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Ephemeral Video Marketing: Why Ephemeral Video Content Helps to Boost Engagement

If you’re like most marketers, you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to engage your audience. And if you haven’t yet explored ephemeral video content, now is the time to start. Ephemeral videos are temporary, meaning they disappear after a set amount of time – usually 24 hours or less. So why is this type of content so engaging? Read on to find out.

You might have heard the term “ephemeral video” before, but what exactly does it mean? And more importantly, why should you care? In a nutshell, ephemeral video is video content designed to consume and disappear. Sounds scary, right? But there are many compelling reasons why quick video can be a potent tool for marketers. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Ephemeral Video Marketing?

It’s a way to create online content around your brand or product and is meant to be shared on social media.

Ephemeral Video Marketing is a way to get more views, likes, and shares on your videos.

Ephemeral video marketing is a new and growing trend that allows you to reach out to your customers in a fun, interactive way.

Ephemeral Video Marketing is a new way to market your business. It has a lot of benefits, including the fact that it helps the viewer remember you and what you do.

It’s a new way to promote a product. In this case, the video is short-lived and will disappear after some time, but it can effectively reach many people as long as they know about its existence when it comes out.

In video marketing, ephemeral content is a type of content that disappears after it’s viewed. Let me give you an example: Snapchat.

Ephemeral Video Marketing is a way to market your business using videos. It’s one of the best ways to get traffic for your website, and it can be done in just 5 minutes!

Why Ephemeral Video Content Helps to Boost Engagement

As a marketer, one of the best ways to reach your audience is through video content. And I’m not talking about boring corporate videos or product demos.

One of the main reasons users enjoy watching ephemeral content is that it gives them control over viewing and sharing videos. In this way, people can avoid spoilers for TV shows, sports games, etc.

The ephemeral video has become quite popular, and for a good reason. It is a fun way to share what you are doing in real-time, even if it’s just eating dinner or taking a shower.

According to a recent report, people are watching more and more videos on their phones. However, most of these videos aren’t meant to be watched again.

Ephemeral Video Marketing Strategies for Brands

  • Create a video that is short but grabs the attention of your audience
  • Use humor in your videos to promote your brand’s personality
  • Be mindful of how much you are paying for each video. It might be worthwhile to invest in quality equipment or hire professionals if needed
  • Share your videos on social media and other platforms
  • Create a promotional video for your brand
  • Promote your videos on social media and other platforms to get more views
  • Use short, entertaining clips that are easy to digest so people will watch them over and over again
  • Engage with the audience by asking questions or getting their feedback in the comments section of each video
  • Utilize the power of video to create a more intimate connection with your customers
  • Create videos that are engaging and shareable- make them short, sweet, and easy to understand
  • Use an online tool like Wistia or YouTube to host your videos on their platform
  • Make sure you have a clear call-to-action in the video’s description box so people know what they should do next
  • Create a video that is short and sweet
  • Add a voice-over to the video with an upbeat, catchy tune
  • Use callouts throughout the video to get people’s attention
  • Include subtitles for those who are hearing impaired or don’t speak your native language
  • Keep your videos under 10 minutes in length
  • Create a video in-store to show your products
  • Use videos for product demonstrations
  • Use videos to educate consumers about the benefits of your brand or product
  • Share customer testimonials on social media that are filmed in an exciting way
  • Create a video that is short, concise, and to the point
  • Use video in marketing campaigns for email blasts
  • Partner with influencers to create content for your brand
  • Include videos in your social media posts
  • Send out weekly videos of company updates
  • Create a video that tells your story
  • Build anticipation with countdown videos
  • Make your videos interactive by including polls and quizzes in them
  • Add links to purchase products or make it easy for viewers to buy the product on the spot, like using Shopify’s “buy now” feature
  • Use hashtags to boost engagement
  • Use video to show the production process of your products
  • Upload product videos that are not too long or complicated for viewers to understand
  • Include a call-to-action in each video, such as “subscribe” or “follow us on social media.”
  • Create tutorials and how-to videos that are easy to follow for customers
  • Experiment with different types of content in your marketing strategy
  • Create a video that is short and to the point
  • Use Facebook Live or other live video platforms for marketing
  • Encourage people to share your videos by giving them a discount code or other incentive
  • Offer exclusive content on YouTube, such as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with employees, etc
  • Use short-term video content to generate buzz
  • Partner with influencers in your industry for cross-promotion
  • Create a branded YouTube channel that is updated regularly
  • Add videos to your website’s blog posts and social media accounts.


Video marketing is becoming more popular with each passing day. But, it’s not enough to post a video on social media and hope for the best. The content needs to be engaging for people to watch it all the way through, which is where ephemeral videos come into play. Ephemeral video content has become one of the most effective means of creating an impactful campaign that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Contact us today if you want help putting together a fantastic interactive or informative episodic series for your audience! We specialize in helping companies create successful campaigns using this innovative medium so they can reach new customers while boosting engagement rates at their current customer base.

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