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Branded Video Content: Best Practices to Reach and Engagement

Brands and Marketers are increasingly investing in brand promotion ideas and creating brand stories online for effective communication. Branded Video Content varies from a variety of channels specially designed for Brands without the complex sell approaches. Rapidly growing consumers hooked to the digital media platforms for consuming video content. The study reveals that more than 80% of video consumption occurs on mobile devices. Several brand videos which go viral are 30 seconds TVC format. We picked out few tips every content creator should know and relax, which will enhance your Reach and Engagement.

Branded Video Content Best Practices to Reach and Engagement:

Camera Presence:

Work on your content on Camera Presence

Topic Tags:

Include the best Topic tags relevant to your brands and video content

Influence of Video:

Understand the Influence of Video and take advantage of Google ads

Custom virtual backgrounds:

Take advantage of adding the custom virtual backgrounds

In-depth video analytics:

Track and Measure the video credits with In-depth video analytics

Avoid Harmful Content:

Play the excellent videos from your brands and do not include the harmful content

Custom branding videos:

Make sure to create the unique and custom branding videos

Know Your Audience:

Focus on your Audience and know the audience pulse

Education Videos:

Introduce the Educational and How-To Videos to educate your audience

Video SEO:

Work on the Built-in video SEO capabilities

Brand Content:

Create a Brand Videos that moves the reach needle

Demo Videos:

Demo Videos are essential for brand marketing

Expert Interviews:

Request the marketing experts to offer their Interviews

Live Videos:

Take advantage of the Live Videos for potential communication

AR Videos:

Use the Augmented Reality technology for immersive video experience

Voice Overs:

Record your voice over properly that should synchronise to your video.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer Videos are essential for describing your products and services.

Prepare your talent:

Showcase your talent through the brand videos.

Use Variety of Angles:

Shoot your video footage from a Variety of Angles.

Right music:

Choose the right background music for your videos.

Rule of Thirds:

Understand and follow the Rule of Thirds.

Simple Editing:

Ensure to keep your editing Simple so that it does not take too long. Shoot some quick content for the edit.

Event Videos:

Leverage your company culture videos. Organize events and leverage the content through Live.

Animated Videos:

Include the 3D animation video content for easy understanding.

Use Phone the Right Way:

Use your phone to short videos and use some video editing apps for quick content.

Promote Your Videos:

Once you are ready with your content, make sure to promote it on multiple platforms.

Video Marketing Techniques:

Use the correct Video Marketing Techniques to keep viewers watching your content.

Plan for Sound Off:

Plan to create a video that can convey your brand message only through subtitles and visuals without sound on.

Case Study and Customer Testimonials:

Take advantage of the customer testimonial videos and caste studies by including them in brand promotion videos.

Programming Strategy:

Develop a quick programming strategy.

Script your video:

Plan and script your video before going to shoots. Try to present everything in the script.

Organize your footage:

Once the video shooting is done, organize your footage by frameby frame.

Ad-free experience:

Offer an ad-free experience to the audience to not get irritated with too many ads in between the video.

Avoid Shaky Footage:

Ensure that your footage does not contain shaky footage.

Lead generation tools:

Use the lead generation tools for more subscriptions and engagement.

360° & Virtual Reality Videos:

Use the 360-degree video footage that boosts some special effects to your videos.

Personalized Messages:

Approach the viewers with a personalized message that should create an emotional attachment to words your brands.

Use a Clean Background:

Use clean and clear backgrounds for good footage.


As the video marketing landscape is ultimately evolving, and video has become the critical component in marketing. Branded Video is the perfect tool to help new and prospective customers understand how to use a product/service while reinforcing the value. The above guide will inspire your Branded video content ideas and drive massive audience engagement for leading B2C and B2B brands.

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