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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Video Direct

Amazon launched new video services competing with the world popular YouTube. Google shares the advertising revenue on videos uploaded to YouTube. The more the number of subscribers, the more revenue the YouTube channel gets. Amazon informed that this facility will be available in Video Direct also. Amazon Video Direct is going to give a share to those who upload videos from the revenue they get from Amazon Prime subscribers.

Amazon Video Direct website is similar to YouTube. Anyone can upload their videos to this site. Amazon will give a share on revenue of these videos based on some views and advertisements.

Amazon is already allowing consumers to access original TV programs, digital entertainment products, original music and Prime videos through Prime Loyalty program.

For direct video service, Amazon partnered with various companies. Amazon is also offering video programs with 10.99 dollars per month subscription and video streaming service at 8.99 dollars fee per month.

Amazon Video Direct seems to be another marketing tool of Amazon, experts say, this helps Amazon to engage customers and increase their sales. Sellers on Amazon can create marketing videos and lead the viewers to Amazon. Amazon Video Direct can be accessed on smart televisions, tablets, phones and so on.

What is Amazon Video Direct?

Amazon Video Direct is a video service which allows user generated videos to be uploaded just like YouTube. Unlike YouTube only high definition and closed captioned videos are allowed to be uploaded on AVD. Amazon Prime members can access these videos without ads and are offered to other Amazon customers with ads.

How Amazon Video Direct Works?

Creators who want to use Amazon Video Director for uploading their videos need to sign up for an account. After agreeing to terms and conditions, they can upload their videos. These videos can access the Amazon Video Direct users. The creators can get the share of the sales, rentals, and streams of the video. The video makers will provide with all the data related to video streaming, revenue and they can fully control their uploads, said the company.

YouTube Vs Amazon video Direct

As far as finances are concerned, Amazon video direct is not appealing compared to YouTube. But those who want to upload videos are given flexibility empowerment to decide how and where their stuff streamed. To upload videos on Amazon Video Direct, the users must give their social security number, credit card and the videos are not visible immediately as they do on YouTube or other sites such as Facebook. While YouTube is available for users across the world, Amazon Direct is available to users in Japan, UK, Austria, Germany and US only.

YouTube only wants the users to have a Google account, and no technical knowledge is needed to upload the video. To upload creations to Amazon Video Direct, there is a requirement to have a Prime account, and proof of identity also needs to give. Full credit list and extensive captions for the video are also needed. AVD also allows only professionals and semi-professionals to upload the video content. To upload a video on AVD, users need to be associated with a company.

Amazon Video Direct Stars Program

Based on the views received by the content video, the creators of a video can make bonus revenue in the form of a share from one million dollars and this is in addition to the revenue the video will make.

Can Amazon Video Direct beat YouTube

When Amazon Video Direct has launched a month ago, some said it is going to beat YouTube. But it is not easy to do this as YouTube is here since many years and has large uploaded content.

Getting Started Guide to Amazon Video Direct

Amazon, which touts itself as Earth’s greatest store, has authoritatively launched its bid to be the platform to watch any sort of video under the sun.

The release of Amazon Video Direct, open to any video creator, the e-business giant will compete with Google’s YouTube for video ad dollars and views and other huge Internet video merchants like Vimeo and Facebook.

Partners participating in Amazon Video Direct have four distribution alternatives. They can make their content accessible to Prime Video subscribers & receive a per-hour a royalty fee; it can be sold as an extra subscription through the Streaming Partners Program, and also it can be offered for computerized rental or buy; or it can be made accessible to all Amazon customers for nothing with advertisements, and creators will get a 55% share of the ad income (the same as YouTube).

Getting Started with Amazon Video Direct:

Create your account

  1. Go to if only you hold an Ac., then go to Note: Entering Japanese characters isn’t right now supported at create one account at
  2. Sign in with your Amazon account or make one.
  3. Go through the Amazon Video Direct Digital License Agreement, and afterward, click Agree.

Complete your vendor profile 

  1. Under Your Administrator Ac, in the Name box, type your first and last name.
  2. In the Phone No. box, enter your telephone No. Then select your role.
  3. The job position helps us comprehend your role and a gives a contact to your organization on the off chance that we have questions about your Amazon Video Direct Ac.
  4. In the Company box, enter your organization’s name. In case you’re setting up an account as individual, enter your first and last name as the organization name.
  5. Complete the remaining entries in the Company Profile area.
  6. Alternatively, include a second individual’s name and email address that can go about as a reinforcement account head. This individual gets an email welcome and is added to the User and Roles area of Your Account as a manager with full access to the Amazon Video Direct record.
  7. Click Save and Continue.

Set up installments for your sales

  1. Add Your Bank Account
  2. Select the Bank country and click Add.
  3. Take the steps beneath coordinating where your account is based:  For bank accounts in different areas, please give the data asked on the form.
  4. Click Save and Continue.

Important: You can ignore the payment section, however, it must be finished before publishing titles.

Enter your tax information

  1. Under Complete Your Payment Setup: Tax Status, and the later click on Complete Tax Information.
  2. Complete the asked for expense data.

Important: You can skip information section, yet it must be finished before publishing titles.

Advantages of Amazon Video Direct 

Access to Amazon’s most streaming video audiences:

You can target a huge number of Prime individuals with your video content while gathering income for the substance that is seen;

Adaptable sharing options:

That income from sharing your content in many ways through Amazon Video Direct including buy, rental, subscription and even advertisement impressions — again on the case of free content;

Extended customer reach:

You’ll have the capacity to make your video accessible to an extended global crowd as well the United States, Germany, Austria, UK and Japan — nations where Amazon Video is now accessible;

Device Option Support:

Your content will likewise be accessible on a variety of gadgets — particularly those on which Amazon Video is as of now open.

