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Youtube is the largest video platform in which there are several artists, creators and brands meet at one place. Youtube is a giant in the Online Video world, and it plays a vital role in the area of Digital video marketing today.

Many platforms took Youtube as their main competitor in the marketing race and still back to the Youtube platform in the race.

Youtube videos are unbeatable and rank at top place in search engine results. The platform was generating more than a hundred million video views per day. More than one billion active users are using Youtube daily.

Youtube platform provides various opportunities for the individual creators and artists to reach millions of audience across the platform and helps in building up their identity on the platform. Youtube become the ultimate choice of the majority of marketers and advertisers on the web.

Youtube have designed its content ID system better than any other platform today.

Many platforms like Facebook were accounted for the freebooting but, Youtube not. The platform provides various video ad formats with Shoppable, premium ads, True view, banner ads and many other types for advertisers to reach the audience.

The Youtube live streaming also enhances the real-time experience and marketing online. YouTube’s latest creator studio app and many other applications allow the advertisers to make an innovative approach towards the audience across the platform.

The online video marketing will go forward with a new avatar in the coming future. The Youtube platform also plan something new just like the previous years.

The platform already implemented the virtual reality 360-degree video formats and we can expect the same that are compatible with the mobile devices.

To say that watching video online is taking off would be the modest representation of the truth of the year. The online video industry has been moving at full speed and has achieved enormous extents. Video patterns in 2015 demonstrate that, for the occasion, each moment more than 500 hours of video are being updated on YouTube, which is too huge to ignore. The most important Online Video trends listed here.

Despite the business you’re in, you have to consider that your clients’ desires as far as videos are rising. Almost any sort of business can have a YouTube channel and it can in the end transform into your primary type of publicizing. How about we investigate the inexorably mainstream video patterns for 2015 and 2016.

360-Degree Videos

A 360 video is made with a camera framework that all the while records every one of the 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can skillet and rotate a 360 video’s viewpoint to watch it from various perspectives.

At the point when viewing a 360 video on a PC, the review edge is changed by dragging with the mouse.

Ensure you’re utilizing the most recent updated web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox).

Micro-moments: Real-time, intent-driven micro-moments

As an essential piece of our day 2 day lives, we’re seeing a crucial change in the way people devour media. What used to be our anticipated, day by day sessions online have been supplanted by numerous divided associations that now happen quickly. There are many these minutes consistently—checking the time, messaging a friend, chatting with companions on online social networking sites. Yet, then there are alternate minutes—I need-to-know minutes, I need to go minutes; I need to-do minutes, and I need to-purchase minutes—that truly matter. We call these “micro-moments,” and they’re game changers for both shoppers and brands.

Because of cell phones, micro-moments can happen at anytime, anyplace. In those minutes, customers anticipate that brands will address their necessities with constant significance.

Cell phones – especially cell phones – have everlastingly changed the way our clients live. It’s likewise broken the customer adventure to online buy into several constant, aims driven micro moments. What’s more, this has always shown signs of change what shoppers – particularly 18-to-34-year-olds – expect of brands. Also, that makes every one of these smaller scale minutes a basic open door for brands to shape their choices and inclinations.

Sharing of Mobile Video Increased:

“Video is a bright future of content marketing. That is if it’s not the here and now.” -Chris Trimble,

93% of the marketers are now using videos in their campaigns

84% are using video for website marketing

70% will increase spend on video

82% confirmed that video had progressive impact on their business

70% are optimizing video for search engines

Clearly, Video marketing works. Or marketers think it works. But where are they receiving their numbers from, and also what makes them feel so assured?

Multi-stage Video Marketing 

Brands and creators working with video were urged to upload in mass to locales like Viddler, Metacafe, and Myspace, and additionally the fledging YouTube, and the objective was to get however much permeability for your content as could reasonably be expected. Things have changed incomprehensible since those early days, and video marketing groups have turned out to be all the more complex in their production and distribution strategies.

Email Marketing with Videos 

Videos in email have been appeared to build click-through rates by more than 96% on the primary early on email 60% are utilizing video for email advertising Get Response reported comparable numbers with its perception that emails with video have a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96.4% higher active click-through rate. The impact video has on press releases is significantly more noteworthy: interactive media press releases with video are seen 970% more than text-only.

Intelligent Vertical Mobile Videos 

The wires are buzzing with the news about Snapchat, promotion giant WPP and the Daily Mail collaborating to begin growing more vertical video advertisements. Snapchat reports that vertical videos have nine times the rate of completed views versus even. It was a splendid move that Snapchat grasped the organization, and it’s not in light of the squandered space that horizontal video has on mobile.

