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Video Analytics: Guide to Video Analytics Trends 2024

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  1. YouTube Video Analytics
  2. Facebook Video Analytics
    1. 1: Compare Native Facebook Video Posts with the YouTube Video Posts
    2. 2: Look at Video Posts vs. Photo Posts
    3. 3: Evaluate Long and Short Video
  3. Twitter Video Analytics
  4. Native Player Video Analytics
  5. Video Analytics Platforms
  6. Video Analytics Market Statistics
  7. Video Analytics Market Analysis Applications
  8. How to Use Video Analytics to Measure & Grow Your Brand?
  9. Video analytics
  10. Engagement rates
  11. Video play clicks
  12. Call to actions
  13. Demographic analytics
  15. Measure in the proper way with a good strategy
  16. Brand lifting
  17. Video Analytics Trends: The Definitive Guide
  18. Video Analytics 2019
  19. Video Analytics Trends in 2019
  20. Predictive Video Analytics
  21. Intelligent Video Analytics using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data
  22. Video Analytics with Location and geotargeted
  23. Micro Expression Video Analytics
  24. Video Tracking in Video Analytics
  25. Object Detection in Video Analytics
  26. Facial Recognition in Video Analytics
  27. Tamper Detection in Video Analytics
  28. Shape Recognition in Video Analytics
  29. Dynamic Masking in Video Analytics
  30. Style Detection in Video Analytics
  31. Egomotion Estimation in Video Analytics
  32. Motion Detection in Video Analytics
  33. Video Analytics Market Statistics and Projections
  34. Real-Time Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing
  35. Using YouTube real-time video analytics
  36. What are the popular real-time video analytics software and tools?
  38. Kaltura
  39. Brightcove
  40. Vimeo
  41. Big Data Video Analytics usingHadoop’sp Latest Technology
  42. Big Data Video Analytics
    1. As a start-up in the direction of analysis of video big data, the  following proposals are underway:
  43. Cloud-Based Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing
  44. Video Heatmap Analytics – The Next Big Thing
    1. Conclusion:

Online streaming services are democratized and are an excellent way for consumers to watch on-demand videos and enjoy their favorite programs such as TV Everywhere technology. Therefore, video analytics is becoming essential for service providers who wish to remain competitive, understand customers better, and satisfy them.

A video analysis product to identify what appeals to users. So, you can get a customer and maintain but also develop new sources of revenue. Using data gathered from these tests, you understand how a user consumes media and what they expect (or be expected in the future) from an online video platform.

YouTube Video Analytics

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Missing out on such a reservoir of potential customers would be wild. All e-commerce vendors should use videos in their marketing strategy and analysis range to track the performance of their YouTube campaigns.

Once you know the audience analysis for your videos, you can develop strategies to broaden the target of your videos and increase your sales. We collected ten of the best techniques to analyze and track the performance of your YouTube videos. Let’s go:

  1. Follow the Number of Views
  2. Discover the Origin Traffic
  3. Determine the Demographics of Your Audience
  4. Know the Geographic Origin of Your Audience
  5. Pay Attention to Viewing Locations
  6. Analyze Your Audience Loyalty
  7. Follow the Number of Subscriptions
  8. Analyze Sharing on Social Networks
  9. Read and Respond to Comments
  10. Pay Attention to “like,” “I do not like,” and Featured Favorites

Facebook Video Analytics

Facebook announced the deployment of new measurement tools for Pages publishers. They will allow them to measure the audience videos they publish daily.

Now, they have a new segmentation that offers three types of measures: the total minutes of viewing a video on any given day, the number of times a video has been considered on a particular day, the number of times a video is watched for at least 10 seconds on a given day. In the latter case, if the video length is less than 10 seconds, the measurement will refer to the number of times it was viewed, at least 97%.

This data is accessible from the Statistics page and library by clicking on the video. Facebook says they will also be integrated with the API stats shortly. (Eureka Press).

I was thinking about how video works on Facebook.

To settle on informed choices about utilizing video on Facebook, you need a decent comprehension of how your fans consume it.

Here, you’ll find three approaches to analyzing video posts on Facebook.

