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How to Create eCommerce Product Videos: Video Marketing Tips to Drive Your eCommerce Sales

Video marketing makes a significant impact on driving more sales and traffic to your websites. Over 89% of the marketers revealed that Video drives huge traffic to their company websites. Leveraging the appealing, eCommerce marketing videos for businesses gives brand awareness and a cost-effective way to promote your products and services. eCommerce stores have several opportunities to create eCommerce Product Videos, and maximize your eCommerce marketing strategy, check out the below tips to drive big eCommerce Sales.

Creating eCommerce product videos is easy

  • You don’t need to create e-commerce video content
  • in 3 easy steps, you’ll have your first eCommerce video
  • in only a few minutes
  • SEO for your product page is easy when I show you how

This is why eCommerce product videos are important

  • People want to see human emotions from you
  • Users want to be engaged with the video
  • Make a video that explains more than sells

I’m going to show you how to create your own product videos

  • Find a tool. There are plenty of free ones online
  • Find someone reliable to do it
  • Plan ahead by writing out what you want to say first
  • Hashtag best practices

You can’t sell a product that people can’t understand

  • Add text to explain products
  • Show the use of the product in action
  • Use stories, do FB live streams, and videos
  • Do a giveaway and ask your followers to participate
  • Promote your videos on other channels like IGTV and YouTube

How to create eCommerce product videos

  • Set goals before filming
  • The right equipment
  • Lighting Tips
  • Hook them in 30 seconds
  • Use a playlist creator

How to create eCommerce product videos

  • Tell a story
  • Show the product from all angles
  • Be yourself. Don’t try and be someone else
  • The best lighting is natural lighting
  •  Always be editing

Are you creating product videos?

  • It’s easier than you thought
  • How to get started
  • Why eCommerce companies should do it
  • The three types of eCommerce videos
  • What a product video needs to succeed

Use this template to create your own eCommerce product videos

  • Choose a camera that will pick up all details of the product and hold up to wear and tear so you can film a bunch of videos at once.
  • Shoot in 60 FPS – Your editing software and viewers, take 60 frames per second videos more seriously!
  • Get close-ups of each product – Regardless of lighting conditions, get a close-up shot of each product

Want to Increase Your eCommerce Sales?

  • Product Videos give you more flexibility and save time
  • If you want your videos to work for you, they need to sell
  • Don’t Buy a $1500 video camera
  • Learn how to film your own videos

There are 2 types of online shoppers

  1. The ones that like to look at products in a way they’re accustomed to (pictures)
  2. The ones that would instead view a short and informative video about the product.

Why you need to create product videos for your Shopify site

  • All your competitors have them
  • You increase your conversion rates by 7%
  • You increase your social proof by 300%
  • You bring in traffic from Youtube and Google

This is how you can create e-commerce product videos in 3 days

  • Find a good camera
  • Find the right editing software
  • Shoot script and brief actors
  • Set up lights, sound, and framing
  • Edit shots into a video
  • Add music and overlay titles
  • Share the final video on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Videos will SELL your eCommerce products

  • Help customers see how it FEELS to use your product
  • Longer videos are better videos
  • Use video to show, not just tell
  • Add testimonials and user-generated videos
  • CTA: Watch more free videos here.
  • See how Shopify does product videos

How to Convert your eCommerce Sales with Video

  • Get started with the right equipment
  • The best way to record your videos – smartphones or DSLRs?
  • Editing software + templates
  • Walkthroughs, unboxing, and product demos
  • Merchandising video hacks

Why you should create videos for your eCommerce store

  • Product demo videos convert
  • You can display audio on the video
  • Video testimonials show credibility
  • You can use the product as a prop
  • Video doesn’t require much production effort

Some of the most famous brands are using product videos

Some of the most famous brands are using product videos on their website to make sales. I experimented, and my conversion rate increased 40%
Key: Use dynamic titles

  • 5 reasons why you need to create product videos
  • 10 tips and tricks during filming
  • Infuse your brand to make it relate-able
  • Show off your personality
  • Create a catchy storyline in video form, not only pictures

Video Marketing Tips to Drive Your eCommerce Sales

  • Create a script
  • Make it visual
  • Be authentic and personable
  • Be selective and strategic about your videos
  • Use keywords
  • Plan your video
  • Include a call to action in the first five seconds
  • Let emotions drive your videos
  • Consider the best platforms for your video
  • Prioritize Facebook Video
  • Use social videos to drive traffic to your website
  • Engage with your audience through live broadcasting
  • Promote purchasing with reviews and promos
  • Build a relationship with your customers
  • Use high definition video
  • Keep the format simple
  • Create Video for the Right Content
  • Be Authentic in Your Videos
  • Create Thumbnail Captures
  • Choose your platform depending on the type of video you want to create
  • Branding must translate across all platforms
  • Create marketing videos that drive conversions
  • Motivate viewers with graphics and copy
  • Use Video in your emails
  • Experiment with live streaming
  • Test different videos on your page
  • Video is Easier to Remember
  • Effective eCommerce Videos Have a Goal
  • It’s All About the First Impression
  • Video for eCommerce
  • Video Content Strategy
  • Content and Structure
  • Engagement and Call to Action
  • Engage followers with polls and questions
  • Don’t be afraid to show personality
  • Know your Content and Target Audience
  • Optimize your Videos, Channel and Description
  • Optimize your Site for Video SEO
  • Diversify your Marketing Channels
  • Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos
  • Get Professional equipment
  • Decide between Video and Photo
  • Carve out a dedicated marketing budget
  • Focus on content quality before the scale
  • Prepare your brand for changing trends
  • Integrate video into current marketing strategies
  • Drive sales through social media
  • Invest in quality video production

Tips to Drive your eCommerce Sales

Create short skits and stories

Maintain the product Close-Ups

Go live to showcase the eCommerce products.

Create the interactive Video Ads

Add product videos to Product Pages.

Showcase how to use the products

Display the product catalogs

Create the How to use Tutorial

Videos That Tell a Good Story

Display the right message from the CEO

Use subtitles in your e-commerce videos

Do follow the video content marketing tips.

Offer the Influencer Reviews

Leverage some entertainment videos

Collaborate with the Non-profits

Shoot the expert Interviews

Leverage Controversy content

Make sure to eliminate background sound.

Feature the results of products video

Keep your videos Short.

Launch product videos

Collaborate with the Influencer First Impressions

Launch the How to use products

Tell a story that evokes emotions.

Know your desired and loyal audience

Create the product review videos

Make your brand appear bigger.

Make influencers endorsements

Use the right tools to create excellent video content.

Invest in Quality, not quantity

Use product testimonials for video content.

Go live by using Facebook / YouTube.

Create the complete manual setup

Describe the product manufacturing

Leverage the product story videos

Create a few Parody videos

Create the product explainer videos

Embed eCommerce videos on Emails

Leverage the testimonial content

Invest money on Paid Video Ads

Create more interactive and engaging video content

Optimize all your videos for mobiles

Describe the Brand Causes

Introduce video testimonial on your Websites

Upload the product videos on Facebook

Share product explainer videos on YouTube.

Highlight the critical areas on Video

Include behind the scenes footage

Create the Informative Videos

Publish the text versions in your eCommerce

Include customer stories in your videos


There is no doubt that eCommerce Product Videos increase eCommerce sales, increase traffic to your site, foster customer loyalty, boost conversions, and improve the product pages. As a marketer, if you are looking for video marketing tips to drive your eCommerce Sales, make sure to read the above guide for productive results.

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