Powerful Video Ads

30 Tips on How to Create Powerful Video Ads

The marketer has the primary responsibility of promotion of his products/services and also the image of the company. Many platforms are offering him the required assistance to Create Powerful Video Ads. The most powerful tool in the hands of the marketer is video ad.

The video has already been established as more powerful than plain text. The video can grab more attention and also offer more information at less time to the viewer. There is also an opportunity for greater interaction between the viewer and the marketer. Given the same, video ads are gaining popularity day by day.

Now the marketer is required to ensure that his content can attract maximum viewership and for the same he has to follow certain strategies/tips so that his video ads is powerful and can fulfill his ultimate objective.

Tips to Create Powerful Video Ads

1) Good titling:

The video ad needs to have apt titling highlighting the content of the video. Titling will attract the viewer to the video.

2) SEO:

Content marketing is majorly dependent on SEO (search engine optimization).

3) Quality audio:

Audio has a major share in the success of the video.

4) Quality video:

The marketer can’t compromise on the quality of the video for whatever reason.

5) Good script:

Much before the actual shooting of the video, the marketer must keep his script ready and the script needs to have full details about the plot, characters, dialogues and location.

6) Good lighting:

As the viewer is required to watch the video, optimum lighting is essential.

7) Apt length:

The video has to have optimum length. Lengthier videos will bore the viewer and shorter videos can’t provide the required information to the user.

8) Cross-platform promotion:

Video ad promoted on a single channel may not be able to attract as many viewers as that of video ad promoted across multiple platforms.

9) Call to Action:

It is the trump card to ensure the viewer is able to offer his comments and also share/like the video.

10) Mobile apps:

Though the content is primarily aimed for promotion on computers, importance of mobile apps cannot be under-estimated.

11) Identifying the targeted audience is required to reach the audience.

12) Apt Bidding option is essential to control the ad costs.

13) Budget – whether daily or lifetime – is to be finalized beforehand itself.

14) Monitoring the ad campaign is required as the marketer is required to update the content as required by the viewers from time to time.

15) Imaging is equally important as that of text as images can convey more information with less explanation.

16) Use of tools provided by the platform to monitor the performance of the video ad.

17) Use of advantage of advanced targeting options provided by the channel to target the audiences by location, age, gender, workplace etc.

18) Narrowing the target audience.

19) Hosting a contest (giveaways) will pamper the viewers.

20) Better images in the video ads will add strength to the videos.

21) Celebrity endorsement has its impact on video ad.

22) Updated content as there is constant changes in the product/services.

23) Accurate contact details to enable the viewer to ensure that the ad is interesting.

24) The accuracy of the content so that the viewer is interested in the company and also its products/services.

25) Mention of the current topics (newsjacking).

26) Keeping it short and ‘to the point’ is always the best option.

27) Constant change in scheduling of the video ads.

28) Involving QA session between the users and the marketer.

29) User specific video advertising.

30) Appropriate content so that the brand image in the mind of the viewer is kept high.

The marketers are required to ensure that the video ads promoting his products/services get utmost attention from the viewers and also attempt to convert the viewers to purchase decision. The above guidewill lead you on how to create a Powerful Video Ads.

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