1: Compare Native Facebook Video Posts with the YouTube Video Posts

How about we begin by contrasting how videos posted locally with Facebook contrast and YouTube videos shared on Facebook? You need to check whether you get execution help by presenting locally on Facebook and, provided that this is true, how much.

2: Look at Video Posts vs. Photo Posts

On the off chance that you look at the Post Stories engagement metric, photographs also performed to Facebook native videos. Nonetheless, when you get to the measurements achieved, Facebook’s video stage beats photographs substantially.

3: Evaluate Long and Short Video

Take a gander at the videos presented locally on Facebook. This permits you to see play-time information, notwithstanding the Consumption, Stories, and Reach data, and also to discover the average number of videos individuals watched.

Twitter Video Analytics

Twitter launched a beta version of a Promoted Video program long ago, allowing publicists to run video content utilizing the Cost Per View (CPV) advertisement purchasing model and another arrangement of video investigation apparatuses. It’s accessible to choose content distributors and check clients.

The new component develops Twitter Amplify, allowing brands to augment social TV discussions with in-tweet video clasps and constant double-screen organizations.

“By utilizing Promoted Video, it is simple for brands to transfer and disseminate video on Twitter; iA blog entry declaring the project” to gauge the span and adequacy of this substance” was composed by David Regan, Twitter’s senior item chief for TV and video.

Native Player Video Analytics

Analytics lets you perceive how users are locked in with your products and services. Native Player Video Analytics can give bits of knowledge into how viewers are devouring content and what they find captivating. Whether you utilize video as an essential part of your business or to bolster your business, Native Player Video Analytics lets you perceive how clients communicate with your products and can be used to develop your user base.

Video Analytics Platforms

For businesses or organizations working to create or keep up effective online video analytics, an online video stage can ease the difficulties of planning, delivering, and adapting online video streaming content. These difficulties become more troublesome as customers expect better-looking, higher-performing online video experiences on any gadget, device, or anywhere.

Here are some of the Video Analytics Platforms

Bright Cove







Video Analytics Market Statistics

Based on various applications, the video analytics business sector is divided into video indexing, individual acknowledgment, episode discovery, tag acknowledgment, object acknowledgment, cross-camera following, and movement observing applications. The report additionally gives data relating to various end-clients, such as private, business, modern, transportation and logistics, human services, neighborliness, and the instruction industry. The report intends to examine the video analytics market crosswise over major topographical fragments, such as North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Video analytics performs different undertakings, for example, the examination of pre-recorded video for extracting information or occasions from the recorded video and constant investigation with the goal of moment recovery of events of interest as they happen.

Video Analytics Market Analysis Applications

● Video Indexing

● Object Recognition

● License Plate Recognition

● People Recognition

● Incident Detection

How to Use Video Analytics to Measure & Grow Your Brand?

More than 80 percent of internet users watch video content, including ads. If you consider video analytics, more than 40% of people take action after watching a video ad. The customer sales funnel was charged with the video revolution and smartphone usage.

Today, people are using multiple smart devices to watch video content on the web, and it is tough for marketers to track the audience across multiple devices. So, video analytics can be beneficial to brands and marketers in estimating things better.

Analytics is essential to know the overall status of your efforts to reach the audience. It helps you to get things with a perfect estimation through analytic data. Businesses will not have any way to know about their popularity without analytics data.

Video analytics

The video is the most common part of every digital or online marketer’s strategy. To measure your brand, only video views are not enough to measure the overall video performance during the campaigns. Various metrics are required for calculating the brand metrics.

Engagement rates

The metrics depend upon how users are interacting with your video content. It can provide you with detailed time-based metrics of your video content. Using engagement metrics, brands can know when their audiences leave the video and the average time spent. By getting this information, brands can plan their next step to improve their video performance and content required to grab the audience’s Attention. Brands can also check the rewatching and track the audience interest in a particular section of your video.

Video play clicks

The video play rates are beneficial to the brands to estimate the number of users who click on the play button displayed on your video across the web or a platform. Your video can be displayed on your websites, blogs, or another landing page. So you can measure the percentage of people who go for click to play on your video. It helps your brand know how to optimize your video screen and player location.

