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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Video Editing

The rise of artificial intelligence has changed many aspects of our lives. One such change is video editing software. Artificial intelligence is starting to interact and even replace people in some cases when it comes to running simple programs like video editing software. The general idea behind this transition is that AI will learn from mistakes and make more accurate decisions than a human ever could. This may sound like a scary concept for those who rely on their jobs as video editors, but there are still many ways humans can help with the process that cannot be taken over by an algorithm just yet.

What is AI Video Editing?

AI video editing is a technology that will make beginners or people who don’t know how to use video editing software more compatible with the big shots in the business.

It aims to fix all of your problems and give you instantaneous gratification – without worrying about sourcing music and other resources! That’s right, and you’ll never need to bother with exporting or uploading anything online. You can simply get everything done on one central platform, something we call Face Videoshow.

So instead of an offline editor showing you how to work their program, we’ve made our own system so that everyone can enjoy it from day one! We don’t want anyone getting left behind in this generation’s online world!

AI Video Editing is a company that provides editors to high-profile YouTubers.

AI Video Editing is a video editing service for YouTube channels. We assist with edits, content planning, and everything in between!

AI Video Editing will take the burden of your workload to help you grow consistently by yourself.

We deliver high-quality editing to help enhance your channel so it may thrive long-term. With this service come professional hours of production knowledge and experience working with multiple popular YouTubers to create their videos or help edit already filmed footage for public release on YouTube. The group also has connections across many genres of filmmaking, making AI’s services versatile enough for any task at hand!

AI video editing is a relatively new technology that analyzes data from politicians’ speeches and transposes them onto a blank suit actor.

The suit actor makes up for any potential motions in the speaker’s body with the motions in his own, so it’s completely unrealistic. But you can’t tell by looking at it, so it would be perfect to use on national TV,  which is exactly where I’ve seen this technology used.

How AI can help with video editing

Artificial intelligence algorithms are behind some of the more spectacular videos on YouTube today, even if people don’t know it. A new piece of software developed by Google’s parent company Alphabet’s AI-focused Jigsaw division is designed to automatically edit YouTube videos to make them accessible for different regions to understand.

The software gets information about who might be watching the video and which parts they might not understand, like references or labels. It can then reorder visual material to provide more context for viewers with less familiar language or who come from different cultures than what was intended by the original speaker.

Similar projects have tried out subtitled translations that appear on screen as someone speaks or just before particular phrases.

One software program has developed an algorithm that can take any video and automatically find the most exciting parts to cut it down to.

The benefits of using AI in video editing

  • AI can help you find the best shots, angles, and cuts
  • It can also help you add effects to videos such as filters and transitions
  • You don’t have to know how to edit video to use AI’s editing features
  • Editing with AI is more efficient than doing it manually because it automatically organizes your footage
  • AI can learn from your videos and make edits accordingly
  • Video editing becomes faster and easier with AI assistance
  • You’ll be able to edit more footage in a shorter amount of time
  • It’s easy to use- it will do most of the work for you
  • AI can create a more engaging video by suggesting edits that the user might not have thought of
  • Automated color correction and scene detection allow for a better viewing experience
  • The ability to detect faces in videos helps create personalized messages
  • AI is able to edit videos faster than humans
  • AI can speed up the process of editing videos
  • AI can edit a video to make it more engaging and exciting to watch
  • AI is cheaper than hiring an editor, which saves you money in the long run
  • AI can help you find the best video clips and images for your video
  • AI can help you cut out unnecessary parts of a video
  • AI can detect any audio or visual glitches in a video and fix them automatically
  • AI can make quick edits to a video without the need for human input
  • AI can take an unfinished project and finish it promptly
  • AI can produce videos with high-quality sound, color, and effects
  • Artificial intelligence has no bias when editing videos
  • AI can help you edit your videos faster
  • AI can help you create more engaging content by suggesting edits and transitions
  • You’ll never have to worry about making a mistake in editing because the computer will do it for you
  • You can use AI to find and remove copyrighted music
  • It will automatically identify the best clips for your video
  • The software can edit videos in a fraction of the time it would take a human
  • AI can detect objects in the video and automatically remove them
  • AI can be used to edit videos by analyzing facial expressions, making cuts based on emotion, or even adding captions for people who are hearing impaired
  • The editing process becomes much quicker when using artificial intelligence
  • AI can find the best shots for a video without any input from a human
  • AI can edit videos automatically, so there is no need to spend hours on tedious editing tasks
  • AI can be used to create short clips or GIFs from longer videos

