YouTube for Tourism

YouTube As the Marketing Tool for Tourism

Do you know that YouTube is the great marketing tool for Tourism?

How to make your Tourism brand to acquire the global acquisition through YouTube?

Is YouTube channel is most worthy to reach real-time consumers?

YouTube for Tourism

The presence of plenty of Tourism organizations and raise of expectations of Tourists are pushing the Tourism organizations to pull the most advanced marketing strategy. In that circumstance, the Tourism Agencies are migrating towards the use of online video communities like YouTube.

Now YouTube is the sales pulling tool for the Tourism organizations by attracting the millions of tourist audiences to become the tourists.

YouTube is the weapon to generate benefits for both the Tourists and Tourism organizations that build the strong relationship between them.

The decision process of tourists to become the potential consumers is the main target for the Tourism organizations.

The pressure of reaching the consumers becomes more and more to explore their brand.

The needs and the expectations of the consumers in the tourism products or tours are soaring heights. As the YouTube has the millions of audiences the tourism business on YouTube can be most engaged with them.

What extent YouTube best fit for the Tourism Marketing Strategy?

The Tourism Marketing can be enhanced with the help of YouTube that drives the attention of the consumers towards the tourism brand.

Trip Planning:

Most of the tourists who are about to make their trip before that they are approaching the YouTube to find everything about the place they are going to visit that tends to pre-plan of the tour.

Trip Inspiration:

When the tourists are in the thought of making the next trip, then they are visiting the YouTube to find everything they need over there.

Decision of booking:

Before booking the ticket for a particular trip, they are keeping an eye on the YouTube videos of the already made trip visitors. Hence the tour organizations can make use of launching the most engaging videos by featuring the real customers.

Video is most powerful:

One video is equal to word of mouth from the million influencers. The video is much effective in elaborating the brands with no bounces in their journey.

Ways for Tourism brands to Optimize YouTube

To make the visitors of the particular Tourism YouTube channel into potential customers then the strategy of YouTube optimization most significant one.

Video Optimization:

The video optimization that includes the video filename, video title, keywords, video descriptions, and thumbnail are most essential things to make YouTube tourism videos to go viral on YouTube and also as to obtain the better search engine results.


The more about your Tourism brand can be disclosed through the creation of the playlists on YouTube. The audiences who are willing to make the trip might participate in visiting the channel. The creation of playlists let them find everything about what they need at a single destination.

The tourism organizations can create the playlists of gathering the regional tourist places and also by letting the already visited tourists to share their word in the video.

Channel About Page Optimization:

The specification of ‘About’ section will specify what your tourism channel is about. The unique facilities that are offered to the customers while comparing to the competitors can be obtained.

Updating the ‘links’ of the other videos that are given at some other videos will let the audiences to go through other relevant content on your channel.

Upload an excellent feature video that acts as the brand icon of your Tourism YouTube Channel Home Page.


It is the most commonly used word, but it shows a great impact on your marketing strategy. It let the audiences to do an activity of visiting the main website of your Tourism organization where the products are features. Then there might be a chance of driving sales.

How to influence tourist YouTube audience to subscribe

  • Generate the video content that influences the audiences to watch the full video from start to end. Such type tactic will push the visitors to subscribe to your Tourism YouTube Channel.
  • The action of direct viewers who are watching the video content will help to engage the channel with huge audiences.
  • The programmatic activities of feeding the subscribers with intend video content and frequent uploading of videos into the channel can boost up the subscriber base for your channel.
  • The viewing experience through the creation of playlists will participate in getting the subscribers.
  • YouTube live is the most significant one to raise the subscribers for your channel. Just live stream the Tourism events by featuring the unique visiting places that make the audiences to become your subscribers in getting the new updates from your channel. Also, the fans might raise the queries regarding the trip that includes the facilities and expenses.

Building community on YouTube to share Travel video content

Make sure to interact with the audiences that let you create the community around your video content on YouTube.
The cross-promotion of the YouTube video content on other channels with the collaboration of other trending creators helps to get huge video shares along with the views.

Along with the YouTube make your presence on all other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. That helps to drive the huge audiences to your YouTube channel.

Make use of other relevant websites, online communities, and blogs to share your video content.

By using the YouTube AdWords launch promotional videos paying the bucks for the promotion of the video.

Pros and cons of Tourism using YouTube


YouTube is playing a key role in 60+ countries across 60+ languages which helps to broaden your Tourism brand globally.

YouTube has more than billions of unique users to watch the video content that can be the most advantageous to find the new customers from the audience.

Tourists will prefer to watch the relevant video content on YouTube before they are making a trip booking.

80% of the visitors are from outside the U.S. Hence; it helps to enhance the international tourism.


The in-stream True View video ads are being launched by the thousands of advertisers and 3/4th of them are skippable video ads.

The videos of the tourism on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. are shared at a low percentage.

Moreover, the large number of competitors is uploading millions of travel videos and hence it is tough to make the great visual content.

