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How Display ads and Video ads help attract customers?

Generally, advertisement refers to promoting brands, products, or services to increase the viewership to boost audience engagement and sales. There are different types of ads in the market, and marketers must pay for their ad publishing and viewership. Video ads are in video format and are a popular advertising method because they generate high engagement with high CTRs.

Display advertising is one type of online advertising where marketers use banners and visual aids formats for advertising their product through company apps, websites, and social media platforms. Global digital video advertising spends are expected to cross $333 billion by the end of 2021. It is essential to know Display ads and video ads to capture people’s attention effectively. Also, marketers should understand how they are leveraging the targeting strategies get benefit from display ads and video ads.

Using Digital Video Advertising to Sell Products:

Let us consider that online advertising, TV ads, and OTT platforms have become excellent opportunities to advertise your business. Once you upload the video, Your video will last forever if that goes viral, and that can continually promote your business. In Addition, Video advertisements make video advertising a lot more cost-effective in less time.

People watch 90% less TV than they did 8 years ago.

Using online video to market your products and services is the future of sales.

Here are the four reasons why businesses choose Digital Video Advertising to sell their products:

Boost Search Engine Ranking:

Video ads have a lot of chances to high your search engine ranking. Because your video campaigns contain proper Title tags, perfect Description, including a solid call to action, it will definitely boost brand visibility and awareness.

Real-time Analytics:

Businesses or brands can easily track the audience behavior on ads every minute by real-time analytics. Brands can easily find the demographic of the viewers and their activity on it. Advertising platforms pretty much encourage consumer engagement and feedbacks on which they can act immediately.

How to use Digital Video Advertising to sell products on Instagram without being a marketer.

  1. You don’t need to be a marketer to sell products on Instagram, all you need is a story worth sharing.
  2. Just create a 3-5 minute video that solves your customers’ problem for them. Then share this video with the world by optimizing its discoverability on YouTube and Instagram.
  3. Your video should visually demonstrate your

Here’s why you should use digital video advertising to sell products

  1. Youtube is usually the first step of the purchasing funnel
  2. Facebook and Google are combining video data
  3. One image won’t cut it anymore
  4. Video increases your average order value

Wondering how you can use digital video advertising to sell more products and drive traffic?

Persuade with your images, not your words

  1. In your video ad panels, show customers how to use your product
  2.  Come up with a clear call-to-action on the landing page of every video.
  3. Video content is best at driving brand awareness
  4. Video makes people want to buy the product faster from you.
  5. If you sell

Here’s how to create a digital video advertising strategy that will increase your product sales

  1. Always link your video content to product landing pages
  2. Post your videos at least twice a day and on all social media channels
  3. Showcase your products in the videos no matter what
  4.  Set up a Google Analytics campaign for your videos

Making a digital video is free, and it’s a great way to

  1. Show your audience what you do
  2. Inform them on what you can help them get better at
  3. Build trust with your viewers
  4. Show them how much they can save by working with you right now
  5. Let them know that they’re not alone with concerns or problems like theirs

The Key Role of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the effective ways to sell your products and services online. It is the only content marketing strategy that works well for your business.

Videos Boost Conversions:

Video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%, per the HubSpot study. Watching a compelling video can influence buying to persuade a visitor that converts into a lead. Videos help to convey the right emotions that are a powerful selling tool.

Generates Interest:

The next best video marketing funnel is interested, where the customer actively reveals the information about the product or service and brands. Product Videos focused on describing the products and necessarily things hard sell.

Videos loved by Search Engines:

Search engines always look for the content that generates engages viewers. If you promote your marketing videos through social media, it has the right chance of getting funds through the roof.

Videos encourage social Sharing and Increase Organic Traffic:

The video encourages people to share on social platforms. Once if your video goes viral that will automatically share and gain huge engagement. A good video campaign consists of Titles, Descriptions, and optimized URL tags. So that your websites will get organic reach and boost traffic.

Video can build Trust and Credibility:

Video creates an excellent opportunity to make a personality interest for your brands. It enables you to connect with the audience to earn their trust. Product videos are 90% helpful in the decision-making process. Compelling videos help to educate and inform your customers to build the foundation of trust.

How to Create an Effective Video Ads

Come with a Good Storyboard:

Creating an effective video campaign consists of to factors like compelling content and advertising strategy. Be yourself while writing and producing your campaigns. So that becomes authentic and compelling.

Your content creates Intent Signal:

Always be true to your audience and brand voice. First, focus on the script and keep an eye on pre-production whether that script makes any sense, like emotional connections, feelings, and narrative.

Hire Professionals to help you:

Hire a creative director from the video marketing agencies because not everyone thinks like professional and creative. Make sure to help them to create a video that can make an intent, unified audience.

Use Intent-Based Targeting:

Effective video marketing has moved from right targeting the supposed to reach the right audience. It is essential to get the audience at the right time when you are waiting to generate leads or store visits to your business.

