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A/B Testing for Video: How to do A/B Testing with Your Videos

When it comes to video marketing, A/B Testing is crucial for knowing the audience desired and identifying the viewer’s engaging content. It requires a dedicated platform and takes a lot of time to determine what is working. As per Cisco, Online Videos comprises more than 60% of internet traffic by 2020. There are several ways marketers can implement A/B Testing for videos, including the key practices of video marketing strategies. Let us get into the number of ways and How to do A/B Testing for Videos for business.

How to do A/B Testing with Your Videos

Run Tests:

Run multiple tests to identify the successful video.

Analyze Reports:

Make sure to analyze and gather the reports to know engagement.

Test Voiceovers:

Test various voice-overs for the Website Videos

Autoplay Vs. Click to Play:

Compare the auto-play videos, Vs. click-to-play videos.


Video Views plays a key role in video engagement. Count the views from videos in A/B testing.

Test Video Length:

Consider the video length in A/B testing of your mobile web pages.

Calls to action:

Try to strong Call-to-Action buttons in each video that you advertise to calculate the engagement.

Live Actions:

Consider the live actions taken by the viewers. Conduct live events for more audience to engage in.


Create eye-catchy thumbnails for your marketing videos and test your video with different thumbnails.

Music of the video:

The background music of the video is key to fantastic video marketing. Choose the relevant music backgrounds for your videos and run tests.

Test with Gender:

Test whether a female or male lead to the most completed views for your video. Find out who is willing to view your complete videos.

Build a Hypothesis:

Make sure that your Hypothesis is clearly defined that it gathers the complete information.

Video introduction:

Must introduce yourself in video intros, come up with ultimate introductions to your videos.

Increase sign-ups:

A/B testing of your videos increases your website sign-ups. Leverage the different videos to run tests that can increase the Sign-Ups.


Create videos for various devices, run the test with different videos for each device.

Video player color:

Include the various colors for videos. Use the please colors for video players.

Voiceover Artist/Presenter:

Consider the excellent voiceover artists or presenters for your videos. Identify the most engaging videos for A/B testing.

Brand Awareness:

A/B testing videos can increase your brand awareness, including several videos for video marketing create huge awareness among your audience.

Rotating Carousel:

Differentiate and testing with a rotating carousel on the homepage and a static video.

Title cards:

Title Cards are the engaging elements that can attract a more significant number of audiences with compelling Titles.

Video Description:

A good video with a complete description, including a website URL, brings a good audience engagement.

Increase user understanding:

Introducing A/B testing for videos will increase the audience’s understanding and grow followers.

Social media:

Take advantage of social media for running A/B testing for your company videos.


Make sure to include the company logo on the Thumbnail image for every video, so that audience should straightforwardly get communicate with your brands.

Create Variations:

Create different videos by showcasing the variations in every single video to make a scene for A/B testing.

YouTube Analytics:

YouTube analytics is one of the great tools for tracking and measuring video engagement through YouTube analytics.

Target Audience:

Introduce your video marketing campaigns using multiple videos. Enhance your audience engagement. Target your audience with the help of paid ads with A/B testing.

Facebook Analytics:

Consider the Facebook platform for measuring video analytics.

Identify Lead Elements:

Make sure to Identity what type of element you want to set as the variable.

CTA Buttons:

A right call to action button describes and leads your audience to what you want the viewer to do next.

Different Types of Images:

Try and Test the different types of images for your landing page. Consider the eye catch thumbnails grab more audience attention.

Embedded Branding:

Embedded your company videos on different websites for branding. Build quality backlinks by embedding videos on high-ranking websites.

Product Videos:

Check how your product videos perform against the video of a sloth hugging a cat. Introduce different product videos by A/B testing.


Storytelling is the art of introducing your brands by telling a good brand story. Test run different storytelling videos to see fantastic benefits.

Video Titles:

Your video titles play a key role that can attract more viewers leads them to click your videos. Run the videos with different Titles and track the results.

Animated Vs. Screencast:

Make sure to try different variations of videos in your website’s product demos, including animations and screencasts.

Video Position Matters:

Placing your video in the right position on the web page matters a lot.

Google Analytics:

Track your website performance and video performance through Google analytics. It’s free from Google to track and analyze the audience behavior.


A/B Testing identifies the audience behavior and allows you to discover which option best for your video marketing. Several Analytics and marketing techniques can be incorporated into your video marketing strategies. Most marketers consider A/B Testing as one of the famous and efficient video marketing techniques for brand promotions.

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