Best practices for Travel bands on YouTube

Create More Content:

Create various types of content and shoot different videos to explore your YouTube Channel. Explore Your Content from different countries shares the extreme nature Globally.

Shoot Variety Of Videos:

Shoot variety videos by exploring the Culture, Food, and activities from different parts of the country.

Invest in Video Management and Video Optimisation:

Invest more money in creating amazing videos for your Tourism. Creating best videos is one part and optimizing those videos for search engine visibility is the next most significant thing. So invest more money on Video Management and video optimization for YouTube.

Engage With Your YouTube Audience:

Engage with your audience by communication through comments. Give quick replies to solve their queries regarding the Travel Guide. Stay connected with the YouTube audience for better communication.

Convert Audience To Sales:

Slowly convert your YouTube Audience to make conversions. Use best strategies to for getting more sales and conversions. Tourism marketers use YouTube as the best tool to increase their ROI.

Why Travel Video Brands buzz on YouTube

Travel videos are going viral on YouTube. Because the second most extensive YouTube videos come from travel videos. Travelers like to share their fun movements, nature photos with families and friends.

Travel video content generated viral Brand Buzz and also produced more than 500,000+ views on YouTube. We can see that 76% of the airline companies got views for their campaigns.

Among all industries, advertisers are increasingly embracing online video content. For Travel companies, the Online video is the dominant way to import the intensity of destination products.

Here we are compiling few key findings to be Followed by the Travel channels.

  • Utilize the YouTube as the primary source for travel channels to inspire the audience.
  • Spend a lot of time exploring the ever watching YouTube videos.
  • View the content from all travel categories that may help to create buzz videos.
  • Research the other categories other than only travel videos to get better ideas.
  • The age groups between 18-24 subscribers content focused on inspiring the future travel blogs.
  • The age groups between 25-65 subscribers content help to plan the current travel videos by reviews, travel brands and travel networks.

Examples of the best Tourism YouTube Channels/Videos

Voyage Channel:

Voyage Channel consists world’s best travel videos. It has a large number of Hotels and Resorts travel guide to choose best the hotel’s when you visit any place in the World. The channel was adequately optimized and has compelling playlist differentiating all areas in the World. Uniquely the channel has a playlist for Adventures and Eco programs for entertaining the audience.

Turkish Airlines:

World’s favorite Airlines to Explore the World. The primary goal of Turkish Airlines was discovering the new places, new people, and the new cultures. They were awarded many times for their valuable services offered to the Guests. They design beautiful videos to experience the World of Miracles.

Queensland Australia:

Queensland is a big Tourism brand, and it has an active YouTube channel Too. The channel has compelling homepage optimization. They have used different sections and playlists to differentiate the places Globally. They are also linked their feature and regional channel to explore their services.

Adventure Bay Charters:

Adventure Bay Charters is the best example of Tourism Business, how the Tourism companies are using YouTube as the best Tool for promotion. The channel fully optimized with sections, search keywords, links to their social media sites, playlist with excellent videos. It has fantastic videos features provide a unique experience for the visitors.

YouTube Tourism Statistics

43% of the travelers get inspiration to plan their next holiday trip from YouTube.

14.7 million people are spending 19 hours and 20 minutes on YouTube individually.

An average time spent by an individual on Travel videos differentiated by age

  • 18 to 39 years spent 24 hrs 15 min
  • 25 to 50 years spent 23 hrs 11 min
  • 55+ and above spend 9 hrs 17 min

Globally, 1 out of 5 people logged in who visit travel channels every single month.

2 out of 3 U.S travelers plan their next trip by watching YouTube Travel videos.

An average of 118% growth for travel related videos for Year over the year on YouTube.

71% of Travel searches on YouTube are for Destination Names.

58% of travel searches on Google are for a specific Brand or a company.

67% of Brands and 33% of community generated travel video content on YouTube.

Travel Vlogs receive 4 X times more social engagement through comments and subscriptions than the other type of travel content on YouTube.

On YouTube 76% of the Travel related content views from Airline companies.

Best Marketing Practices For Travel Bands On YouTube

  • Create Traveling Bands Business cards
  • Use keywords in your title
  • Create the optimal video length
  • Add appropriate tags to your clips
  • Include descriptions for each video
  • Publish content often
  • Engage with the users’ comments
  • Build a responsive community and be active on social media
  • Find a photographer that knows how to shoot your band’s brand of music
  • Add links to your socials
  • Get a quick bio written up
  • Promote early and often
  • Build a following to get views
  • Have a defined plan for success
  • Engage with your audience
  • Increase viewership to get discovered
  • Build a strong brand image by remaining consistent
  • Post regular content your fans will enjoy
  • Use the right tools and optimize your Youtube to maximize views and sales
  • Blend Description Into Video
  • Break up the Videos
  • Ask Engaging Questions
  • Quotes & Testimonials
  • Schedule Regularly
  • Spread Content Across Channels
  • Use Social Media Tools
  • Don’t Overdo It
  • Organic Content Only
  • Create A Company Logo
  • Collect Emails Early
  • Diversify Your Content
  • Write Blog Posts That Demonstrate Expertise
  • Work With Influencers and Brands
  • Do Not Over Book Yourself
  • Make Your Videos On YouTube
  • Videos that engage your customers is important
  • Meet with influencers before the tour starts
  • Optimize for Video SEO
  • Create a budget for video production
  • Know your target audience well
  • Make use of google hangouts
  • Use the hashtag #travel
  • You Need A Good Description
  • Make an engaging and high-quality channel
  • Own the image of your brand
  • Build a community
  • Create a promotion video
  • Create a playlist review
  • Add a call to action