Optimized performance measurement:

Amazon’s execution measurements give all the data you have to deal with the Amazon Video Direct a part of your business.

“It’s a stunning time to be content makers,” – Jim Freeman, VP of Amazon Video, in the declaration. “There are more choices for dissemination than any time in recent memory and with Amazon Video Direct, surprisingly, there’s a self-administration alternative for the video suppliers to get their content into a premium streaming membership.“

Introduction to Amazon Video Direct Star

Amazon additionally launched the AVD Stars program, which gives video creators a chance to share one million dollars for each month depends on user engagement with their content— as a reward to the Top 100 titles included with Prime through Amazon Video Direct.

As per the Amazon, the prize is incremental to income earned from hours streamed, rentals, buys, month to month subscriptions and advertisement impressions. All titles included with Prime are automatically qualified.

In other words, you can now utilize Amazon Video Direct to post your own particular videos online by means of Amazon’s video-streaming webpage. The administration comes as a reward to Amazon Prime subscribers, or can be bought through a different subscription. Video creators can now rent or sell their content on Amazon, make the videos advertisement upheld or paid from eminences that depend on how often a video is streamed.

The most effective method to judge whether Amazon’s Prime Video Direct is a win to remain a challenge, and depend a bit on confidence. Amazon has never divulged definite numbers for the how many of Prime members it has, so the organization saying there are “several millions” of such type of subscribers is probably as concrete a figure as anybody is going to get.

How to Upload Your Videos on Amazon Video Direct

Amazon has given a great chance to stand out having massive success through Amazon Video direct. Amazon is getting into video, most of the people and content creators are talking about how this Amazon Video Direct is going to be a huge game changer in the video marketing industry.

Amazon video direct is a new platform created by the Amazon that we have a prediction that it’s going to down the YouTube platform soon. YouTube offer your video for free to download and view. The unique thing of Amazon Video direct is it will pay for your videos. Amazon has close to 70 million prime members, and it’s growing every day.

Content creators often browse on the internet to know how to upload videos to Amazon direct to implement on their video marketing strategies.
Here we explained a step by step process on how to upload videos to Amazon Video Direct.

Sign Up For An Account

The first thing we should do is sign up an Amazon account.

To sign up an account go to

Create a free account and login with Amazon credentials.

Dashboard Of Amazon Video Direct

Once if you finished with login go to the Dashboard.

Your Dashboard display three tabs they are

  1. Dashboard
  2. Your Videos
  3. Support

First, go to “Your Videos” there you can see a list of videos you published .

If you are a new user to this account,

click on the “Add Title” tab to start adding titles.


It displays a small popup window, fill the details of Title, category and choose the Catalog listing language.

Click on “Continue” to proceed.

You will be taken to a page with four tabs of Catalog listing, Cast & Crew, Video Assets and Availability. Let’s discuss each one separately.


Catalog Listing

Where the Catalog listing asks you additional information of the video that you are going to upload on Amazon Video direct Account.

Just fill the details of Title, category of the video.

Next, you will lead to the term Synapsis, and You should write a short description of 400 characters about the video.

Next, choose the genres among the list, select rating if you have any, choose appropriate ages, preferred visual language that your video should display.

Coming to Graphic Assets, this key art displayed search results in Google. It’s just like thumbnails on YouTube. You can create an extraordinary key art using different editors.

Go to Browse under the Key art and upload the thumbnails from your device and click on “Save.”

It takes a few seconds to save, and the “Catalog Listing” appears in a green color that it means you have successfully completed this first task.

Cast & Crew

Over cast & Crew it will ask you the details of your Actual video producer, video creators, crew details.

Fill the details of the Studio creator name else you can give your business name.

Mention the crew members their role and designations if any. It’s optional you can give your name also. Similarly fill the details of Cast, their Character and actions performed by that crew.

Amazon has given a chance to add more than one member in Cast & Crew by clicking on the “Add Crew Member” or “Add Cast Member.”

Then Click “Save” it will take a while to save and appears in Green.

Video Assets

Video assets play a crucial role in uploading the video to Amazon video direct.


Here you can see three significant tabs like Mezzanine file, Captions and The Mezzanine file is actual video upload, and it contains specifications of the video.

Here you can see the rules and regulation of video quality, size, etc.

You should upload a video with a 1920X1080p resolution to publish the video.

4k and Ultra HD video content is not supported at the moment we hope for the future.

Click on “Browse” to upload the video to Amazon account.

Next move on to Captions, Your video file will not publish without adding captions file in Amazon video direct.

Most of the people used to upload the video once you published on Youtube. So go to YouTube videos and select the Subtitle and CC. In the video information page check for English automatic subtitles and download it from the actions tab.

All content creators are recommended .srt file for adding subtitles to your video.

For trailers tab, you can upload a trailer and its optional. Generally, people add trailers for short films, long films, and event videos.

Click on Save and move on to the next tab.


It will ask you some question regarding availability of your video in different counties, or worldwide.

Most of the people choose worldwide visible to all. Else you choose a separate country

The next question comes how will your Amazon customers what your video?

You can access for only Amazon prime  members or free for pre-roll ads this is only available in the US. Else you can offer the price tags displayed in the list.


Finally, it will display a question”When should your video available?

You can pick as soon as if you publish it now. Else you can choose and schedule it for later.

Click on save and check all the tabs are in green

Once all the tabs appear in Green, you can publish your video which is located at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Click on “Publish” button to publish your video.

Later go to the “Your Videos “ tab to check your video published or not.


Amazon video direct allows filmmakers and content creators to upload their videos with free of cost on Amazon account to showcase their talents. It is one of the best platforms for the businesses to campaigns and promotes their brands.

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