YouTube Demonetization

How to Avoid YouTube Demonetization

YouTube has always been great a place for Content creators and Advertisers around the World. YouTube allows users to maximize the subscriber’s count, online visibility, maintain authentic communication among Brands. At present every YouTuber who maintain YouTube channels are facing a significant issue called “YouTube Demonetization.”

Are You Facing the YouTube Demonetization Problem?

Would You like to Resolve this Demonetization Problem?

Here we Go! We have a solution to avoid a YouTube Demonetisation using YouTube Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

YouTube AI and Machine Learning behind YouTube Demonetization

There is new information about the YouTube Video demonetization; creators should appeal for the videos with few ads by rolling out a Yellow Dollar ($) icon.

YouTube focused on advertisers where they’re the ads are placed and implemented some advertisers policies and Community Guidelines.

YouTube identifies that creators are gaining same as the Advertisers ad campaigns. As the part of these Guidelines, some videos classified as not suitable for Ad campaigns.Only limited number of ads are survived, and there is an option to appeal for the Videos directly from the Video manager.

Some YouTube Partners have seen that there are some monetizations but seem like showing the ads. Video Demonetisation make some people angry. If your video Demonetized, you will see a Yellow $ icon next to the video title in your Video manager when you logged in to your YouTube Account.

YouTube used machine learning to scan all the uploaded videos. Machines just use Black and White criteria and classify as your video Demonetized, you feel that your video is not merited you need to appeal it Formally.

The criteria also followed by the channel which has more than 10,000 subscribers will automatically get reviewed by YouTube employees regardless of number view count.

The channel which has fewer than 10,000 Subscribers only manually reviewed and consider the 1000 views for that video or more.

How To Appeal Your Video:

The video which shows Green $ icon that means you can earn money from the broadest set of Advertisers and YouTube.

The video with Yellow $ icon means your video is still eligible to get ad revenue, but it does not meet the Advertisers Guidelines or limited ads.

Yellow $ icon videos do not receive revenue from the advertisers. That may be because of two reasons Community Guidelines Strike and Copyright Strike.

  • To appeal first SignIn to the YouTube channel account.
  • Go to Video Manager and open videos.
  • Make sure that your video should follow the advertiser-friendly guidelines. The advertisers have the only choice of where to show your ads.
  • Click on “Request Review” and follow the instructions given on screen.
  • You can only get this option if you are eligible for appeal, it does not appear for not available videos.
  • Click on “ Submit.” Then Video manager will update your appeal status.
  • Then your are successfully appeal for video advertising approval.

Complete Understanding of YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Here we have some Advertiser Friendly Guidelines are given by YouTube Community. Follow these Advertisers friendly rules to avoid the YouTube Video Demonetisation.

Harmful Content:

The content which contains sexual Orientation, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, gender identity, characters of marginalization, disability, individual and groups race is not suitable for Advertisements. The comedy and satiric content exempted from these advertising Guidelines.

Harmful or dangerous Content:

The promotional video content which includes physical, painful instruments, emotional injuries like sexual harassment, cosmetic procedures and humiliation not allowed for Ads.

Nudity or Sexual Content:

The video which showcases the focal points of body parts, sexual simulations, nudity, sex toys, content featuring sexual devices is not suitable for video advertising. YouTube has given limited exemptions for nongraphic sexual education videos.

Harassment and cyberbullying:

It is not possible to post an abusive video, abusive comments, messages, maliciously recording, incitement to hassles and if that footage crosses the harassment line that will remove permanently.

Violent or Graphic Content:

It is not ok top post-Gory content, the content which contains violence, intended to be shocking, Graduations. Don’t permit the real or graphic violent content, terroristic content, age-restricted content.

Threat Content:

The threats for individual or harming a group of people, physical harm, mental harassment, predatory behavior, threats, harassment, stalking, revealing other people’s personal information, intimidation, invading privacy, and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use taken very seriously. Not permitted. People who threaten the others may receive a strike to their account.

Spam, misleading metadata, and scams:

The video content which describes the scams, misleading to scams, misleading titles, metadata, descriptions, keywords, thumbnails to increase the views, unrelated data, unnecessary comments, posting a significant amount of untargeted data not eligible for ads.


If someone used your content or video from your account without your permission, you might request as per the privacy guidelines. YouTube consider the factors as privacy guidelines your voice, image, full name, contact and financial information and other personal information.

Child endangerment:

Learning if you encounter inappropriate content, work closely with the law of enforcement like commenting, massaging, uploading and engaging any data sexualizing the minors that will remove permanently. By mistake, any video or a video count, images consists of sexual abuse team will report to NCMEC.