Call to actions

You might insert your call-to-action in your video to make good conversions. But how can you know the information of the people who approached your call to action?

Yes, call-to-action responses can be known by detailed analytics, which allows brands to fetch information and lead to good conversions.

Demographic analytics

Do you know which place you are getting more viewers from? Do you know whether you are reaching the right audience and market?

Then, demographics analysis is critical for your brand to know the specific demographic information that can help you in brand marketing.


Views can be an essential metric in analytics as you can track the view count of your video content and make it more engaging. You can learn about the unique views of your video and save time and money. Brands can analyze real-time trends and boost their ROI with these metrics from analytics.

Measure in the proper way with a good strategy

A definitive analytics strategy is essential to reach the right audience and boost your sales leads. The analytic approach is beneficial to get better results.

The first thing that your brand must consider is to choose the right platform for hosting and tracking the videos. Most marketers choose YouTube and Vimeo for their video marketing and brand promotion. Though these platforms offer analytics, they don’t provide detailed analytics, but you can integrate and automate the capabilities. Brands can track the viewers from the first click and first conversion.

Brand lifting

In 2013, Google rated a Brand Lift solution, which helps in the initial measurement of the real impact of YouTube ad campaigns and brand awareness and interest. It also measures the impact of YouTube ads and sales conversions.

Google has isolated the control group for YouTube ad tracking and measurement. The brand lift solution can help brands know the real-time analytics related to the video content by comparing the organic search.

The Facebook brand pooling also enables advertisers to measure brand awareness on its platform—the CPA. Cost-per-acquisition rates can help brand marketers drive better online sales conversions. The ad words can automatically set the bids and possibly boost conversion rates. This strategy can help customers reach your brand products and convert them into customers.

Finally, analytics helps your brand progress by delivering great competition to fellow competitors and improving brand conversion rates and development.

Now, everything is going on video; it is the sovereign of global marketing. Social media platforms related to the source video are the main target for advertisers and marketers. Find everything, especially about the video analytics trends of 2019, in the below phrases.

How can we find the performance of a particular video on a channel?

Video Analytics 2019

Multiple devices play a role in watching the video, and it isn’t easy to analyze the activity of a particular content, i.e., from where and how the video shows the best results. We can overcome all these hurdles by using the concept of video analytics.

Video analytics will give you the perfect figure to consider the advanced strategies that help build the brand with continuous engagement.

Predictive Video Analytics

The intention of introducing predictive video analytics is to analyze the statistical information of the video by considering the upcoming trends and the audience’s interests.
The predictive analytics technology will increase the ROI with ultimate content marketing.
It is the most useful for marketers to have effective brand marketing by considering customers’ interests with data analytics.

Intelligent Video Analytics using AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data

The information of videos retrieved with intelligent video analytics that contain AI, machine learning, big data, and fast search is possible that directs to potential customers.

The fraud can be identified by using machine learning and AI. Big data analytics will help reach targeted customers by analyzing their behavior.

Video Analytics with Location and geotargeted

It helps to generate the video content that is most preferred by the audience.

The approach will enable the marketers or advertisers to reach global and local customers.

Micro Expression Video Analytics

Microexpressions will identify the behavior and actions by adding emotions.
The collection of data and the analysis will generate the micro expression video analytics.

Video Tracking in Video Analytics

We can find several tools to identify the performance of the video.

For example, Google Tag Manager generates complete information about video playing and metrics defining the relationship between the video and websites. It is one of the trends in Video Analytics 2019.

Object Detection in Video Analytics

It is the most useful one, and it is used to detect the behavior of objects in the video.

Facial Recognition in Video Analytics

This software will help recognize the person who provides excellent customer service and secure all resources. It is going to be the trend in Video Analytics 2019.

Tamper Detection in Video Analytics

The clogged and unfocussed cameras were detected through Tamper detection.

Shape Recognition in Video Analytics

The areas like AI and machine learning are used to recognize the different shapes in a particular video.

Dynamic Masking in Video Analytics

Dynamic masking deliberately hides the video signal that needs to be covered and guards sensitive and personal information.

