Promoted Video Advertising

Guide to Twitter Promoted Video Advertising

Twitter Promoted Video Advertising 

With greater phone screens and remarkable access to high-speed Internet, it’s nothing unexpected that we’re observing more video online and on mobile phones. Whether it’s to stay upgraded on breaking news, a game-winning touchdown, new music from a most loved musician or auspicious messages from brands, individuals swing to Twitter to find what’s happening in their reality.

Considering this, we’ve been trying Promoted Video, another path for brands to post videos that users can play in their timetables with a solitary tap. Promoted Video accompanies hearty targeting choices and cost per view evaluating, so you pay when somebody watches by clicking “play.”

Study found that users watching branded content on Twitter versus different platforms sat nearer to the screen, will probably grin, and were all the more eager to draw in with videos longer than 30 seconds.

Twitter Video Views Campaign 

When you have uploaded your video, you can then begin on making your video views campaign! On, click on ‘Create new campaign’ and from the dropdown, select the ‘Video views’ choice.

From that point, give your campaign a name. We propose something identified with the particular audience you’re targeting with this campaign so you can without much of a stretch recognize different campaigns you create later on.

Moreover, you will be incited to enter your campaign begin and end dates. For progressing marketing messages, we prescribe selecting the alternative to Start promptly, run persistently, and setting your most extreme day by day budget to the sum you need to spend every day.

For more subtle elements and best practices, please see our Campaign Dates and Budgets article.

Twitter Advertising Card Specs 

With Twitter Cards, you can append rich photos, videos, and media experience to Tweets that direct people to your site. Essentially include a couple of lines of HTML to your site page, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” additional to the Tweet that is noticeable to the greater part of their followers.

Advertising on Twitter is getting all the more effective — additionally more unpredictable. In case you’re thinking about how to ace Twitter ads, Salesforce set up together an exhaustive infographic, demonstrating to best utilize Twitter advertisement products, for example, site cards, lead era cards and promoted video cards.

Best practices for Twitter Promoted Video 

Late research demonstrates that Twitter user’s adoration to watch, engage, and discover in with video. With 90% of Twitter video views happening on mobile, this is a perfect approach to achieve purchasers progressively, wherever they are.

  1. Make a human first impression to draw consumers in
  2. Highlight how your product delivers value to increase recall
  3. Structure storytelling to drive purchase intent
  4. Serve up high-energy entertainment to engage
  5. Align with influencers to drive earned media

By concentrating on these straightforward five innovative elements, advertisers can optimize their Promoted Video campaigns for accomplishment with customers on Twitter.

How Big Brands are using Twitter Promoted Video Advertising 

While follower number isn’t all that matters, I think it is intriguing to take a gander under the most favorable conditions case of how top brands use Twitter to see what they are doing admirably.

What’s more, on the off chance that you see – a large portion of them have the same or fundamentally the same as attributes.

Main concern is… brands that are murdering it on Twitter do these things which have a tendency to get heaps of engagement and followers:

• Post great content

• Be human

• Post often

• Mainly post images (even link posts)

• Post funny images and videos

• Retweet posts from followers

• Answer to mentions

• Maintain a related (and fresh) cover photo and avatar

Since you recognize what regions are most vital and how they supplement each other on Twitter – you have some direction for your own particular brand.

Twitter Promoted Video Advertising Statistics 

• no of active advertisers: 130,000

• revenue that comes through mobile 86%

• offline sales increases attributed to promoted tweets 29%

• no of devices twitter places ads on monthly through mopub 1 billion

• twitter share of the global digital advertising market 0.84%

Presently, the Ads API supports Promoted Video through the Tweet creation endpoint and through the Video App Download Card. Extra video backing will keep on being included as its accessible.

This report gives a brief overview of the procedure for uploading video and advancing it through the Ads API today.

Twitter likewise has presented imaginative minded flexibility that will give advertisers a chance to change local ads into banner or interstitial promos.

As should be obvious, Twitter now gives you more choices to contact your audience and helps you to create the Twitter advertisement campaigns you requirement for your business.

At the point when Twitter discharged their advertising platforms, there was an enormous absence of usefulness when it came to targeting your ads toward particular audiences.

