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50 Best Practices for eCommerce Product Videos

The video is the most powerful tool in online marketing. Brands and businesses, irrespective of size, are using videos to take their e-commerce business to the next level. Including videos into the eCommerce Product Videos, the marketing strategy helps to increase conversions and grow the online business.

50 Best Practices for eCommerce Product Videos

1. High-quality product videos will have a greater impact.

2. The videos should not be complicated to understand and they should be straight to the point.

3. Even an average audience should be able to understand and follow the video.

4. Videos must be attractive to watch and should satisfy the curiosity of the viewer.

5. Use simple language so that shoppers will understand it easily.

6. Have user generated testimonials on the product page as potential buyers are sure to trust the people who already used the product.

7. Different types of product videos such as how to, tutorials and reviews can be used.

8. Unboxing videos are the most popular and audience will love them.

9. Know the impact of the video by tracking the performance.

10. Do not neglect to optimize video for SEO.

11. Auto play for product videos is not advisable for e-commerce.

12. Instead, add a play button that visitors can find easily.

13. Ensure that the videos or not boring but are informative and entertaining.

14. Define the goal of the video strategy.

15. Decide where you will use the product videos. They can be used on the product page, social media sites or in the email campaign.

16. Write a script for the product video.

17. The product videos can be placed on individual product pages.

18. Place the videos close to the conversion points.

19. Keep them above the fold to get more views and drive sales.

20. Track customer engagement with the product videos based on video views and shares. Conversion rate or average order value is other things to track.

21. Check which of the videos on your sales website needs videos.

22. Use product demo videos to educate consumers about product.

23. If the goal of the video is to increase conversion rate include product review or how to videos.

24. To engage shoppers with your brands and products, use the unboxing or comparison videos.

25. Encourage the audience to share the product videos.

26. Allowing sharing the videos not only helps in reaching new audience buy strengthens relationship with customers.

27. Find the influencers in your niche the and collaborate with them.

28. Keep the videos short.

29. Based on the type of product, the product videos should not be more than one minute long.

30. How to videos or tutorials describe the product in depth so these can be of longer duration.

31. Help the visitors to make informed decision by showing the product in use.

32. To engage the shoppers, add video thumbnails.

33. Include call to action in the product videos.

34. Use a simple but right video player on your e-commerce site.

35. The video player should not distract viewers and should not look awkward.

36. Optimize your product videos for mobiles.

37. From SEO perspective, embed the product video on product page.

38. Make the videos personal.

39. Introduce the people behind your brand to the visitors.

40. Show the product in the videos in multiple angles. Give product details and features.

41. If the video is more than one minute long, it is ok to use background music instead to continuous voice over.

42. Shoot the videos in high definition.

43. Avoid shadows and dim light in the videos.

44. If needed use tripods so that shots are steady.

45. Use an external microphone inputs for sound clarity if your built in microphone is not effective.

46. Focus on the product instead of the spokesperson.

47. Include ‘Add to Cart’ button in the player settings.

48. Use the shortened versions or teasers of the video on your social networking sites and drive the visitors to the landing page.

49. Label the videos correctly so that Google indexes the files.

50. Video in the correct form should be submitted to Google.

Product videos can increase conversions as they help the people to know more information about the product. Surveys also proved that product videos influence the visitors to buy the order. eCommerce Product Videos are the most effective way to demonstrate the product and increase online sales.

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