Social Media Video Strategies

Social Media Video Strategies: Tips for a Great Social Media Video Strategy

One of the best ways to promote your video content over social media channels is through the social media video formats. Businesses took notice of social media, which has revolutionized the way to do marketing. Including Social Video in your business benefits are endless with a well-executed social media strategy. Are you Wondering how to kickstart your social video marketing campaign? Here is the guide to everything you need to know about Tips for a Great Social Media Video Strategy.

Video is the future of social media marketing.

4 tips to optimize your social media video strategy

  1. Make sure each video delivers a useable benefit – not just another nugget of information
  2. Make the content longer, but not much longer
  3. Choose one platform and nurture it – don’t try to go deep on all of them
  4. Use data to find out what your audience is responding to and keep doing.

6 strategies for creating videos for your business

  1. Make better videos by getting rid of your script, calls to action, and credits
  2. Don’t forget the metadata in audio-only social video
  3. Buy a good external microphone and use a windscreen
  4. Don’t cheap out on your background or props
  5. Dress up for the part. Dress professionally, and don’t be sloppy.
  6. Don’t move the camera around too much.

Here are the 4 best video strategies

  1. Show and speak to your customers
  2. Be fun and creative
  3. Use personal stories in videos
  4. Talk about trends in your niche. Shout out to other people in your industry.

Here are the video strategies that work

  • Show your face in the video
  • Use a branded set for better engagement and growth
  • Create a series of videos
  • Talk about industry-specific stories
  • Never compromise on quality

The best social media video strategies

  • Go live more often
  • Make longer videos (more than 20 minutes)
  • Target your already existing audience
  • Use YouTube to promote your other channels

How do you gain real social media video views?

  • Post a video that engages your audience from the start
  • Use captivating video content
  • Post on popular days and hours
  • Make the video informative and educational
  • Post it to your landing page

Video is a significant and growing part of social media

  • You should invest in video strategy now
  • You need to be creating Instagram stories for your followers
  • Don’t underestimate the power of how-to video
  • Snapchat Discover is worth looking at
  • Try live streaming.

Video strategies to grow your business

  • Create a video for every social media post
  • Make an explainer video for every service or product
  • Upload one to three videos per day
  • Chat with customers directly via video
  • Use the video for customer service instead of live chat
  • Create a video for posts, not comments/DMs
  • Make a testimonial video once a week
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers

How to grow your Instagram using video

  • Ask questions at the beginning of the video and answer them later.
  • Mix it up between long and short videos
  • Be relatable. Don’t be boring.
  • Use a unique background or point of view
  • Experiment with different frame rates.

How to create a great social media video

  • Use CTA in the first 10 seconds
  • Make it shareable- have an enticing call to action
  • Be consistent- make sure it has your branding and colors
  • Promote it- especially before you post your video

6 tips for creating great social media videos

  1. Show your face
  2. Have a clear objective
  3. Tell us what to do
  4. Tell a story
  5. Add music
  6. Pull an internet meme

Video on Instagram has grown up!

  • The ability to post long-form videos has made it more powerful
  • Try creating a few videos then publishing the best one first
  • App-based or TV-based content is best for showing how to do things
  • Try video covers, short clips to start your video
  • Experiment with how-to and product videos.