While’s despite everything it not as point by point as Facebook or LinkedIn advertising, Twitter has made some amazing progress in ensuring your advertising contacts the right audience.

Twitter Objective-Based Ads for Video Promotion

Twitter, known the world over for its 140 character revolution is growing leaps and bounds and is now ready to become part of the digital marketing ecosystem.

With over 284 million monthly active users, Twitter helps people stay connected to their interests – whether it’s the latest global news or their favorite place to shop.

Businesses use Twitter to help them achieve their marketing goals, such as growing their community of followers, driving more visitors to their website, and capturing more leads to follow up with later. The effective way to launch Twitter Objective-Based Ads for Video Promotion can be discussed here.

Objective-based campaigns and pricing allow advertisers to pay for the actions that aligned with their marketing objectives.

Whatever your business goals are, we’ll guide you through designing ad campaigns that are best suited for whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Get the most out of your marketing dollars by only paying for the actions that you want and tracking your results over time with our analytics tools.

It’s now simpler and easier to succeed with Twitter Ads. You’ll only charged when a user clicks on a link to your websites all other engagements, like a favorite or a Retweet, are free.

You’ll never pay for actions that aren’t relevant to your goal, ensuring that you’re positioned to drive the highest possible ROI in each of your campaigns.

To give a few examples:

  • EBay’s use of Website Cards to drive referral traffic produced a 59% quarter over quarter decrease in average paid cost per click.

Guide to Twitter ‘First View’ Video Ads

Twitter is a typical channel offering its users a unique opportunity to tweet on various issues. The viewer base of Twitter has constantly been on the rise. Each day millions of people come to Twitter to express their opinions on various issues. Marketers come to Twitter to reach this live & premium audience through promoted trends/moments is thereby creating significant brand moments for their product launches etc. Twitter offered yet another feature to its existing gamut of features, i.e., First View. This tool enables marketers to scale their efforts even further.

This facility “First View” was launched in February this year initially for the people of US and Twitter promised to offer this product to all its members all over the world very shortly.

What is First View? It gives marketers a helping hand to achieve significant audience reach with exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising place for a period not exceeding 24 hours.

This exclusivity enables the marketers to post their ads in the ad place. When users first log in to Twitter, the top ad slot in the timelines will be a promoted video from that brand.

This facility enables the marketers to describe the powerful visual story to the Twitter audience. It is a combination of premium placement clubbed with maximum reach.

How is First View going to help the marketers is the question?

Though the pricing of First View is yet to announce, it offers the marketers a coveted position at the top of the feed. The name appearing on the top of the list always gets attention (Twitter is offering this place for a period not exceeding 24 hours) and as such the viewer has the highest chance of going through the promoted ad at the top of the list.

The industry, the technologists, and the marketers are quite upbeat about the new offer from Twitter and plans are already on their way to cash the newest launch from Twitter.

Twitter’s Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Live Video with Cortex

Live streaming has become most popular across the world through smartphone applications. Many applications like Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook live, etc. had become very popular.

Social platforms are focusing on the various technologies to make their step forward in business and success. Recently, Twitter was developing the new technology which recognizes the happenings in live video automatically.

The Twitter’s highly developed learning systems named cortex, which recognizes the labeling moving images in the live video streams. It is an essential step that requires deep learning with enormous computing power.

With this new technological step with the cortex, The platform was planning to develop a highly comfortable and sophisticated system for filtering, which can curate the variety of content shared via the Twitter platform.

It depends on the activity of sharing the content in the past. The platform is presently testing the technology in cortex via Smartphone application, periscope. It can filters the copyrighted content too.

Recognizing the substance of live video is an entirely first trap. Analysts have gained noteworthy ground lately with calculations that can recognize objects in photos, yet it is significantly harder to do with a live video of fluctuating quality.

To do it right away likewise requires impressive registering power. Twitter viably assembled a custom supercomputer made entirely of representation handling units (GPUs) to perform the video grouping and serve up the outcomes.

These chips are particularly productive for the scientific counts required for deep learning, yet regularly they are only one a player in a more significant PC framework.

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