Cross-Screen Video Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

The brands are more excited to find the possible ways in reaching the targeted customers that exist in real time. The competition in the brand marketing strategy has become tough to satisfy the audience expectations as the multiple devices and platforms are increasing. But the video advertising through multiple devices should give the immersive and unique experience to the users while watching the campaign. The Cross-Screen Video Advertising is the best way to reach the targeted customers to deliver the brand.

What does cross-screen video advertising mean?

How is it going to work?

The complete guide about cross-screen video advertising can be found here to go ahead with the successful launch of the video ad campaign.

What is Cross-Screen Video Advertising?

Launching the video ad campaigns simultaneously over multiple devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops through in-app and display by using the various APIs to reach all customer audiences is termed as the Cross-Screen video advertising.

The delivery of the brand to audiences through connected TVs, mobile devices, and OTT devices is the main objective of the publishers that improve the ROI.

To reach that target the business brands are choosing the cross-screen video advertising that delivers the video content to the audiences through multiple devices and browsers.

Cross-screen video advertising key factors

Responsive web design:

The designing of the web is a major aspect of going ahead with the cross-screen video advertising. It will make the web page that contains the content to be displayed on different screens of multiple devices. The effective designing will helps to improve the performance of the video content with complete audience satisfaction. It makes the video ad campaign more effective.

Content manipulation:

Creation of the content will show the major impact by clutching the customers from audiences. The ongoing changes have simulated the audiences to consume the video content whatever, wherever and whenever they need. Creation of relevant, smart and simple video content in an efficient way should be considered by the broadcaster.

Persistent connectivity:

As the audiences prefer to use multiple devices to consume the video content, then the delivery of the content in all devices should give a unique experience. Through this activity of cross-screen video advertising will expand the business brand with higher reachability of targeted customers.

Contemplate audiences:

Cross-screen video ad campaign goes well when it reaches the user expectations, and this can be impacted only by the user experience. Personalization of cross-screen video ad campaign by predicting the user preferences will engage the campaign whole day.

Notifying the campaign:

The advertisers can reach the audiences directly by pushing the campaign notification to gain continuous engagement.

How to develop and Launch cross-screen video campaigns?

When a marketer completely involved expanding the business brand, then too many questions will round him that immerse in confusion. While coming to the digital marketing the aspects of creating content, promoting through social media and SEO, etc. will peel-off the mind to choose which one should be more concentrated. To erase that puzzlement cross-screen video campaign is the one that dispatches the video campaign of our brand at many audiences on multiple channels through various devices.

  • Influencing the customers through cross-screen marketing is the most significant thing to consider.
  • To do that, just go ahead by dispatching the same content in various formats by predicting the user expectations.
  • Just think of about brand type and corners to expand then push the strong personalized brand marketing messages to the audience while launching the video ad campaign.
  • Make sure to repeat the message as the customers get bulk messages as they are using the multiple channels to consume the content. Hence it can make burly remind to watch your video campaign.
  • Targeting the customers through different cross-channel marketing strategies like following the SEO strategies and retargeting the audiences through trending social media platforms should be done.
  • Keep in mind to reveal the video ad campaign when the audiences are likely to spend more time on the web of using multiple devices.
  • Most of the traffic is on the mobile and tablets as the audiences prefer multiple channels to consume the content. Just make your strategies to optimize your content on all devices like mobiles, desktops, and tablets.
  • Generate the video ad campaign that is completely relevant to the audiences.

Cross-Screen Video Advertising Platforms


It is one of the leading cross-screen video advertising platforms that generate the impressions of 10 billion just only in a month by reaching the audiences through multiple devices by offering the most advanced options like apps to launch the best video ad campaign. Only through mobile it gains 3 million views for the video ad campaign.


It enables the advertisers to launch the high-quality video content with full security by providing complete trust that reach the targeted audiences.


It generates higher user engagement with constant traffic by mobile optimization. The mobile video ad campaign with sounds off option is designed to meet the user expectations.


The advertisers are offered with the multichannel video ads and in-stream video ads with the help of PUMA technology of this company.


It is completely advertiser-friendly platform that it provides the options like post-roll, in-banner, and pre-roll video ads. The most beneficial thing through HaxHax is that it provides the video ad sizes of IAB standardized.


The most efficient video ad apps and services to make monetization will be offered by it. It helps for developers and advertisers to improve the revenue of the video ad campaign that launched through cross-screen devices.


The in-banner and on-click ads of various formats of video ad can be offered by it. The running 3,000 video ad campaigns throughout the world can be the best example to describe its performance of establishing the cross-screen video advertising.

Cross-Screen Addressable Video Advertising

It is the one where the advertisers deliver the video content either offline or online by targeting audiences by considering the specific devices and demographics depending on the persons or products that the advertiser intended to promote. Addressable TV advertising is one of the main targets to the marketers in reaching the real-time audiences with effective video content that improves the ROI through multiple funnels. The cross-screen addressable video advertising will reach the customers at home by integrating various video ad campaigns that define the product of the particular brand.

Promoting through addressable TV screens:

The delivery of relevant video ad campaign to the consumers will give the better promoting experience to the advertiser and immersive experience to the audiences while watching the video ad. Hence the reach of audiences through the TV screens will make sense of reaching the real-time audiences. Granting vouchers as an offer especially for shopping and pubs etc. to those audiences that can be accessed through mobile will drive the continuous engagement.

Cross-screen addressable video advertising is calculable:

The advertiser will offer both the mobile ad and TV ad coupons initially to the targeted audiences and later on the video ads of various segments through mobile coupons will be delivered. It can use to calculate the performances of various that have been implemented.

AI-Powered Cross-Screen Video Ad Platforms


The arrival of Purchase Loop from LoopMe has full filling the needs of the business brands by optimizing the cross-screen video ad campaigns through artificial intelligence. The delivery of video ad campaign in flight through AI is the great idea of this company. The major trending companies O2 and North Face are in the use of LoopMe.


The Appier’s CrossX AI technology will be used to launch the successful cross-screen video ad campaigns through which the demographics, usage, and ownership of the device can be detected.


The smarter TV advertising can be optimized through Connekt which uses the AI technology of launching ads on multiple screens to reach the real-time audiences.


The AI theology of Sizmek will allow the advertisers to host the simple and easier end-to-end ad serving. Through this, the advertiser can analyze, build and deliver the effective cross-screen video ads.

Adobe Advertising Cloud:

It is one of the best AI-powered cross-screen video ad platforms through which the digital format and traditional TV advertising can be organized. The searching, delivering and display of video ads on multiple screens of different formats can be done simply and easily.

Cross-Screen Video Advertising Statistics

  • 35% of the audiences are consuming the video content only through mobile.
  • The video content has been surfed by the 18% of the users only through the web.
  • 48% of the audiences use mobile apps to watch the video content.
  • The smartphone(83%) accounts higher video ad watching rate than tablets(81) and desktops(53%).
  • $10 million has been spent on digital video and mobile video by the advertisers annually on an average.
  • 82% of TV and online video of cross-screen ad spending is increased.
  • 67% of advertisers agreed that the reach of targeted audiences through digital video is more effective than other advertising ways.
  • 50% of digital ad network has been used by the household goods.
  • 63% of premium video sites have been utilized by the Health and Beauty.
  • 53% increment in ROI and 50% in Scale has been noticed by the advertisers only through Cross-Platform buying.
  • 60% of ROI increased through TV primary buying.


The cross-screen video advertising will increase the ROI than other advertising ways. Through the cross-screen video advertising, the brand reach to the real-time customers in simple and easy way.

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