Going Viral on YouTube [Case Study]

Going Viral on YouTube [Case Study]

Viral video hits are few and far between. If you’re one of those artists that like to ‘chase the numbers’ and try and achieve a ‘milestone’ number, it might be a better focus to concentrate on getting a big number of views for your YouTube channel rather than for individual videos. Here are a few steps or tricks to achieve just that.

  • Record and upload a new video today. Get cracking. You’ve got to pull your finger out and record stuff.
  • Get organized and be prolific. Create a schedule to help you with this.
  • There’s no excuse for poor quality video and audio.
  • Title and tag your videos correctly.
  • Focus on creating a community, (ask people to subscribe) and regularly feed them content.
  • Make sure you share and promote your content via social channels, contact blogs, etc.
  • Trendjacking – Whatever/whoever is big right now do some covers.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • It’s a long game. It’s not going to happen overnight. Be patient.

Did you know that, apart from being a source of entertainment, Google’s YouTube is also a lucrative business for many people? YouTube pays commissions to publishers. It based on Google AdSense criteria, and how much you paid depends on a range of cost-per-thousand advertising rates, minus the 45% fee that Google keeps. For some publishers, that means getting $2.5 for every 1,000 views others can get $10. As you can see, the amount of money you can make fluctuates, and it largely depends on the performance of the ads on your video. (More clicks = more pay).

To sum up: Entertainment rules supreme. YouTube has shown that charm and charisma are more important than high production values and celebrity appearances. As TV slowly gives way to digital entertainment, new business venues open for regular folk. All you need is a charm and a good idea. Do you have what it takes to become a YouTube celebrity?

20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube

Many people want to know the secret behind the Viral videos on YouTube. There is no special secret behind viral videos, and only we should take care of things while creating videos. If you follow some tips and tricks to make a perfect video that can grab the people’s attention, that video automatically goes viral on all social media websites. Another thing is promoting your videos on popular social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, and other social networking sites. Here are the 20 Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube.

Tips to make your Video Go Viral on YouTube

  1. Create short and high quality video content
  2. The shorter video content can gain good view count.
  3. Research on keywords on various search engines
  4. Include the keywords in your video title and description of your video
  5. Don’t go with lengthy descriptions. Make it short and informative
  6. Add your blog and website links in description of your channel or video
  7. Promote your video with paid premium YouTube services to gain excellent exposure
  8. Link your video with other social media accounts
  9. Promote your video on different platforms and make some conversation with the audience about your video content
  10. Build up a right YouTube community and get connected with the audience
  11. Include emotional and humor in your videos
  12. Create relevant and effective thumbnails to your videos
  13. Make consistent uploads to approach the people
  14. Follow other top influencers on the platform
  15. Research on other videos which have already gone viral, Note down the important things and plan them to implement in your strategy
  16. Make them shareable and likable
  17. Add proper transcription to the video content and make it easy for global audience to understand your content
  18. Add proper annotations and also create some contests to increase the buzz
  19. Include different trends and share with your community and also email it to your friends to follow, subscribe and share
  20. Include good call to actions and subscription buttons in your video and converse with the people.

This is an ultimate guide to trick and tips for creating viral videos. Sometimes it may go viral, or sometimes it fails, but while creating the video, you should follow some tips like make it as shorter and sweeter, most shareable videos, most likeable videos and make real your storytelling.

10 Steps for Brands for Making a Video Viral

Brands are aware of the advantages they can get by including video in their digital marketing strategy. Having a video on the website can help people spend more time on site, improves the chances of ranking higher in search results, etc. Here are a few tips that help the brands to make their videos go viral.

1. Viral videos fall under some characteristics, and these are interesting, intense, funny, positive, surprising, and funny. Choose the best characteristic for your video content.

2. The brands must have a goal for their video marketing strategy. Explain your goal to the marketers and let them create content that has a connection to the brand.

3. Funny and surprising videos are said to the more ad-friendly. Make videos on trending topics that are related to your niche with funny and surprise elements and the videos are likely to get quick views.

4. A user-generated brand inspired videos proved to go viral.

5. How the video travels are the most important thing, whatever is the content. The most important thing for making a video viral is to make the videos shareable. If they are not shareable, this can hamper the virality chance of the video.

6. Request the audience to share the content at the end of the video.

7. Make the video that is enjoyable to the people, and this can influence them to share the video with their friends.

8. Focus on the duration of the video. Most viral videos are short.

9. The attention span of the internet audience is very less and so makes the videos shorter so that the audience does not go away without watching the video fully.

10. The first few seconds of the video are crucial. Deliver the important message at the beginning of the video itself to keep the audience engaged.

Video are powerful means of communication. Deliver the message in an appropriate form. Tell stories to help the viewer understand the videos. Use slides and animation if required.

10 Proven Ways to Make Your Videos Go Viral

There is no guarantee that videos with bid budgets, celebrities go viral quickly on the internet.

There are some simple tricks such as building an emotional bond with the viewers is also important for a video to go viral. Of course, the content of the video plays a crucial role in the success of the video.

1. Allow people to comment, like and share your videos.Insert social media sharing links under the video so that the sharing is easy for the audience.

2. Request the audience to share your video after the video finishes. This also helps for the video to go viral.

3. Target the right audience. Post videos with relevant topics so that people stay back and watch your videos and like it. An appealing video is more likely to go viral fast.

4. Don’t make your videos boring, dragging and log. Create videos that are short.

5. Only keep things that are most important and briefly give the message to the audience.

6. Make use of background music, animation and other features to make your video more appealing.

7. Bad camera quality, shaky camera movements disturbing background noises like distractions drive away the viewers.

8. The day and the time are important for the video release. On few days, people are very busy and spend more time on some days. Do not post the videos on holidays.

9. The title of the video must be very interesting and do not neglect using the correct keyword in the title.

10. Share your video link on your social network pages such as Facebook to get more views.

Finally, the best viral video will be under 30 seconds long, have a title with perfect keywords, connects emotionally with the audience and is released either or Tuesday or Monday for more people to watch it.

20 Ways to Make Your Videos Go Viral

There is actually no secret to making a video go viral online but here are some ways which help in making the video get more viewers.  There is no rule that a video needs to have celebrities in it or it should be made with the big budget. Having good content and marketing well are the two essential ingredients.

1. Apart from the content, most videos go viral when they are making shareable. Make it easy for the viewers to share it.

2. Request the viewers to share the video at the end of it.

3. Post your video links on social websites such as Facebook and make it likable.

4. Most viral videos are short and sweet! Pay attention to timing and appeal.

5. The first five seconds of any video are important are these should be able to grab the attentions of the viewers so that they do not click away.

6. Deliver the message clearly and do not stuff your videos with unnecessary things.

7. Send your video to friends in social media and also in your emailing list.

8. To boost the presence of the video, you can use the paid

9. If you are making a product video and want it to go viral, create curiosity by highlight the product.

10. Make your video a unique one.

11. It is proved that funny videos go viral easily.

12. Do not forget to deliver the message in the first few minutes of the video as the most audience will click away in the middle.

13. Try to connect emotionally with the audience.

14. Make videos on current hot trends.

15. The interest of the viewers is increased if you could keep them engaged.

16. Respond to audience queries and comments.

17. Make your videos informative.

18. Tell the viewers stories that inspire them with your videos.

19. Choose the best suitable title with perfect keywords so that it ranks high in search engine results.

20. Post your video links on Snapchat, Twitter etc.

Follow the above to reach a large number of people and capture the attention of the viewers so that our videos will go viral.

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