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50 Reasons Why Your YouTube Channel is not Making Money

YouTube Channel is not Making Money: YouTube is one of the ways to earn money online. It is possible to earn more money than from traditional blogging from YouTube videos. There is no need to buy a domain or hosting package to start a YouTube channel. However, there can be many reasons why the YouTube channel is not making enough money.

To make money from YouTube channel you should follow several YouTube video monetization techniques. Many reasons may include not getting money from your YouTube account one main thing every YouTubeer should maintain is adding video ads in between the videos.

Why Your YouTube Channel is not Making Money

1. Do not always concentrate on going viral. What is the use of having a large number of views but the video not reaching the target audiences?

2. One of the reasons why your YouTube videos do not show in search results may be because the video description is not Search friendly with Keywords.

3. Neglecting the thumbnails may result in the videos not grabbing the attention of the viewers.

4. Not writing titles to increase the curiosity of the audience to watch the video.

5. Not promoting the videos enough on Social Media.

6. Not promoting the YouTube Channel properly.

7. To make your YouTube channel a success make use of the paid placement feature.

8. Ignoring the fact that YouTube is a social network can lead to YouTube channel not becoming successful.

9. If the video quality is very low, people may not like to see it.

10. Creating repurposed TV ads for YouTube is another mistake that should be avoided.

11. Having longer videos may lead to viewers to click away.

12. The first few seconds of the video content is important as the brands must grab the attention of the viewers during this time.

13. Buying any face views may make the audience suspicious about the content and they may walk away.

14. Ignoring social media presence may end of the YouTube channel not becoming successful. Avoid the mistake of not creating any social media presence.

15. Do not ignore to link your YouTube channel to social media accounts.

16. To make more money on YouTube, be consistent with the content.

17. Follow upload schedules and if you are not following them, the audience engagement may drop.

18. Not interacting with the audience may lead to missing the chance to increase user engagement and to earn more money.

19. Increase community relations by leaving comments at the YouTube videos of others.

20. The revenue people make on YouTube videos depend on the type of the video.

21. Entertainment, comedy and humor type of content is more popular.So concentrate more on this type of content

22. If your YouTube channel is not making enough money, it could be because the number of videos is less.

23. To bring in more money, upload at least two to three videos in a week.

24. To get organic views, do the video SEO best practices.

25. Use proper titles and description with popular keywords.

26. Not getting enough views on the videos is because they are not enough watch time.

27. The more views on your videos, the more ads fillrate will be there.

28. The more the ads, the more money your YouTube videos get.

29. Using copyrighted music in the content may affect the earnings of the YouTube channel.

30. Competition amongst the advertisers to display their ads on the videos in your channel is the basis for determining the pay rate.

31. The pay rate for your YouTube videos is determined by the types of ads that the audience is interacting with.

32. Become a YouTube partner to increasing your earnings.

33. Making money off YouTube is possible to sign up sponsors for the program which is done correctly.

34. Not preventing others from stealing the original content may affect the YouTube earnings.

35. Revenue on YouTube videos is affected if you do not upload content with unique ideas.

36. Failing to optimize the YouTube title is one of the main factors for the low income.

37. Failing to provide links to the website or the landing page in the videos is another reason.

38. Picking up the wrong category for uploading the videos must be avoided to increase revenue.

39. Not picking up the right thumbnail for the videos can also affect the income.

40. Forgetting about annotations is a mistake that should be avoided to make money on YouTube.

41. Ignoring closed captions must be prevented to increase YouTube income.

42. Brands should not make the mistake of not engaging with your subscribers.

43. Not updating your playlist or adding your latest video to the playlist can affect the views and thereby your income.

44. Social media provides a perfect chance to get the message out. So never ignore social media.

45. Not using proper channel art.

46. Having a channel trailer is a good way to attract an audience. Do not ignore this.

47. Not using power words in the description prevents search engines from finding your videos and this decreases views.

48. Do not make your video as a commercial. Nobody wants to watch commercials on YouTube.

49. Money making on YouTube can be achieved by cross promoting your blogs, social networks and websites to increase views.

50. Get the word out about your videos in as many places as possible to earn more viewers and make more money.


The type of videos posted the quality of the videos, uploading schedule and others are some factors that affect the revenue on YouTube videos. Try avoiding common mistakes and you can earn more money on this number one video sharing site.

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