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50 Facts and Figures about Video Analytics

Video Analytics is very important for online marketing and helps to make the content marketing more effective. Technology helps the businesses to take marketing, customer service and security decisions based on analytics. Video analytics are business based and security based. Everything about Video Analytics is explained here.

1. It fall into the business category and security category.

2. Though these two are different, the technology performance is the same.

3. Fathering video data is not enough but the action businesses take after acquiring the data is what makes the difference.

4.The technology analyses the performance of the video.

5.It is helpful to see which of the videos are popular and are helping to earn money.

6. The information can be used to decide how to make the best video content.

7. ROI on individual pieces of videos also can be calculated.

8. Based on analytics, the businesses adjust their formats, packages and adjust the ad loads.

9. Businesses can understand which platforms are devices are worth supporting using the video analytics.

10. It gives the businesses the ability to increase Business Intelligence.

11. This is also becoming popular in retail segment for Market Analysis.

12. The information is very valuable for marketing teams to analyze ROI.

13.It helps to track the happenings on video landing pages in eCommerce.

14. Video Analytic tools such as YouTube analytics helps to measure the traffic, conversions, content, and audience to the YouTube Channel.

15. It helps to know in which country the video is popular and take a decision to translate the video into the new language.

16. The Audiance Retention and Watchtime by the viewers watching the video can be known easily.

17. The YouTube analytics give the information about engagement, demographics, top video by views and ad performance,monatized playbacks.

18. Time watched video analysis metric shows howling the viewers are engaged with the video.

19. Watch Time and Video Performace is an important metric for the Video Marketing.

20. We can track how many Subscribers driven for a channel or a video for a particular timeperiod using video analysis metric.

21.It also gives the information of how people are interacting with a call to action , EndCards of the Video.

22. We can observe how the video is performing writh respect to Lead Convertion.

23. The video creators can know easily if their video content hit the mark or not using YouTube Realtime Video Analytics.

24. It helps to refine the future video content strategy.

25. Improving the video content strategy ad focusing on what works better for the business can be known.

26. New content creation can be done based on the views, comments and thumbs for the recently uploaded videos.

27.It also gives the details of what causes the people to stop watching the video.

28. By Observing Information Cards Analytics in YouTube we can reate a better call to actions.

29. Retailers can analyze the analytics and know the Conversion Rate.

30. When used in business locations, video analytics give the businesses the information about customer behavior and how the business is running.

31. Annual growth rate of video analytics insecurity is 19.1% from the last 4 years to next 2 years.

32. By 2020, the Video Analytics market size is likely to grow up to 4.23 Billion.

33. In 2016, Analytics market is 1.69 Billion.

34. The future of Video is growing in retail and marketing sector by using advanced technologies like Machine Learning and NLP.

35. Marketing departments are benefiting from the Video Analytics such as using Video heat mapping, demographic information, and other usable business data insights.

36. These are done in three scenarios and these are on board, real time, offline forensics and on demand using the Cloud Technologies.

37. Advanced analytics Solution has different features including people management.

38. Vehicle Management is another functionality of Video Analytics for Video Survallence Analytics.

39. The data can be used in optimizing the businesses ideas.

40. New Video Marketing Strategies designed based on the data collected from Analytics.

41. Video Analytics are being used for decades now and its very priority for company growth.

42. New video analytic security systems are now available and these are smarter with IOT features.

43. In security category, video analytics helps to reduce the overall security costs.

44. State of the art video monitoring intelligence can be used to optimize the operational process.

45. Marketing strategies can be improved and ROI can be increased using the data intellegence.

46. Directional analytics and object tracking are used to stop threats using Surveillance Video Analytics.

47. Centralized Video Analytics dashboards helps in minimizing investigation time.

48. Customer trends, traffic etc and catching the shoplifters etc are possible with it.

49.Analytics is a Fastest Growing Trend in Digital World.

50. This Technology is going to solve countless problems in the coming years.

These are also used in eCommerce,law enforcement etc. There are countless opportunities in which the Analytics help to solve the problems. Overall, These are going to be most exciting areas to be watching both in the business and in the security field in the coming years.

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