Benefits of YouTube in the Tourism Sector

  • Promote destinations to millions of potential customers
  • Share information on travel resources
  • Learn from other travel videos
  • Save international costs on video production
  • Run a competition to promote your destination
  • Connect with thousands of tourists already viewing your country YouTube channel
  • Show off your country to the world.
  • It is a news channel to inform your customers about new updates or promotions.
  • It offers you the chance to interact with your customers
  • It helps you when there is no other way to raise awareness of something new
  • Through youtube, it is possible to sell products.
  • Turn visitors into customers
  • You don’t need a degree in broadcasting
  • Improved branding
  • up and promote the youtube channel
  • Collaborate with other filmmakers and companies
  • Integrate your youtube efforts into other social media outlets
  • The YouTube advertising revenue model is transparent
  • You can advertise your product where your target audience is watching
  • youtube has come up with AdSense, and all these make it easy to manage your videos ad-free.
  • Globalization of social media marketing
  • Reduced costs for the business with higher conversion rates and lower cost per sale
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Better awareness of existing products and services
  • Improved SEO visibility leading to higher rankings on google
  • Excellent customer experience with video feedback and video reviews
  • Increase in the traffic of tourists
  • Increase in the return visitor ratio
  • Increase in visibility on the Internet
  • Integrating youtube into tour sites
  • Provide videos of adventures
  • Stream live events on youtube
  • Share footage of tourist destinations
  • Populate channels with current and historical tourism videos
  • Promotional videos about Tourism
  • Informative videos about Tourism
  • Personal experiences to share with others
  • YouTube as a source of information
  • YouTube as a platform for sharing opinions
  • YouTube allows better customer service
  • YouTube encourages creativeness and originality
  • YouTube helps build new networks and promotions
  • YouTube promotes social marketing
  • YouTube helps develop your business profile
  • YouTube helps create and build custom brand image
  • YouTube as a source for entertainment
  • YouTube channel allows users to interact with site visitors, followers, and subscribers.
  • Videos are a great marketing tool
  • Users can trust the information on youtube
  • Entertain your audience
  • Boost the tourism industry
  • Gain awareness about a destination
  • Values the culture of a country
  • Enables direct feedback from tourists to the government and the tourism sector
  • Creates high-quality videos that bring more audience
  • Simple and user friendly
  • An affordable form of marketing
  • YouTube is the first place people think of when they are planning a leisure or business trip.
  • It ranks higher than Google, Bing and Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • All of these social networking sites combined have less than half the viewers
  • It helps international tourist learn about your country
  • It helps make a strong global image
  • Creates awareness about the destination
  • To inform the viewers
  • It can also guide them on where to go
  • Foreign exchanges revenue
  • Attraction of investment
  • Attracting foreign investors in the tourism sector
  • Factors that influence the attraction of foreign investors in the tourism sector
  • Increase employment
  • National image improvement and encouraging entrepreneurship
  • To know about places not been visited
  • To know about the new upcoming place to visit
  • Increasing Market Share In Tourism Industry
  • Gain global reach with a local feel
  • Create more destination content
  • Videos are affordable and easy to produce
  • Capitalize on the power of word of mouth
  • Providing a visual tour
  • Information about attractions
  • Tips and solutions to problems
  • Increase the visibility of your business
  • Improve customer service and product knowledge
  • Provide a chance to show off your personality
  • Enhance your reputation
  • YouTube will work as a distribution channel for your content
  • It will be social media (blogger) to generate traffic
  • Improve ranking in search engines
  • Digital marketing for travel agencies and local tourism offices
  • A channel inviting travelers, tourists, and digital influencers alike
  • It helps in marketing.
  • It helps in earning money.
  • YouTube is a very effective medium to increase business.
  • YouTube is a non-expensive way to promote business.
  • Helps in promoting the destination
  • It helps in introducing people to the city
  • Builds online brand value of a destination
  • It helps to increase the number of visitors to a place
  • Increases sales for hotels and travel agencies
  • Easily accessible
  • Cost-effective
  • Improves tourism-specific skill development


Digital videos have taken the bigger part of the Traveller’s journey. Similarly, it is incredibly essential for advertisers to utilize the Opportunities. An active video strategy helps the Travel channels and Tourism Companies to reach and engage with more Audience.

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