre. A playlist generally gives hint about the content of the proposed video and hence will take care of more marketing aspect

6.Perpetual improvisation:

The hookup time of each of the viewer is available and the same needs to be analyzed to understand the point at which the viewer is losing interest in the content.

7.Retain the existing viewers:

Existing viewers will add a lot to the watch time. The satisfied viewer will lot more publicity for the content.

8.Popularity indication:

A provision to indicate the popularity of the content is another tool to improve watch time. The counter of viewers has to be constantly monitored and displayed.

9.Proper content:

Despite the fact that video is able to promote certain content, the content has to be correct and authoritative. Any misleading information can drastically reduce the watch time from the same publisher.

10.Reliability of the publisher:

The publisher has to be reliable and should have the proper track record.

15 Different Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time

Everyone will have an idea of YouTube watch time that means the number of users spent a time to watch videos on YouTube. The watch time mostly used to analyze the performance of your YouTube. Depending on that you can make some more amendments to continue the growth rate of success.

Creating Original Content

The content of the video that has been generated should be created as an original. That too unique and genuine from others then there may be chances of increase in YouTube watch time.

Creating Long-Form Content

It’s better to create a somewhat long form of content for the video. The duration of the content will make the user spend some more time on that video.

Video Content and Thumbnail match the content

When you make content then that should be perfectly matched with the content of the video and the thumbnail that you want to upload. So that the user can understand easily, what’s your theme about.

First 5 to 10 Seconds is Key

While playing video first 5 to 10 seconds is very important because each user will watch the video for very short time. If it has ultimate stuff then the user continuous spend more time.

Create Content on Trending Topics & Keywords

Mostly focus on the trending topic that goes viral. When you are creating content for the video then use regularly used and searched keywords in the YouTube Search to bring your video up in the search ranking.

Use Watch time Report

Always go on visiting the watch time report then you find which type of video content is mostly watched by the user. You can make videos according to user requirements.

Use Audience Retention Report

The audience retention report will give the complete details user activity at your channel. Here you can find the no. of views obtained for the particular video. This can also make you check which one is working well and which is not.

Audience Engagement Reports

Find the video which one is getting more number of likes, comments and shares by using audience engagement report. Hence you can make changes to the less preferable videos to go viral.

Translate your Titles and Descriptions

If you want to make your videos go viral throughout the world then translate titles and description by considering all languages.

Use Compelling Titles

You should give perfect and excellent titles that immediately catch the audience. Though you have outstanding video content but there is use unless you use melting titles.

Use snapshot of your Video as Thumbnail

The use of thumbnails for the video is the most significant thing while running a YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to use the snapshot of the video as a thumbnail as it gives a brief idea about your concept.

Engage your audience after video completion and suggest other best performing videos

Try to get the attention of the audience by recommending the other best performing videos after watching the presently playing video. Then there may be a chance of increasing watch-time.

Maintain Consistency throughout the Video

You should maintain stability throughout the video not to get errors or mismatched content while playing. Once you reach the eye of the audience, then they would expect more from your channel. If your channel blocked or deleted, you will lose your fame though, and you have started again.

Tease User something is coming up in the video

Don’t forget to intimate users about the upcoming videos with exciting and unexpected stuff. This would make anxiety in the audience to watch at the immediate upload.

Use Good Audio and Sound Effects

The audio and sound effects are the basic things to do while creating a video. A high-quality video with no good audio or sounds will not gain the concentration of audience.

These are the most significant ways to increase the YouTube watch time with huge traffic through the audience. If you are Startup YouTube Channel, then it’s hurrying to read this article. Not only startups every Vlogger can follow these strategies to raise the YouTube Watch Time.

10 Sure-fire Ways to Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

YouTube watch time is probably the most critical factor in deciding the success of the marketing mix strategy adopted by the marketers. YouTube has been able to prove its supremacy regarding the viewers and the conversion rate (from viewing to prospective buyers to a buyer).

As such, it is important to increase the YouTube watch time and to achieve this, there are certain pre-requisites that the marketer needs to ensure:

• As the first impression is the best impression, ‘titling’ of the content is the foremost requirement

• The title of the video to be worth the time of viewers.

• Title to be short and to the point. Generally, maximum words of 10 or less are considered the best option.

• You may add the word ‘video’ to ensure maximum traffic.

• Use the numbers in the title e.g. 10 ways to become slim.

• Use of keywords in the title can help a lot as SEO will take care to ensure maximum traffic.

• The accuracy of the content will ensure that the viewer is glued to the content till the end.

• Better presentation of the content ensures that the viewer has an interest in your video.

• The Proper length of the video is required. The shorter length will not be able to provide full information about your product whereas lengthier videos might force the viewer to leave the video.

• Include ‘call to action’ option in the appropriate place in the video.

• Video thumbnail is another important factor that can decide the viewership of the video.

• Colour combination or appropriate background for the video ensures that the viewer is harnessed to the video.

Given above are some of the techniques (not exhaustive) to ensure maximum viewership for your YouTube videos. There are plenty of tools available in the market to improve your videos performance on YouTube. In that some are open source and some are premium tools.

Video Watch Time is more on Mobile Devices than Desktop [Study]

Video watching become a part of our lives these days and with the rise in smart technology and the usage of smartphones leads to the increase in watch time of online videos than from PC. Video Watch Time is major aspect to all vloggers.

More than 98 percent people were accessing the content through the mobile devices rather than the PC the mobile devices for to listening the music and 60 percent people were downloading various apps from the mobile devices.

Even the marketers and business were turning towards the mobile devices and targeting their consumers online via mobile marketing. The mobile usage is influencing the social media platforms, and even e-commerce become raised with the increase of mobile shopping from the consumers online. Various factors are effecting on the usage of mobile devices to PC.

Mobile is portable

Portability is also one of a reason for raise in the mobile video watch time because; mobile can be carried away to any place, unlike PC. It is easy to surf the net at your fingertips within seconds with one click go.

The users can watch in their comfortable angle and even while traveling in bus or Train. So, with increase in the comfort levels, users are preferring the mobile devices to watch videos

Mobile data plans are cheap and best

Mobile data plans are reasonable at cost comparing to LAN charges as well as it consumes less data through the mobile video watching. So, it is also one of the reasons in increasing the mobile video watch time.

Video ad visibility is highest on Mobile devices

People who use a smartphone they have some social media apps for music, videos, chat, etc. So, social media ads are given mostly on mobile apps to increase their brands’ growth.

Different Smart Devices

The usage of smart devices has raised every year, smart devices are like mobile phones, Tablets, video games, smart wristwatches and more.
People use different services at different times according to their accessibility in work and home environments.

If you are aware of Global; statistics of Mobile video consumption that reveals the usage of mobile devices wholly compared to desktops. The above is an ultimate guide for Video watch time is more in Mobiles when compared to Desktop.

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