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What is a Brand Lift Study?

The high resolution that every brand need is a brand lift to acquire new customers through an ad campaign. One can inherit the brand lift strategies by collaborating with Google and Facebook.

The below questions are the most commonly bugging in advertisers mind.

Do the audience actually like what they see in our ad campaigns?

What extent our ad campaign works in influencing the people to consider it?

Does the audience recall our ad campaign?

How is the audience responding to purchase our brand after watching the ad?

Did our ad get recognition after serving to the audience?

What brand lift mean?

Brand lift is nothing but the brands are making strong interaction with the customers and is analyzed through the result of advertising campaigns.

The use of brand lift is to find a positive shift in customer perception.

The trending social media sites like YouTube and Facebook are generating the user intended brand lift metrics like value, opinion on the quality of the products and brand offerings, recall, intent, and favorability, etc. through the watch time, likes, instance, shares, and comments.

The brand lift metrics will define the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

How the brand lift study takes place?

The research through online surveys and focus on online group discussions will enable the brands to know the opinion of audiences towards brand products or services.

Moreover, the brands can estimate the effect of their ad campaign on the customer journey.

They can also stretch the awareness and influence the customers to make a sale.

The market research on customers com audience will let you find everything in your business that projecting positive, negative, or neutral opinion in the market.

The research on customer journey will let you know how Awareness, consideration, and purchase are taking place.

Brand lift metrics that matter


You can trace whether the people aware of your brand after launching your ad campaign.


Is your ad campaign influencing the audience to purchase your product? Will the message delivery let the audience to become customers? Are the viewers showing any interest to make a future purchase after watching your ad campaign?


How can customer insights change pre-marketing and post-marketing ad campaigns? How the brand values and usage can establish a belief in the customers?

Effect of online metrics

To give strong support to your market research, the online metrics measure is essential.

You can obtain brand engagement through the increase of likes, shares, and comments.

However, the new social media visitors and new websites contribute to gain brand awareness.

Major platforms offering brand lift

Big thanks to Google and Facebook. The Google and Facebook offerings like frequency, demographics, and real-time results will let the businesses to optimize their ad campaigns easily.

One can find how the actual conversion and classic ad exposure will be through actionable audience insights.

Especially through brand lift on Google will link paid media in lifting organic searches. This leads to figure out the performance of your ad campaigns to drive the customer interest.

Google brand lift:

The Google brand lift surveys help the brands to uplift in brand awareness and Ad Recall through TrueView ad campaigns.

Before launching the ad campaign live Google team will provide the survey for you.

Google creates two groups, like the exposed group and control group. They display on the YouTube watch page.

The people who take place in watching your ad comes under the ‘exposed’ group.

The audience who watch randomly selected ads will come under the ‘control’ group.

These two mainly responsible for finding the impact of an ad campaign on the audience through brand awareness and recall.

They raise the same question to both the exposed group and the control group to know the performance of your ad.

Whether the two groups watched, your ad is the only adequate difference.

This analysis helps to find the uplift attributes of an ad campaign.

Google provides the results within a week, depending on that you can optimize the necessary ad campaign.

Google generates breakouts in frequency, target locations, and demographics.

Facebook brand lift:

As already discussed, Facebook displays metrics like brand awareness, message association, brand awareness, and recall.

These metrics can help you find how the audience feels towards your products or services.

You can know how people aware of your brand. Do they prefer your brand to buy? Is it become the most remember brand?

By the concept of polling, the Facebook brand lift study helps the brands to understand the success echoes of an ad campaign that reach the audience.

After creating the study, the target audiences are categorized in to control group and test group that is similar to Google.

The audience who watch your ad can be considered as a test group.

After finishing the poll, Facebook displays the results after 48 hours. Facebook feed the audience with brand lift poll.

YouTube brand lift:

Most probably now we see the online questionnaires on YouTube. These are the brand lift surveys.

YouTube asks you to spend some time responding to surveys, especially about the particular product or services that you watch frequently.

Through this survey, the advertisers can estimate their ad performance at the real-time audience.

These surveys and answers are not connected to personal audience information, and they are anonymous.

After completion of the survey, the Google share that survey results with the concerned advertiser who created it.

How does search work on a brand lift?

With the use of organic searches on YouTube and Google, the brand lift measures the impact of your ad campaign on the audience. Here you can pick the group who saw your ad campaign and who is not.

You can do organic research on both the groups by finding how often they use your brand relevant keyword on search.

Facebook cross-platform brand lift and Nielsen total brand lift effect will help the advertisers to figure out the impact of ad campaign over TV and Facebook.

Key benefits of brand lift

The advertisers can hold a great brand impact by optimizing the ad campaigns effectively.

One can scale the ad campaign performance by targeting the relevant audience.

With the use of expert insights, advertisers can launch effective and powerful ad campaigns.


Every brand needs a brand lift to elevate their local brand as a global brand. The advertisers or marketers can fetch effective ad campaign strategies that hold million audience attention at a single trigger.

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