Branded Video Content

What is Branded Video Content ?

The flood of videos in the present era has sculptured the digital marketing as the brand ambassador for the marketing world. The entry of digital marketing has vanished the traditional marketing. But it has become the hard task for the advertisers and marketers to overcome the heavy competition in the global market. Branded video content is one of the major concepts to defeat the competitors in exploring the brand.

 “80% of video conversion rate is obtained through the delivery of branded video content”.

What is Branded Video Content?

  • The delivery of the original video content by the advertisers that focuses on building the brand awareness among the audiences is termed as branded video content.
  • In this type of branding strategy, the products or services will not be given much priority to discuss more with the audiences.
  • The emotional touch of audiences to clutch their attention towards the brand is the main aim of the advertiser while releasing the branded video content.
  • It is completely creative video advertising that can give much entertainment to the audiences in broaden way while watching.
  • This type of marketing strategy will simulate the audiences to watch other content of the same brand by visiting the website of that company.
  • Due to this, the brand recognition expands in the public that eradicates the hurdles while the brand is reaching the customers.
  • The resonance of the particular brand vibrates for a long time that drives steady sales for the products or services.

Effectiveness of Branded Video Content

Hype of brand raises through branded video content:

As the innovative creation of the content is the pioneer in brand lifting through the branded video content concept. That means after watching the branded video content, the audience might show interest to find more about that particular brand.

Longtime spending enabled:

When the content is more exciting to watch that shows major impact on audiences to watch up to the end content that improves the channel rank through which the content is delivered.

Branded video content grasp the consumers:

Here presenting value to the customers is the most significant and trading products or services are less concentrated to discuss with the audiences. Hence it can hold the attention of the audiences to turn them as the consumers.

Plug-in to boost the conversion:

The branded video advertising campaign helps in raising the conversion rate through higher engagement of the audiences by reaching directly.

 “Before visiting the online store, 50% of customers are surfing the product videos”.

Branded video content strategies

Analyzing the current content:

The analysis of the current video content through analytics will help in creating the well-defined content that attracts the more audiences per week or month, and additional subscribers through call-to-action can improve the sales of products or services.

Audience reach is the main objective:

Make a research on the expectations of the audiences to deliver the exact content what they intended. Always try to push the relevant content to the audience that remains as the hallmark in the audience inbox.

Setting Goal:

Always stick to create the realistic and reachable video content that gives the long lasting results that should project the branding strategies.

Promoting through social media:

Push the created video content on trending social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Because these platforms will have the continuous user engagement with the on-time response that explores your brand strategy.

Outlining the purpose:

On purpose, content should be created. For that advertiser should consider all the aspects of the customers. Each bite of the content must fulfill on what purpose have been created.

Calculate the results:

The performance of the video content that is released should be measured through the analytics of the video. It helps to introduce the more advanced video content that shows high results in the search engine.


The creation of the branded video content should be narrated in the form amazing storytelling that hook the audiences at an instant. It should influence the audiences to participate as the customer.

Best Practices For Branded Video Content

Branded content primarily depends on branding visibility, intension, and the publishers. The visibility of the brand is prominently the logo and the featured brand name. The primary intention of the Branded video content is to educate and create awareness about the brands by entertaining the audience.

Here publisher plays a crucial role in advertising the branded video content. The publisher focuses on publishing and promoting that Brand on their own Agency or on-sell it to external Sources for branding.

It’s not an easy task to entertain the audience with the regular content. The content creator should have extraordinary skills to create the different Brand ads. Here are some best practices to develop a better-branded content.

 “100 hours of branded video content is being watched on Facebook”.

Define the Audience before creating the Video:

The video should define and convince the audience who does not become aware of your brand. It is a waste of time to create a branded video ad which is not unique from the other competitors. A content creator should think in the point of audience targeting the geographical area wise different lifestyles of the audience.

Look Professional:

Any video wrapped video a brand it should shine out of all the competitors. Consider some expert advice for creating branded videos and go through the reference how the competitors are coming up with new contents.

Buy Native:

Use Perfect Keyword:

Use the perfect and suitable keyword as Name of the video, use the same keyword as a heading. So that, your video content is easily recognizable by the audience.

Look Beyond the Influencer:

Magarity of the marketers targets the influencer who think they massively dumpster the momentum of the campaign. Content goes viral on influencers platform, and particularly it goes all over the social hub.

Pulse Your Brand:

The researchers proved that weaving the brand logo throughout the video is integrated into the content. Not just like showing the video create the characters of the long in the content. The video creates the atmosphere of the casual environment.

All social media websites are developing native ads tailored to the brand contents. The paid, media also plays the vital role in Native Ads. The negative video ads utterly different from the traditional advertisements which can change feel and look of the site.

Make a Cinematic Content:

Make a social object from a video; a person will tell the story of the brands he loves the brand but does not want to buy the product. The creator creates an intention to the audience to sold out the brand instead of creating a brand as a storyteller.

Test different components of your Video:

Create different variants in your video targeting the audience implement and it to the test in different ways. Create a team to test the video in various environments. Choose the top performing ad and give importance to the first five minutes of the video.

 “43% of people are expecting to watch branded video content from marketers”.

Best 5 Examples Of Successful Branded Video Content

To create brand awareness among people one incredibly popular strategy is branded content. Music videos to short films, Magazine articles on Web sites are entertaining and engaging that consumers to share on their way. All about the Branded content is giving importance to the brand, and people want to see your brand’s instead of you going to the people. Here are some examples of favorite Branded content so far.

1.OK GO – I Won’t Let You Down – Honda (Music Video):

OK Go is alternative rock Band from Chicago band who are well known for creating creative and funny music videos. I Won’t Let You Down debuted for product placement. In the video, the band members covert around the Honda’s UNI-CUB Self Balancing Unicycles. This video has almost 35 million views on YouTube and also interview, behind the scenes information provided by Honda UNI-CUB itself.

2. Always – Like A Girl (Short Film):

Like A Girl is short film challenged the audience take a chance to differentiate between the people who act Like a Girl and how a teenage Girls Shows Be Like girl challenge. The maker of the Always Procter and Gamble wanted to showcase the profound impact of girls confidence into the media spotlight. This video has become sporting and culture role models offering a solution.

3.The LEGO Movie – Official Trailer:

When people are having so much fun, they can’t even think they are branding and marketing product too. The LEGO Movie is the best example of the branded video content example surprisingly the film has earned worldwide over $469 million. It is just promoting Lego to the future generation kids.

4.Pedigree K9FM – Pedigree – Commercial Ad:

The broadcast medium radio has become the one of the dominant and popular media for branded content instead of video media like TV and online videos. The K9FM pedigree Ad comes from the New Zealand Fm radio station for dogs. The company broadcast original content to play all the day. F9FM received more than 1000 phone calls from the dog Owners within two weeks and promoted their pedigree food sales raised to three-year sales.

5.GoPro Hero In Action:

One of the best content marketing idea of GoPro designed many videos for sports lovers. Surprisingly the video which is user-uploaded hit the YouTube Account. The man initially saved a kitten from the Fireplace everything recorded on GoPro and uploaded to the GoPro account with the Owner’s permission. This video hit 30 million views and raised the GoPro sales and Promotion.


Almost trending business brands are making strategies to invest more on delivering the branded video content to the audiences. If you want to explore your brand strategy then branded video content is the most significant one. The sales of products or services can be obtained at an instance.

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