Style Detection in Video Analytics

It will recognize that from where the signal is produced through settings. Google Cloud Vision API detects clothing in the video by labeling patterns, types of garments, and colors.

Egomotion Estimation in Video Analytics

The camera location can be represented by analyzing the output signal.

Motion Detection in Video Analytics

The motion of the objects can be recognized with a constant background without a physical operator.

Video Analytics Market Statistics and Projections

The growth of video analytics will reach $3971.2 million by 2024 from $1537.9 million in 2015.

From 2014 to 2024, Glo,bal video analytics reaches 25.2% CAGR.

Key vendors of video analytics are Cisco Systems, Axis Communications, Bosch security systems, AgentVideoo intelligence, Honeywell Security Group,p, and IBM.

The central regions are EMEA, APAC, and America.

Real-Time Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

Many content creators like you may wonder where the digital viewers are from, what content they are consuming, and how the content engages them. Real-time video analytics shows valuable data.

Real-time video analytics will provide information about how effective the video marketing strategy is. These analytics are used to increase engagement and can be used to optimize the content.

Video analytics will show if the video ads reach the target audience. Real-time video analytics will show gender-wise and age-wise information and also tell which region the content is viewed in.

Another helpful information is the audience retention measure, which shows how long the video is watched and how many times. The data can be used to determine if the footage is inappropriately lengthy or if some parts are uninteresting. The audience engagement tool also gives real-time data about the likes, shares, and subscribers to the call to action. Real-time video analytics will help conclude the video content. If most viewers drop off in just a few seconds, it can be because the title or the thumbnail misled the viewers about the video.

Using YouTube real-time video analytics

YouTube’s real-time video analytics can be used to understand the real-time analytics of video. It is especially useful to see the initial response to the videos after publishing them. Early insights into video performance can be found in the tool, and the video promotion strategy can be adjusted based on the analytics.

YouTube’s real-time analytics windows show two graphs for every video that is published. One hour-by-hour data is available for sliding the window of 2 days and another minute-by-minute data for sliding the window of one hour.

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics is software that monitors video streams in real-time. Automatic alert generation, analysis of historical data, identifying trends and patterns, etc., are some of the benefits of this software.

Businesses need real-time video analytics to optimize their video offerings. Video analytics should cover everything from monetization to video engagement. Ooyala shows you what is trending, going viral, and becoming famous, allowing marketers to make real-time decisions. The system ensures that no opportunity is missed.


Kaltura is an online video platform that provides accurate data related to the video using built-in analytics. It becomes easy to manage the content successfully. The data includes content interaction, geographic distribution, top syndication, content contributions, user-based reports, system reports, and live analytics. It also offers plug-ins for use with other web analytics tools.


Brightcove collects video analytics in real-time. The information gathered can be seen in standard reports, dashboards, and other reports.


Vimeo is another powerful analytics tool. Using Vimeo, it is possible to track the video performance, measure the engagement using graphs, optimize the videos, and so on. Millions of people trust this platform for various video solutions.

The video is the type of content that engages the most. The video also provides audience behavior insights. Real-time analytics come into play when big data can no longer get any faster. Real-time analytics bring faster results to businesses. Other benefits include more accurate results and fewer expenses, which help devote money and time to improve consumer service. Real-time video analytics has the potential to change the way businesses are going to operate.

Big Data Video Analytics usingHadoop’sp Latest Technology

The analysis is one of the essential actions needed once the content is available in the marketplace. The studies provide information about the number of viewers, views, and comments/reviews by the user. Data is available in two forms – structured and unstructured. Everything about big data video analytics is explained here.

Big Data Video Analytics

Where there are many established analytics tools for use on structured data, analysis of unstructured (large scale) data in video format is still a grey area for analysis. The use of video recording gadgets has been steadily increasing, increasing the data and the requirement to analyze the same.

A quick look at the data collected worldwide indicates that 80% of all the data is in an unstructured format; in contrast, the presently available analysis tools can analyze the structured data.