It’s vital to note that videos in 2016 will be altogether different from what we’re utilized to. For instance, vertical videos are acknowledged now, as well as it’s conceivable they’ll be favored. The reason: we invest around 30% of our energy with vertically-held gadgets, which implies a vertical video is beginning to look and work superior to a flat one, which we used to believe was “right.” Besides, in 2014 viewers invested 23% of their energy watching 30-hour long videos– more than on whatever another gadget. The 1-2 minute standard is gradually vanishing, which implies organizations like never before need to incorporate storytelling in their advertisements to serve current video trends.

CNN’s Online Video Success Strategy Using CNNgo

CNNgo is the online video streaming portal of CNN. The site and comparing streaming applications require a user to enter their TV username and secret password key to get to live CNN telecasts and whole episodes of CNN shows, yet watching news videos is free.

Introducing CNNgo – stay tuned to what you want, when you want, or can simply watch live at

Videos on CNNgo :

Watch a live CNN video feed online, on short clips and demand shows from
CNNgo allows every user to watch live CNN video feeds, on demanded shows, and short clips from CNN video is identical to CNN Pipeline in that it permits viewers to watch CNN live, and a user must enter TV credentials before watching the live TV, you can view news cuts costs nothing. And not at all like Pipeline, the users are not required to pay additional if they have a link supplier. Another contrast is that there is still no paid alternative, which means clients can’t watch CNN live if they don’t have digital TV.

CNN then reported they were conveying CNNgo to the Apple TV,[2] amid a flood of new channels transmitted to the Apple TV. In any case, a few users complained of having the issue to sign in to the Apple TV channel with the same number of credentials as with the applications or web portal.

Watch Live TV – CNNgo

Here we can watch Live Tv @ CNNgo here at this link where the user needs to choose their service provider then getting signed in and then he can able to watch the live TV – CNNgo

CNNgo on IOS, Apple TV, Roku Platforms

The accessibility of CNNgo on Apple TV. As a major aspect of the business-wide TV Everywhere activity, CNNgo is currently accessible in .”With releasing of the CNNgo on Roku’s streaming devices, CNN is CNNgo is likewise accessible on, CNN ‘s iPad application, and on Apple, crosswise, Apple TV, Roku, and iPad over CNN ‘s portable stages. After the CNNgo Launches on the Roku Platform. December third.CNNgo is the online streaming platform of CNN. The site and comparing streaming applications require a user to enter their TV username and watchword to get to live CNN telecasts and whole scenes of CNN, however, watching news CNN then reported they were conveying CNNgo to the Apple TV.

The accessibility of CNNgo on Roku players and Roku TV™ models conveying to content a great many clients in the U.S. As a feature of the business-wide TV Everywhere activity, accessible in 86 million homes. CNNgo is extending its impression to clients of taking an interest Pay-TV suppliers and conveying CNNgo to the Roku streaming platform.

CNNgo Statistics and Videos Views:

CNN registered as the unbeatable digital news leader in Feb 2016 with more multiplatform new visitors, views, and engagement spent than any other news outlet. Feb also marked CNN’s 10th consecutive month as the internet’s No. 1 source for short news clips and video, while also maintaining its standard position as the most followed news brand across social media.


CNN has welcomed more than 93 million unique visitors in February — millions more than any other news organization. On desktop & mobile devices, CNN beat second place of Yahoo News by 7% and third place of by 15%.

CNN: 93 Million Unique Visitors


Including desktop and mobile devices, visitors spent most of their time in consuming CNN content than various news organization with 3.3 billion minutes spent on the CNN Digital desktop and also on mobile platforms.

CNN: 3.3 Billion minutes spent


The clear and undefeated leader in news video, CNN once has a victory in beating all news competitors in video streams. With 259 millions of video streams in the month of February, CNN has topped second place Yahoo News by 112 millions streams & third-place beating by 113 million streams.

CNN: 259 Million Streams


More users watched video on CNN than on any other news website in Feb. With 26 million viewers, CNN beaten second place Yahoo News by total 9 million and above the doubled the viewers of 3rd place

CNN: 26 Million Unique Viewers


Users spent an astonishing 1.8 billion of minutes consuming the CNN video in February — more than any other news website on the internet. CNN video was consumed 37% more than the second place & 115% more than third place of Yahoo News.

