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Twitter Video Ads: Best Practices for Promoted Videos on Twitter

Twitter is the noisiest microblogging platform, and now it is called a video microblogging platform with the introduction of a new video. The platform has more than 305 million monthly users, an excellent opportunity for marketers to promote their products with Twitter video ads. Already many brands and marketers got succeeded with Twitter video ads. Here is how to get started with the Twitter video ads for your brand or company.

Create a Profile for Your Business

There are no significant differences or changes between a standard account and a business account on Twitter, as they are the same. To create a good business account on Twitter, first, Add a catchy username for recognition. Add a short username within 140 characters. Also, upload a good photo or logo which resembles your brand or business. Add your related business data within the 160 characters for your company profile. Link your customers to the URL from your web page. You can also allow attaching the link tracking tags to analyze the visitors from the Twitter platform.

Attach your Profile to the Twitter Video Ads Account

Go to the “Twitter ads login Page,” choose your country and time zone, and click on permanently save your settings. After this, Twitter allows you the creation of your first campaign and provides you with various locations where you can choose the type of campaign.

Twitter Promoted Video Ads

Twitter allows users to create and upload video ads directly to the Twitter platform, which can be called native Twitter video ads on the Twitter platform. It can take your video to a large audience within the Twitter platform. It is in the beta stage but working well. The campaign allows you to promote your video to your targeted audience. You can add a video title, description, and call to action to your videos.

Twitter cards for your Ads

Twitter cards are the best way to reach the audience. The cards have great functionality than regular Twitter Tweets. The users can create Twitter cards within the new campaigns.

Best Practices for Promoted Videos on Twitter

Twitter Promoted video is available to Twitter accounts. Twitter allows the posting of video ads in a tweet. This is the promoted tweet, but now, with promoted videos, you can directly post the videos on Twitter and also target keywords.


Businesses can promote their videos on Twitter, and promoted videos are those which are native video ads. The user can use the keywords, search keywords, tags, TV targeting, and other parameters for the videos they post directly on Twitter. Read here the best practices for promoted videos on Twitter.


• Studies revealed that humanizing videos attracts more consumers. At least the opening scene of your video must contain a human.

• Ensure that the video you are posting is of high quality.

• Choose a thumbnail of the video carefully so that users will want to see what is there in the video

• Videos are not limited to Twitter, so do not worry about the length of the video. At the same time, it is advised to introduce the footage early so that users know what the video is all about.

• Converse with potential customers and followers using the video.

• Most of the videos online are watched on mobile devices. Thus marketers need to ensure that their video content is mobile-friendly.

• Combine the Twitter-promoted video and TV targeting to reach a new audience.


How Twitter promoted videos are different from other videos? Twitter-announced videos act like promoted tweets, allowing the marketer to embed video content within Tweet. The advertisers pay for only the number of plays as these are bought on a cost-per-view basis.

Twitter Video Views Advertising Campaign for Businesses

We are in a world of video, and it enhances several marketing strategies and promotions. Video consumption rates are significantly increasing across the globe with the rise of smartphone usage. Every social media platform is unique, providing video marketers, brands, and advertisers with different features. The Twitter platform was adding new features for businesses on its platform.

Twitter promoted video

Promoted video allows brands and marketers to target a specific audience and engage customers.

Twitter videos can connect more emotionally than any other platform. It is the best way to get connected with your audience.

The platform added the auto-play feature for its promoted video ads, encouraging viewer interaction with the video content.

The new auto-play feature in the promoted video had introduced to get a 100 percent visibility score in all the promoted tweets.

The platform moves toward the chargeable views in two seconds and playback for 50 percent of the timeline. The viewers can click and watch the video on full screen and unmute the ads like on Facebook.

Setting Up Video Views Campaign

Once your video upload is completed, you can start your video views campaign by clicking the export button and selecting the Create new campaign option. After deciding on that option, you can choose the video views tab.

Name your campaign with the time and date.

Enter the start and ending date for your views campaign.

You can also select the daily budget for the campaign.

Marketers can also enter the video description, which can be accessible when the users click on the video to expand.

You can also add a call to action for your video, which allows both site URLs and watch now types of CTA’s. You can also select the previous tweets.

The targeting can be done based on selecting locations, gender, language, device, and keywords.

Finally, try your first video views campaign by following this information on the Twitter platform.

How Much Did Twitter Video Counts Feature can Help Users and Marketers on Twitter?

The most active microblogging platform, always busy with new tweets every second, was stepping ahead with a new video count feature. It is only available for some users. The Twitter platform is continuously experimenting with new features to provide its users with a video-rich experience. The forum was testing new video-related features on its platform.


The view counts feature can provide helpful information for the video creator and publishers about the popularity of the video posted on the Twitter platform. Currently, the platform is exploring its possibilities for displaying and ranking content which can be placed in the research section on Twitter.

Today, the platform has developed new planning to address the long-standing view count issue. It is implementing significant changes to reduce the abuse on the forum. Marketers are hopeful that they can know things in a clear light for their video ads on Twitter, and very soon, we can expect a change in targeting and analytics on the Twitter platform. So, marketers might need minor changes in their Twitter strategy plans. I hope the new feature will further change the Twitter platform and for marketers.

Twitter Video Statistics

79% of Twitter users follow Twitter trends to know what’s new on the Twitter Platform.

26% of users are more likely to view Twitter ads than other platforms.

Coming to 2019 statistics, Twitter has 6 million daily active users on its platform.

It is a prediction that Twitter users will reach 276 million by the end of 2020.

Twitter has 321 million monthly active users worldwide.


If you have decided to attain the brand name through extraordinary video ads, use Twitter video ads. As Twitter is the trending platform will clutch colossal engagement.

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