Social Media Video Strategy Tips

  • Start with an angle
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Goldilocks your video length
  • Test and target the right audience
  • Trailer vs. final product
  • Use captions
  • Tag your post
  • Act like a rockstar, not a diva
  • Be personable in all of your videos
  • Allow people to identify with you as much as possible
  • Make sure that your videos are interesting enough to be shared
  • Keep it short and sweet, and people are far more likely to watch videos that are 5 minutes or shorter
  • Repeat the same 10 words
  • Videos have the highest engagement rate
  • It is a memorable medium
  • The content created can be re-purposed across social media channels
  • Make a plan
  • Set out a plan
  • Use a variety of videos
  • Have clear goalposts
  • Use your creativity
  • Think ‘action’
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Determine your Goals
  • Quality and Engagement
  • Define Your Audience
  • Just Get Started
  • Create Shareable Content
  • Make it relevant
  • Use proper lighting
  • Show emotions and actions of employees
  • Focus on the product
  • Keep videos short
  • Use a purpose-built smartphone app for your video
  • Capture videos with the right camera
  • Keep the background simple
  • Don’t try to cram in too much text
  • Plan your video in advance
  • Use bright colors
  • Keep videos short and engaging
  • Do not use the script
  • Create a compelling story
  • Pick ideal camera angles
  • Don’t be afraid to edit
  • Incorporate your business website
  • Focus on a concise message
  • Shoot video in 2 axis for best quality
  • Use appropriate equipment
  • Keep the lighting consistent
  • Create a storyboard
  • Utilize video for your important events
  • Use multiple social platforms
  • Focus on Facebook live events
  • Make the video short
  • Have a clear message
  • Use the right platform
  • Have an engaging call to actions to connect with your audience
  • Know your audience
  • Have a great call to action
  • Be consistent
  • Set goals for success
  • Determine your content verticals
  • Create a killer script
  • Hire the right person for the job
  • Show off your product’s features
  • Don’t use sports or pets too much
  • Ask what your customers want
  • Create relevant content for your social media audience
  • Make videos with clear titles and descriptions
  • Keep the video brief
  • Stay on the central theme of the video
  • Research your audience
  • Refine your video idea
  • Plan for multiple video shoot days
  • Have a checklist
  • Be ready to show it off on social media
  • Videos are great on social media
  • Post videos to Facebook
  • Use captions
  • Share videos on Instagram and Twitter
  • Make a YouTube channel
  • Post short clips
  • Find a popular platform
  • Produce an engaging video
  • Draft an editorial calendar
  • Create a hashtag for your channel
  • Post content that is shareable and addressable
  • Collaborate with multiple co-creators across platforms
  • Create a story
  • Include the customer experience
  • Make your videos mobile friendly
  • Consider your Content
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Have a visually appealing set
  • Create great content
  • Add subtitles to increase engagement
  • Plan a thumbnail
  • Produce high-quality videos
  • Make an impact with your audio
  • Use annotations & interactive cards
  • Advertise on social media pages of similar pages
  • Content that maximizes your audience’s reach
  • Posting content that increases sharing
  • Adding value with calls to action
  • Measuring the success of social media video strategy
  • Do your research
  • Share honest and valuable content
  • Blend static and motion graphics
  • Emphasize visuals over text
  • Keep social media videos short
  • Test your voice/ audio quality
  • Add captions and visual descriptions
  • Create titles that appeal to your target audience
  • Find the best times to post
  • Create videos that are unique to your brand
  • Don’t overuse the auto-play option
  • Do not Talk over the Video
  • Create a Script or Outline
  • One Camera Angle
  • A Good Frame Rate for a Video
  • Don’t have distracting backgrounds
  • Use Pages to Slide Panels of Text
  • Use the right tools
  • Remember your audience
  • Incentivize viewers
  • Create a schedule
  • Be sure to create your own hashtag
  • Have a business representative on the shoot
  • Use Facebook’s video features

Tips for a Great Social Media Video Strategy

Social Media Video Strategy: Align Video Content with Your Social Media Marketing Audience

Social Media Video Strategy: Analyze Video Topics before launch

Social Media Video Strategy: Use Social Media Video Tools to Create Videos

Social Media Video Strategy: Add Captions to Your Video

Social Media Video Strategy: Keep Your Social Media Videos Short

Social Media Video Strategy: Upload Native Video Content

Social Media Video Strategy: Plan Your Videos with a strategy

Social Media Video Strategy: Use a Steady Flow Camera

Social Media Video Strategy: Write a Click-Worthy Description

Social Media Video Strategy: Use an External Microphone

Social Media Video Strategy: Avoid Digital Video Zoom

Social Media Video Strategy: Add Subtitles

Social Media Video Strategy: Include a Call to Action

Social Media Video Strategy: Upload a Custom Thumbnail

Social Media Video Strategy: Customize Your Video to any Social Media Platform

Social Media Video Strategy: Observe Facebook Analytics & Instagram Insights

Social Media Video Strategy: Analyze Buyer’s Journey

Social Media Video Strategy: Optimize Videos for SEO

Social Media Video Strategy: Plan for Cross-Platform Social Video Publishing and Repurposing

Social Media Video Strategy: Produce Different Types of Videos

Social Media Video Strategy: Storytelling is Important

Social Media Video Strategy: Personalized Videos based on Interest

Social Media Video Strategy: Improve Video Quality

Social Media Video Strategy: Get Personal

Social Media Video Strategy: Optimize Video for mobile

Social Media Video Strategy: Use Social Media Templates

Social Media Video Strategy: Make the First 10 Seconds Count

Social Media Video Strategy: Stream Events Via Facebook Live & YouTube Live

Social Media Video Strategy: Produce User-Generated Content

Social Media Video Strategy: Promote before you broadcast

Social Media Video Strategy: Analyze your results


It is a secret that video content creation and marketing are a game for generating social media engagement, impressions, and generating traffic. Content creators must determine the goals before start creating the video that benefits both audience and company. Have a look at theses discussed social media video basics and tips for creating great video content on different platforms

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