How to Watch YouTube Videos on Amazon Echo Show

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has blown the echoes throughout the world with its stunning device of Amazon Echo. With the launch of Amazon Echo, it has become the trendsetter of introducing the ultimate inventions which could be the great challenge for the competitors.Amazon Echo Show is an extraordinary device to watch YouTube Videos with voice recgnition peocess.

Now, it has come up with the new member “Amazon Echo Show” with additional features of communication through video from the family of Amazon.

The entire Amazon Echo Show runs on the concept of “Touch Screen” basing on Wi-Fi.

Ultimate Uses of Amazon Echo show:

With the help of this, we can operate major video streams like making video calls, to-do lists, weather forecasts, shopping lists and YouTube videos as well.

It can be operated as a smart home camera to know the activities from other rooms.

It can generate the daily news report as well.

We can view the original music lyrics to better understand the song.

It can remind us the event dates that has been stored as a calendar.

The home can be made smart by connecting lights, cameras and fans to Amazon Echo show which has been operated by giving a voice command to Alexa.

Unknown Features:

It is equipped with 7 inches touchscreen display with the weight of 2.5 pounds.

The front camera is 5 megapixels.

Dolby-powered dual stereo speakers of 2 inches have been built.

It contains Voice support of Alexa as a multi-tasker.

Bluetooth and inbuilt camera are arranged.

Text or call features are done by notifying to the Alexa or Amazon Echo Show.

The volume control and mic control buttons can be seen on the top of the device.

YouTube music on Amazon Echo show:

Are you eagerly waiting to enjoy the YouTube music on Amazon Echo Show? Just say Alexa play YouTube music.

Who is Alexa here? It’s just a voice assistant that will do everything we want to play on Echo Show.

Initially, you need to connect with Alexa app which is available in Google play store, Apple play store and Amazon app store.

Then Alexa directs us to connect with the Amazon Echo Show.

After successful connection of Alexa, just give the voice command to the Alexa i.e., say “Alexa play YouTube music videos.”

Then immediately it starts playing what you need. For this, you need not touch the screen to operate by hand.

You just stay relaxed by taking your hands off the remaining things just put on Alexa and enjoy by listening and watching your favorite YouTube music on Amazon Echo Show.

This is completely a mesmerizing device that never seen before that fulfills the dreams of humans by reducing the burden of their work.

How to Stream YouTube Music to Amazon Echo Device

Amazon Echo Device amazing smart home device is playing the vital role in Today’s market and this device can do multitasking of weather-cast, news, sports, shopping list and playing music.

As the name, Amazon Echo itself specifies that it speaks through the voice command. That means just like the speaker of Bluetooth device.

Connecting Alexa to Bluetooth:

To do all these, first, we need to set up the Amazon Alexa app in our device from which we want to operate music. If we install this app we can do much more than the above-mentioned functions.

After the installation of this app, we just need to go to the site and sign up into that account by filling our personal details.

We can find Alexa app on all app stores like Google Play store, Apple play store, and Amazon app store.

Then we can give a voice command to Alexa as connect to Bluetooth. Then, she speaks about the directions of how to connect to Bluetooth by moving to Bluetooth settings in our device.

The Astounding Capabilities of Alexa:

It can be more useful even in vehicles like cars, here we can check the status of the fuel, estimating the traveled distance and locating the area by using this app.

It produces the adventurous and thrilling games for kids with weird figures and dragons by sharpening the mind.

To make kids to sleep early it can narrate the short time stories.
It gives the statistics of several feet we walked and used to maintain the fitness with guiding instructions.

We can find different food categories like making extraordinary cocktails in drinks, we can make the order of Pizza from Dominos and even we can book the cab like Uber from our doorstep.

It can fill the stomach with funny jokes.

The greetings can be passed to the others by using this.

Jeopardy game show can be viewed through this which improves the thinking ability of the viewers.

Stream YouTube Music through Amazon Echo:

When Alexa paired with Bluetooth, then we can start playing music from YouTube. We must go to our device then select YouTube and start playing the music whatever we want.

Now if we want to stop we can tell Alexa to stop. Maximize or minimize the volume can also be done by Amazon’s Alexa by listening to our voice.

This produces the ultimate clarity in the music throughout 360 degrees sound.

Features of Amazon Echo:

It can notify the commentary and updated information on sports.

The weather report can be identified through this.

The local traffic condition can be reported

The home appliances like lights and other electronic devices can be operated by switching to this Amazon Echo

The Alexa will wake up us if we set alarm for this echo

If we want to listen the audio of our favorite story, the book then Alexa of Echo will start explaining the story in a pleasant manner.

Music lovers can enjoy by listening to the songs through free stations like Pandora and iHeart Radio etc.

Linking to social media i.e, it can intimate us about our tweets and trending tweets. To get all these we need to tie up those social media accounts with Alexa account.

Music listeners can enjoy by using this device to listen millions of songs through Alexa who is having Amazon Prime account.

It reminds us what things we left to do and records the shopping list.

It specifies the entertaining information like which movies are playing in nearby picture halls.

We attach Google calendar to this Alexa.

It grabs the voice from all the angles of 360 degrees.

It can be the crucial component in the everyday life as it plays as the home of Search Engine.

The best thing it can offer is when we can do order in Amazon through this and also tracks the order with notification.

Attached Equipment in Amazons Echo:

Amazon Echo and Power adapter

This can be very useful for parties with full of enjoyment which brings pleasant and energetic environment and to turn off the music we should hold the microphone button.

Here we have an ultimate guide to stream YouTube music on Amazon Echo devices and how to use amazon Echo devices. How to stream the YouTube music and features of Amazon Echo devices are listed in this article.


Everything essential for the present trend especially video related will be assigned on Amazon Echo Show.

It also includes all the operations of significant apps that used on our daily basis used with this device. Are you excited to buy it now? Wait, it’s going to rock in June.

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  1. Echo Show doesn’t stream specific YouTube videos, or channels you subscribe to, as easy as it may seem! Still an awesome feature but it’s a pain to just let YouTube/Echo Show take complete control. You can stream the audio via Bluetooth to Echo Show from your phone but that’s not the same.

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