Guide to Google’s Brand Lift to Understand Effectiveness of Video Campaign

Brand lift used to measure customer awareness and perception as a result of a marketing campaign. Retailers can get benefit from a brand lift to build up their presence. Retailers can measure the shares, comments, watch time, and other metrics on YouTube with the Brand lift program. The goal of brand lift program is to measure the impact of ad campaign on brand metrics. Get all information about Google’s Brand Lift.

What is Google’s Brand Lift

Brand lift measurement solution measure the impact of ads of the businesses. The marketers can get the insights of the impact of the campaign on the audience. It also measures the purchase intent, brand awareness, ad recall, brand interest, and favorability. These metrics analyzed, and the campaigns can optimize to make them more effective.

Brand lift solution measures results through surveys and search. The surveys help to measure the ad recall, purchase intent, etc. and the campaign impact also measured with brand lift search using an organic search on Google and YouTube. YouTube picks up a group that already saw the ad campaign and another group that did not see the ad. Then the organic search behavior of both the groups is compared. The difference in searches related to the brand and its campaign attributed to the ad campaign.

Google Brand Lift Surveys

Brand lift surveys of Google help in measuring the impact of an advertising campaign. The surveys are accurate and quick. Marketers can use the Google Brand Lift surveys to know more metrics beyond impressions and clicks and measure the success of their campaigns. The marketers need not spend anything extra for setting up and administering the surveys. It can be done at the Adwords dashboard. Google Brand Lift surveys help to gain insight into the advertising campaign and adjust the targeting to get the more view-through rate.

Here is how the Google Brand Lift Survey works. First, set up the surveys within AdWords accounts. Go to the Adwords dashboard and answer the template questions to develop the survey. Launch your campaign. The viewers for the group divided into two by Google. One of the two groups will be able to see the ads, and the others will not. Both the group of the audience will be delivered a question survey by Google after a day replacing the video ad with the survey. The response of both the groups of the audience will compare, and brand lift calculated. The marketers can make adjustments to their campaign after they receive the survey results.

Advantages of Google Brand Lift

Google brand lift solution helps the marketers to get insights into consumer behavior and the impact of their campaign on them. They can find out if the people are recalling watching the video campaign or not. It also measures brand awareness in targeted consumers. Google also measures if the consumers are willing to buy the product after watching the video ad. One of the advantages of Google brand lift is that the marketer can get insights within a few days of launching their campaign, and based on the results, improvements can make. Another advantage is that the marketers need to spend anything for these metrics except to set up the solution within AdWords.

To implement the Google Brand Lift program, it is important to determine the goals and understand the target audience. The goal of most ad campaigns is to increase sales, acquiring new users, and increasing subscribers. After determining the goal, identify the audience. Setting up of brand lift is not much different from setting up of video campaigns.

Advantages of AdWords Scripts For Video Campaigns

The AdWords scripts are the best way to control the AdWords related data by using the JavaScript code programmatically. As a result, it can create reports and provides tools for analytics and update bidding. It sends you good alerts on the present status of the campaign and many other features. The script automates and helps in managing the time in the day to day tasks. It helps in going with more productive improvements like keyword researching and other insights.


• AdWords Script can utilize to pause the keywords and the ad groups using the script. If CTR is falling below the percentage, then you can pause them.

• It is also useful in building up the data. By using the script, you can create bid adjustments.

• By using the automated AdWords script you can also set up the different types of reports.

• No need start or begin every year for your new event as the AdWords script supports you.

• AdWords script also can be utilized as a line checker who checks the final destination of the ads and ensures the users point to actual pages. This script can save your money by stopping you from throwing money on Advertising that is not working on specific sites.

• It acts as the best companion for PPC professionals as they are very busy with their work all the time changing bids, testing of ads, etc. all these challenges can be managed with the AdWords script.

• Custom alerts and rules can be monitored by the AdWords Script.

• The PPC professionals can also utilize to simply their ad testing as they can get the custom alerts by using the AdWords Script.

• It can also help in automating the optimization s of the account. Account optimizing takes a lot of time and move to the next level with the adjustments of bids and addition and removal of the keywords. All these optimizations must be done by the PPC professionals every day. By using the AdWords Script, many of these optimizations can be automated.

Therefore these are some of the benefits of AdWords Script for professionals.

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