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50 Things You Should Know About Vimeo

The present market mostly runs on the video, and most of the social media sites play a vital role in developing business zone. About Vimeo is one of a long time running social media to communicate one another. Videos are going to get over seventy percent of the internet traffic, according to latest statistics. We can find many sites online that allow watching and uploading the videos. One such site is Vimeo.

This is a popular video sharing platform and the videos that we can find on this site are very professional. Let us know 50 Things You Should Know About Vimeo.

50 Things to Know About Vimeo

1. Vimeo was founded in the year 2004 before YouTube was launched in 2005.

2. Founders of Vimeo were Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein.

3. Headquarter of Vimeo is in New York City.

4. Basic Vimeo, Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro are the account types that can be created on Vimeo.

5. Vimeo account can be created by accessing the Facebook account or create a unique Vimeo account.

6. The first type of account Vimeo Basic is a free account with access to only minimum features.

7. Basic Vimeo account allows uploading 25 GB of videos in a year.

8. Vimeo Plus is the second type of account and for this, the user requires to pay monthly or yearly fee.

9. Vimeo Plus account provides 250 GB for the videos.

10. Vimeo Pro is another paid account that will cost around $399 per year.

11. The account holder will be given 3 TB of free space.

12. Vimeo users are not shown any advertisements before they watch the videos.

13. YouTube is the biggest competitor for Vimeo and expectedly and it was rumored that Google will not show Vimeo videos in search results.

14. The name Vimeo comes from two words, Video and Me.

15. Another interesting thing to know about Vimeo is that it is used in White House also.

16. Gaming videos are not allowed on Vimeo.

17. Vimeo is the first video sharing site to support HD videos from the users.

18. Vimeo is not accessible to people in Turkey.

19. When the quality of the videos is compared, Vimeo videos quality is higher than YouTube videos.

20. A disadvantage with Vimeo is that there is no tool to detect copyright material on Vimeo.

21. Vimeo offers monetary rewards to the best videos.

22. Vimeo was created well before YouTube but YouTube managed to have a massive following.

23. No pre-roll ads for Vimeo viewers which are an interesting feature.

24. Vimeo allows only higher quality content but not popular content.

25. The disadvantage with Vimeo is that since the number of audiences is low, the visibility is also less.

26. Businesses cannot use the free Vimeo account.

27. There are storage restrictions depending on the plans the users choose.

28. A number of viewers on Vimeo per month, according to 2015 statistics is 170 million.

29. 2015 statistics also reveal that there are over 35 million members on Vimeo.

30. The number of uploads on Vimeo are less due to certain standards of quality set by the site.

31. Vimeo offers advanced uploading abilities.

32. Presentations can be customized on Vimeo.

33. The Vimeo video player colors can be changed to suit the brand.

34. Vimeo offers good interaction with the audience.

35. Users will be allowed to choose thumbnails for their videos.

36. Since Vimeo community is small, it is not perfect for those who are looking for SEO.

37. If the user has a free account, uploading the files takes a longer time.

38. Those who want to watch videos on Vimeo need not have an account.

39. If a widescreen video is uploaded to Vimeo, it will not show black areas like YouTube.

40. The information about the editor, sound design etc can be entered on Vimeo.

41. Vimeo is the website for creative videos/

42. It is the top 100 most visited website in America.

43. It is possible to focus on target audience on Vimeo.

44. Users can change settings of their videos to allow others to download their videos on Vimeo.

45. Vimeo offers superior video editing tools.

46. Vimeo is blocked in some countries while YouTube is available in more than sixty countries.

47. Since there are no ads on Vimeo, it offers better user experience than any other video sharing site.

48. Quality point of view Vimeo is the best one.

49. Vimeo is preferred most by creative professional such as filmmakers, artists and musicians.

50. Vimeo allows commenting and also encourages collaborations.

Since Vimeo do not show any advertisements, it has to get its revenue from the subscriptions. Thus brands or businesses can promote themselves on Vimeo only if they have a Pro subscription. It is possible to place the brand on own videos.


Vimeo offers tremendous advantages and is surely one of the best video sharing platforms online.

It has completely unique identification by comparing with other social media sites to make promotions in marketing.These above are the beat 50 facts you should know About Vimeo.

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