YouTube is Tackling Conspiracy Theories

How YouTube is Tackling Conspiracy Theories

The Conspiracy theory videos on YouTube have become a challenge for YouTube to prove its brand capability by considering that YouTube is heading to launch a new feature that is unique and most advantageous to YouTube users.

What are Conspiracy Videos on YouTube?

The elevation of conspiracy and hoax videos on YouTube has led it to take the most advanced step to tackle the misinformation spread on YouTube. It is going to undertake the challenge of conspiracy videos.

To do that, YouTube will add Wikipedia links to the conspiracy videos as the text box beneath the videos, leading to the online source Wikipedia to find that topic, which YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki states.

It was announced in Austin at the SXSW media festival. Through this, the information about the videos tends to be inclined to the conspiracy with the referral of Wikipedia.

Finally, YouTube is making amendments to serve extreme video content to the viewers with the most advanced algorithm recommendations in those battles to eliminate the misinformation provided on YouTube.

Reasons Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theory explains that more than two people cover up to engage the public interest in knowing.

Here are the reasons why people believe conspiracy theories.

Evolved to be Suspicious:

Most researchers have proved that the cognitive mechanism of verbally encoded information will be intake by the human brain size. It helps us find when the others are tricking us.

The trust in someone could be established by determining the accent, grammatical errors, voice, and speed. The change in environment may lead to suspicion. The suspicious individuals might have an advantage when the world is a place for threats.

Anxiety and the Need:

Most of the conspiracy theories might contain information about the threats. The anxious people will show more interest in believing the conspiracy theories that have been proved in the psychology study.

Special knowledge makes special people:

The conspiracies are mainly around the significant events that let the theorist’s knowledge acquire a special status. The conspiracy theorists will make themselves memorable through those events.

Fearworthy conspiracies:

Most of the conspiracies will come from the issues of global warming, disasters, threats to the public and wars, etc. The people believing the scheme are most sensitive to fear-provoking events.

Persecution, Paranoia, and Jealous:

Paranoia will make the conspiracy theorist feel special. These theorists will benefit from the conspiracy when good things happen to others that project jealousy.

Blame Everything:

The conspiracy theorist will blame the entire world for his failures by believing that the success of others is undeserved.

Group and Gossip:

The like-minded conspiracy theorists will group as communities and focus more on finding the proof of their explanation.

Conspiracy Theories Appear on YouTube Kids

Recently, the YouTube Kids app came under fire for allowing inappropriate cartoons and violence on the Kids app. Multiple issues were raised on the YouTube platform, like ad-related problems and conspiracy issues on YouTube Videos.

Business Insider says that “YouTube reportedly introducing Conspiracy Theories on Your Kids apps also.” YouTube states that YouTube kids are facing content problems, which is another type of suggestion videos involving conspiracy theories to kids.

YouTube said Business Insiders statement that “YouTube is enhancing its mission to delete the inappropriate videos once they noticed and remind others to follow the Guidelines.” If they notice inappropriate videos on Kids’ channels, they take action immediately.

Sometimes, they fail to identify those types of content. But, YouTube continues to keep an eye on child-oriented content on YouTube. Child-oriented apps should follow high-level security because the child should not see false content or questionable materials.

For example, after the Valentine’s Day School shootings in Florida, the survivors of the attack publicly went after the NRA. At that time, Donald Trump was wrongly branded by some channels.

The primary objective of YouTube was to “Keep consuming YouTube Videos as long as possible.” Hopefully, YouTube will develop a more sophisticated solution for the younger Generation.

Top 5 YouTube Conspiracy Theorists


The TruthLoader channel launched in 2012; it has provided fuel for many Conspiracy debates. This channel specializes in gaming news and Exclusive reports. It also offers alternatives to information and opinions. The most popular uploads contain shock factors, and all are designed to make questionable.

Lyn Leahz:

This channel also started in 2012 and is an alternative to the News, media news reports, and radio show hosts. Lyn Leahz’sideos was widely watched, and shArmageddon has covered her Corbett¬†Report:

Corbettreport designed an independent, publicly accessible source and is a separate listeners-supported news channel. The New World Next Week playlist is the most densely populated, with over 225 videos. All those videos are focused on how the society of tomorrow is the focus, but he gives his interpretation with confidence and clarity.

Paul Joseph Watson:

Paul Joseph Watson was one of the craziest controversial alternative news anchors on YouTube. He tackles most of the time about religions, culture, and Political issues. “Hidden messages in New $100 bill” videos reached 12 million views on his channel.


William Tapley hosted this channel, and he is also known as the “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse.” This channel has all religious videos and carries a simple presentation style of a self-proclaimed prophet preaching in front of the camera. He firmly believes in and loves God.


Finally, YouTube is going to hack the Conspiracy Videos through the Wikipedia. Wikipedia is going to be the best Precaution Against YouTube Conspiracy Theory Video.

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