CNN: 1.8 Billion Minutes

Online Video Energy Consumption

Currently, the Global market runs on the concept of the online video. All people are spending much time to watch videos, especially on YouTube. As they are spending much time at watching a video then the system will consume energy which they use for streaming.

The energy consumption can be measured in a laptop while playing the video.

This may be varies depending on the timings of the day we watch.

There is also a variation in the search engines we used for browsing YouTube i.e. like Google chrome and Internet explorer.

The consumption of energy can be measured by using the software Joulemeter.

This gives the individual values of CPU, monitor, base, disk and application to run.

In the morning:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 232 586
Monitor (W) 1769 2040

Disk (W) 1 1

Base (W) 3105 3060

Application (W) 141 557
Total power(W) 5110 5689

Time in sec 256 292

Here we can find that the chrome consumes more energy than explorer which are considered in the morning time.

There could be 36 seconds change in the time to complete the video.

In the afternoon:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1.3 3.1
Monitor (W) 10 10

Disk (W) 0 0

Base (W) 15 15

Application (W) 0.8 3.3
Total power(W) 26.4 28.2

Time in sec 1.233 1.457

Here we can find a lot of difference in energy consumption from morning to afternoon.

The CPU, monitor, disk and all are having varied values.

At the Night:

Internet Explorer Google Chrome
CPU(W) 1 5
Monitor(W) 10 10

Disk(W) 0 0

Base(W) 15 15

Application(W) 1.5 5
total power(W) 26 30

Time in sec 1.362 1.908

By comparing all three readings we can get an idea of playing a video on YouTube at the night time will utilise less energy than morning and afternoon.

This will give us the brief knowledge about how to surf the videos which can be drawn at search engines using less energy and also used to find at what time the energy is consumed more while watching a video in a laptop.

Video advertising is changing from time to time with new technology and approach. Marketers and advertisers are following the new tactics to reach the audience with their content strategy. There are several Online Video Trends to look out.

1. Facebook Video Consumption rates will Increase

The daily views on the Facebook platform had already increased 8 times comparing to the previous year and is expected increase more in 2017.

2. Live Video Trend

Live video has become the most important trend across the web and people love live videos and marketers will focus more on live video strategy.

3. 360-Degree Videos

The new 360-degree video cameras are presently trending across the web. The marketers and advertisers will focus more on the 360 degree 4K videos to reach the audience with new events, trailers and product releases.

4. Marketing with Multi-Channel Strategy

Brands will create great videos to upload them on YouTube platform. The multi-channel marketing will definitely be on the rise with new approaches.

5. Video Apps

The video app marketing and advertisement of different apps will increase on different platforms.

6. Information and entertainment collaboration

Marketing videos will focus on delivering the brand message or product videos by focusing on the entertainment content and delivers to the targeted audience.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will undergo new changes that will push the marketers to take advantage of marketing by gaining complete attention from the viewers.

8. Email Marketing will continue with Video

Email marketing and campaigns will include the video within the campaigns to attract and drive the customers.

9. Video Web designing

Web designing will change to video web designing by including the video content on website designing to grab the attention of audience towards a website with a unique approach.

10. Video Bots

Video Chat bots can be expected in 2017 which may become the next trending thing in online video marketing.

All these above points relate the new expectations of future video marketing and advertising for the year 2017.

Top 10 Free Online Video Editors

Many people love to shoot video clips and want their video footage to look perfect. Using video editor ensures that the videos look professional. What people want from video editors may differ and will be based on individual requirements. There are many free, easy to use online free video editors that can try.

YouTube video editor:

It is the most popular tool user by the people over internet. This tool is very easy to use. This can be used to cut the video clips, combine clips into one file and so on.


Apart from being a video editor allows to record using the Android app. The videos can be saved to WeVideo Google drive.


It is another video editing and video creating tool using which 45 seconds of video can be edited or created for the free version users.


It allows creating videos, upload own video footage and also audio files. Many elements can be used apart from the regular drawing, images, text and cartoons.


This allows video editing in very less time. It also allows sharing the videos to various social websites apart from storing it in Google Drive.

Online Video Cutter:

It is the place to find many advanced editing tools. Videos can be rotated; cropped, trimmed or professional style editing features can be used.


It helps to create professional style videos. based on the user’s needs, animations can be added. All the features can be accessed without registering.


It offers interesting set of video editing features. Audio, movie editors, cartoonist and mindomo editing tools are available.

Video Toolbox:

It allows not only edit the video freely but provides the user with bit rate, frame rate, resolution and other information.