Another indication is that YouTube has been getting uploads of over 300 data daily. This vast data requires another equally solid analytidailyfor analysis. In time, Hadoop (from Apache) came in handy for solving the problem of big video data analysis. The success of Hadoop in the study of structured data naturally attracts the interest of many stakeholders, and they firmly believe that Hadoop can effectively analyze unstructured video big data.

Some concepts like Transcoding and MapReduce Architecture can be helpful for Hadoop to start the analysis of unstructured video big data. However, Hadoop has limitations regarding structured query capabilities. Hadoop should improve its query capabilities to be able to start the analysis of the big data.

As a start-up in the direction of analysis of video big data, the  following proposals are underway:

a) Convert the compressed video data to a sequence file of image frames through transcoding.

b) Using Hadoop’s MapReduce jobs.

Cloud-Based Video Analytics – The Next Big Thing

We may not know, but we have used video analytics for many years. These are used for motion detection, people counting dwelling time in retail stores, facial recognition, reading of license plates, checking out and sending alerts, etc. Most businesses are using video analytics software with advanced features or surveillance systems.


Some of the issues faced by those using video surveillance systems are backing up and managing the recorded video streams, high-cost bandwidth usage, installation, transmitting video to and storing the video. One solution for all the above issues is cloud-based video analytics.


Cloud-based analytics provides a centralized storage solution. That is expected to grow and reach a considerable market size in the coming years. The demand is expected to grow as it will apply for security and non-security purposes in the healthcare, hospitality, education, retail, and entertainment industries. Customer preference insights in real-time can be gained with the help of cloud-based video analytics and further help them improve their business in cost-effective methods.


Unlike traditional analytics, cloud-based video analytics does not need an on-site server. This system is also suitable for surveillance with more than four or five cameras. The demand for cloud-based video analytics is growing among industries as this is compatible with most camera types, and they can watch the video from any camera, switching between them using mobile devices anytime. Cloud-based video analytics providers are also expanding their services to another portfolio.


According to a study, the market size will grow considerably by 2024, and most companies are adopting cloud-based technologies. Cloud-based technologies further increased the demand for video analytics software.

Video Heatmap Analytics – The Next Big Thing

The two-dimensional visual representation of data is the heatma,p, and different data is represented in different colors. Heat map analysis helps to track user engagement. Heat map analytics can help identify the web page’s strong and weak spots and test the effect of placing various elements on the page. Video heatmap analytics help the marketer to remember where the viewers are watching the video most at any time. Different colors indicate different things – red means popular spots, bluemeanssfewerf people,e and black means no viewer engagement.

For the success of video marketing, it is essential to know the audience’s interaction with the video. Different video analytics are now available to help marketers analyze videos and change their video marketing strategies. It helps to see the rewatching, skipping,g, and viewing data. Most video Heatmap analytics available now have two essential features: to measure the performance of the video in the visitor stream and an engagement graph.

Using the video Heatmap analytics, it is possible to know where the viewers are looking in the video. Marketers can understand if the title of the video can draw views. Most viewers look straight while watching a video as long as they find what is happening on the screen exciting and engaging. The creators can create future video content to motivate the viewers to look in other directions and make a focal point.

These are great for measuring online engagement for their video content. Video analytics help to gauge the viewer’s interests and use the heatmap to create better viewer effectiveness. Video heatmap analytics will gain widespread interest among online marketers in the future for all the benefits they get from this.


It is apt to learn that Hadoop is having competition from similar projects like HPCC by Lexis Nexis, SciDB (cluster computing for scientific data), Disco by Nokia (yet another Map/Reduce implementation), etc.

The analysis of analytics will sketch the overall performance of the channel. Based on these metrics, the most advanced strategies will be taken to boost the channel by pulling the audience toward the channel. The vlogger must regularly follow the channel’s analytics.

This article will show us how video analytics plays a role in advanced strategies. Entertainment, retail, healthcare, transport, and automotive. Are wholly involved in video analytics.

The critical development to successful promotion is seeing how your audience collaborates with the video. With Vide, you can promote your videos and convey brilliant marketing results. What’s more, the result dependably relies on how well you comprehend viewers’ inclinations and utilize this insight to make genuinely captivating video content.

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