First Few Seconds Video Matters:

Most internet users spend fewer than 10 seconds viewing the content. If that content makes sense, they continue to watch till the end. You must create compelling content to grab the audience’s attention before they skip your ad. keep in mind that the first 5 seconds of your video will determine it generates views.

Video ads are more shareable

Short and straightforward content makes your videos more sharable on social media. More than 83% of the consumers said that they consider sharing the brand’s content with friends. Videos are inherently watchable; the audience wants more and more content from brands every day. The success of the video raving on social networks. There are highly shared videos that define the winning attributes for your business.


Online videos are always available and pretty easy to access from anywhere. In terms of social media, online videos available for 24 hours in the form of Facebook Stories, Instagram reels, and YouTube short.


Video Advertising is one of the lucrative mediums to advertise your business online through websites and mobile apps. Once your video goes viral, people will automatically share it across social media to boost brand awareness and potential sales. This virality makes it possible to spare your marketing efforts without increasing your campaign budget.

Why video ads are the future

Video ads are costlier among all display advertising but worth it when you use them for marketing. Big social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have made display ads, video ads more convenient for marketers to run their campaigns and attract the audience’s attention and engagement.

Here’s why video ads are the future of advertising

  1.  Video ads explain your product better
  2. Video ads avoid people putting their phone down
  3. Viewers can’t skip video ads

This is why video ads are the future

  1. They will bring traffic and customers to your business
  2. You can reach a wider audience with video ads
  3. Video Ads work on all social media platform
  4.  Increase ROI and sales with video ads

This is why video ads are a good investment

  1. Viewers are more active when a video ad plays
  2. Users feel more connection with brands
  3. Video ads increase organic post reach
  4. You can A/B test your video before posting

You should get used to video ads

  1. Over 600 million people are watching videos daily
  2. Influencers have already started using video ads
  3. Video ads more conversion-friendly

Video ads

  1. Video is more engaging
  2. Video increases conversion rates by 54%
  3. Video takes time to skip
  4. CTA gets video views on Instagram Stories more than a photo post does
  5. Video ads can use the entire screen real estate of IGTV and IG posts.

Reasons You Need to Use Video Advertising

Online video advertising is compelling, and it creates more opportunities to sell your products. Video advertising is a multi-sensory medium that helps users to get potential viewers in emotional level boost people sharing with word-of-mouth endorsement. Social media networks have become a powerful tool to build brand awareness through video advertising.

Online video ads make great portability that can travel with your target markets. The best thing is you can connect from smartphones that your ad goes wherever there is an Internet connection.

One of the most significant advantages of video ads is that you can save some of the money. There is no need to spend excessive amounts of money on televisions whenever the Internet is consistently available at least a portion of your target market.

Video advertising campaigns offer real-time analytics that you can see instantly and limitless practically. Marketers can get instant feedback in views, likes, and comments from the audience’s behavior. Adjust those strategies for your next advertisement.

Online video ad campaigns can reach a global audience, and with the right viral content, brands and business could potentially explore their business.

Advantages to Video Advertising

Online video advertising offers flexible video formats that come from sponsored videos. Pre-roll ads are a great way to engage that place just before another video runs.

Here are the 3 significant advantages to video advertising

  1. Increased shareability
  2. Higher brand recognition
  3. Social validation

There are many advantages to video advertising

  1. You can reach more people
  2. You can define your brand`s personality
  3. It’s more shareable
  4. More memorable
  5. More intimate

This is why you should use video ads

  1. Video ads have higher retention than banner ads
  2. Video ads can be more intriguing
  3. Video ads are easier to create

3 quick reasons to try video advertising on your Instagram

  1. Attention-grabbing videos rank higher on Instagram
  2. Videos can have a lower cost per engagement
  3. Videos can convey emotional connection in an easier way

Want to get more leads? Do Video Ads!

  1. Viewers are 2x more likely to follow you
  2. Ads show up in Instagram Explore, so you have better chances of getting found
  3. Videos command twice as much time as photos, so that’s double the opportunities for direct message engagement

TV is dead, long live video!

  1. Visual adverts are much more memorable than boring words and sounds.
  2. Studies show video ads generate 60% more leads.
  3. Be specific with your videos, use storytelling to grab viewers’ attention
  4. Make your product or service talk for you, try local commercials.

Video is the future of advertising

  1. It’s cheaper than a TV
  2. You can tailor ads to specific segments (age, gender, etc.)
  3. Less likely to be skipped than an image ad (35% less likely, in fact!)
  4. Increases brand awareness by 1,200% when done correctly
  5. Engagement rates are 3x higher


There are many things to recommend Display and video ads. If you haven’t tried it, just grab one and leverage it for your business. As video of now, video creation is time-consuming and expensive, but today’s advancements in technology make your job easier, even for large businesses. Video advertising is accessible to everyone from small to larger enterprises. Advertising on YouTube gives a chance to access the most prominent video hosting and sharing platforms to diversify and improve online marketing strategy.

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