The channel which started to impersonation policy that means using other channel layouts, using similar names, titles, videos and images are considered harassment. It may be a channel, or an individual’s personals data regard as an Impersonation. It does not view the channels or video was pretending to report for business.


Use only the authorized content and your own made videos not copied from others. Do not include others content in your videos like background music, data, snippets, copyright programs other video content in your videos. Visit copyright counter for reporting.

Additional Policies:

Which include Vulgar language, encouraging terms of service violence, inactive account policy and age requirement on google policies. Inactive account policies including not logging in to the account from past six months, never having the uploading content and not active in commenting on videos.

YouTube Demonetization Policies

  • The creation of one’s content will help to make the money that can explore the creative capabilities of the YouTube Creators. The YouTube has become the primary source for all the most talented creators to prove themselves through the upload of the video.
  • Basing on the creator’s video performance on the channel the YouTube has shared the revenue through advertising concept.
  • It has become the most beneficial concept for the YouTube creators to add bucks in less period that also helps to improve the channel in all categories of entertaining the audiences.
  • The echoes of YouTube monetization booming everywhere but the sudden break of the YouTube Demonetization has stuck all the creators to create the most efficient videos which are advertiser-friendly.
  • Unfortunately, if the videos are demonetized and, if you think that video content is eligible for monetization, then you can utilize the choice of ‘appeal’ as the YouTube creator.
  • As the advertisers are spending a lot on inserting the ads in the video content, the YouTube considers strategies to balance both the Creators and advertisers by providing useful asserts.

By the consideration of sturdy feedback from the creators, the YouTube has stepped ahead to disclose the actions that are most applicable to the creators.

Escalation of advertiser controls for display ads and video:

The strategies of launching the most advanced feature of providing the controls for the advertisers make the brands to shut out the video content that seems risky. It allows tweaking the ads where they want to display.

Protecting YouTube creators in YouTube Partner Program:

Making revenue through the entertaining video content has explored the business of the media, and it has been offered through the YouTube Partner Program. This program is feeding the millions of creators, and the arrival of new YouTube Partner Program policies are providing the security to hold them on the safe side.

Eradicating hate speech:

The hate speech is the major concern that is being faced by both the advertisers and creators. The introduction of the demonetization policies will completely abolish the hate speech that is featured in the video content as the hateful story.

Demonetization Policies:

Harmful or hazardous acts:

The video which is composed of the harmful content that produces the outcome as the emotional, psychological and physical injuries will not be suitable for advertising.

Sensitive and controversial issues:

The most sensitive topics and events related to political, terrorism, sexual violence, death, and tragedies, etc. are not eligible to insert the ads.

Use of inappropriate language:

The use of vulgar words that depicting the particular person or things will not be allowed to place ads.

Drugs and hazardous products or substances:

The illegal drugs and other harmful materials that are featured in the video content to drive sales, abuse and utilize are not suitable for placing the ads.

Inappropriate featuring of family entertainment characters:

The video content that shows the family characters as the violent characters through the animation or live characters though the intention of it comedy will not be accepted to place the ads.


Creator Featuring the video content by focusing on the terms violence, injury, and blood that are not holding the particular situation is not suited for advertising.

Inflammable and demeaning:

The video content of inflammable and demeaning are not allowed to add the ads.

Sexual content:

The video content that has been created by focusing on the sexual simulations, body parts, and nudity as the major stream is not suitable to place the ads.

YouTube’s Ad Friendly Content Policy

The demonetization filters of YouTube will not allow the creators to add the ads in the video content. Here are major policies that every creator should consider to make their content as advertiser-friendly to place the video ad.

Projecting the competitors in the video content:

Repeating the specific word that meant to express the sales of products or services that directing to another website or platform is not recommended for ads. Suppose that content is featuring the same products or services of the competitor of the present advertisers then it will not be used for the advertisers to promote their brand.

Links in the video description:

When the is placed the bunch of links in the description of the video that allows directs the audiences to the other product pages or sites that are intended to sell the products or services will not flexible for the advertisers to add the ad in the creator’s channel.

Adding the proper tags, descriptions, and captions:

The creators need to concentrate more while placing the tags, description, and captions that should not contain the outbound links that featuring the competitor products.

Content reflecting the profanity, violence and controversial:

The video that is not containing any content that projects the terms of violence, profanity and controversial are allowed for the ad insertion.

Controversial keywords:

The usage of controversial keywords in the description, tags, and title is not treated as the ad-friendly content on YouTube.

Thumbnail texts:

The usage of the threatening keywords like firing and dead etc. in the text of the YouTube thumbnail will directs to have YouTube demonetization on that particular video and it will not be treated as the ad friendly content to place the video ads.


The creation of perfect video content by considering all the aspects will helps to launch the video ads that drive the revenue for the channel by eradicating the YouTube demonetization.

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