This is a very quick to use and user friendly platform.

Video creation and editing are no more the domains of professionals. Online video editors need not be downloaded or installed. Have a good internet connection and access these free video editors online.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Saving Online Videos

Videos are the most viewed content on the internet. Online videos entertain kids, teens, and adults around the world. Videos are being downloaded and saved on various devices to watch them later or to watch them offline. Downloading the videos is easier now with Google Chrome Extensions making it the easiest. These are the Google Chrome Extensions to help and to save online videos.

Flash video player:

Flash video player allows downloading and saving file from different sources on the internet.


FBDown Video Downloader allows downloading multiple videos at the same town. It supports extensions such as 3GP, MP4, WMV, FLV, and SWF.

VGet Extension:

VGet Extension not only allows downloading the videos but also to stream content. This content is minimally invasive.


FVD Video downloader is a multi task extension. It allows downloading content in many formats including FLV, AVI, ASF, MPEG etc. can be used to download any video from any site. The download quality can be chosen to be FLV, MP4, WEBM or 3GP.

Facebook Video:

Facebook Video Downloader allows downloading social media videos in standard and high definition quality.

Video DownloadHelper:

Video DownloadHelper allows downloading videos from Facebook and other sources. Videos can be downloaded in MP4, 3GPP, WEBM and other formats.

Video Downloader :

Video Downloader Professional helps to download videos in different formats and qualities. A list of videos can be created without having to download them to your device.

HD Video Downloader:

HD Video Downloader allows downloading videos from any website.


GetThemall Video Downloader allows downloading videos from any source and also from PDF files, images, and HTML content.

Whatever the reason for downloading internet videos is, the above Google Chrome extensions work well for downloading and saving the online videos. There are also other extensions and plug-in to make offline video experience better.

Clipchamp – Free Online Video Compressor

If you have a video file to share on social media sites and to watch the larger videos to upload on mobile devices are difficult. There are some ways to optimize the large video files and reduce the size of the video file without compromising the quality of video clips. There is an amazing tool to edit and compress the video files in the browser named “Clipchamp.” Many of the video editors, Bloggers, Vloggers use this Clipchamp, and it’s the free tool to compress the recorded videos. There are no more software updates needed to install the Clipchamp Online Video Compressor.

Key Features Of Online Video Compressor Clipchamp:

Although it’s a free online video compressor it makes your work done within 3 minutes. You can the Files like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV and.GIF file formats.

video compressor. This provides much faster, safer, uploading videos from the browser and if you press start only it starts compressing the videos it does not allow automatically.

It gives resolution options on clipchamp app as 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p as like normal input file resolutions.

It gives you options for Convert video files, record video from webcam, Edit and Compresses the video files, API and Video request options from a clipchamp home button.

How To Compress Video Files Via Clipchamp:

Online Video compressors are the best solutions to compress the large size video files. Clipchamp is a free easy to use tool for compressing webcam videos also.

Open website in the browser to compress a video file, record a video and for webcam recording a video easily.

Next click on “ Convert Video File “ button on the homepage of Clip champ.

Start “Sign In” with Google, Facebook or with an Email account.

“Upload or Drag and Drop” a video file onto the Online video compressor. The video files may be one or more than that you can upload a number of video files.

Select any of them from these four output optimization options like WEB, WINDOW, MOBILE or ANIMATION.

I have selected WEB from that window and click on “Start” option.

Then you will see a window like this that video file compressing like this.

After that, you will get the customized video file from the window just click on “Save “ to save the compressed file to your computer.

If you would like to share on Facebook, YouTube and other social media site click on “UPLOAD & SHARE” option to share compressed video file.


The above article is an excellent guide for How to compress a video file, record from webcam, and record a video file. Make use of this online video compressor Clipchamp to share, record and compress the large size video file to required size video clips.

Online Video Consumption Statstics 2020

  • By 2022 the smartphones will consume 44% of internet traffic where the PCs will account for 19%by 2022.
  • In 2022 the IP video traffic is expected 82% of all IP traffic globally.
  • Video-on-demand consumption will become double by the year 2022.
  • From 2017 to 2022, video gaming consumption will rise to nine-fold.
  • By 2022 the live video consumption will be 17 of overall internet video traffic.
  • 73% of consumers stated that they are making buying decisions by watching videos on social media.
  • The visitors spend 88% of more time on websites having video.
  • Weekly on average, the audience watches 6 hours 48 minutes online video.
  • The online video streaming and downloads account for 82% of internet traffic.
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