The challenges that come with using AI in video editing

  • AI is only as good as the data it’s given
  • It can be challenging to find a balance between human and machine-made editing
  • AI doesn’t always know what you want
  • AI needs time to learn your preferences
  • AI can’t create a video from scratch
  • It’s difficult to teach AI how to edit videos without giving it specific instructions on what and where to cut
  • The more you teach the AI, the better it gets at editing videos
  • AI is not yet advanced enough to do things like edit out an actor’s blinking
  • AI can only do one thing at a time, so it will take longer than usual for the video to be edited
  • The more complicated the editing process, the more challenging it is for AI
  • AI is not able to edit videos the way humans do, which means it’s more likely for mistakes to happen
  • It takes a long time for AI to learn how to edit videos- this may mean that editing tools are outdated by the time they’re ready
  • AI is a lot more expensive than its human counterparts
  • AI is not as creative or innovative
  • It’s difficult to train the AI with new editing techniques and styles
  • Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in video editing
  • AI can now comb through footage and identify the best shots to use for a project, saving time
  • This allows filmmakers to focus on telling their story rather than spending hours going through clips
  • Artificial intelligence is being used for video editing
  • AI can be used to detect and remove unwanted objects in the background of a scene
  • AI can also be used to apply filters or change colors automatically
  • This technology will only get better with time
  • Artificial intelligence is making video editing easier
  • many different types of artificial intelligence can be used for video editing, including machine learning and deep learning
  • Machine learning uses algorithms to learn how to do tasks without being programmed by humans
  • Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning that specializes in processing visual data
  • AI is being used to edit videos in a more creative way
  • Machine learning can be used to detect faces and objects in video footage, allowing for quick editing of the content
  • Deep learning could lead to better video quality and improved soundtracks in edited videos
  • The use of AI in video editing is on the rise
  • AI can be used to cut out unwanted objects from videos or to insert new elements into a video
  • AI can also be used for color correction and image enhancement
  • YouTube has recently released its own machine learning algorithm that uses deep neural networks, which are systems composed of interconnected layers of artificial neurons that mimic how an animal’s nervous system works
  • Artificial intelligence is being used to edit video
  • The AI can make edits based on the content of the video, such as choosing a different song or making cuts for time
  • This technology will be able to produce more creative videos than humans because it doesn’t get tiring and has unlimited creativity
  • Artificial intelligence is being used to edit videos
  • AI can be used to remove unwanted objects from the video, such as people or cars that are in the way of a shot
  • The use of AI for editing will likely increase over time
  • AI can now edit videos in real-time to create unique content
  • AI-powered video editing is the next big thing for content creators, and it’s set to change the game
  • Artificial intelligence has been around for a while but has recently become more prevalent than ever before
  • The use of artificial intelligence in video editing will be widespread by 2020
  • AI-assisted editing is being used to create a more natural and realistic look
  • AI can be used for color correction, facial recognition, and other features
  • AI has been shown to produce better results than human editors in some cases
  • This technology will continue to evolve as it becomes more sophisticated.


Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of video editing, and it’s time for businesses to take advantage. AI-driven technology has been used in Hollywood films for decades. Still, now this game-changing innovation can be leveraged by any business looking to create engaging videos that will captivate their audience with stunning visuals. What are your thoughts about artificial intelligence?

Think you could use some help creating a stellar marketing campaign with an eye on how these technologies may impact your industry? Contact us today! Our team of experts would love to brainstorm ideas with you and see what we can do together. What kind of videos have you seen using AI?

Artificial intelligence is changing everything, including video editing. Gone are the days of tediously adding in lower thirds and other text overlays to your videos with AI powered tools like Cyberlink PowerDirector 16 Pro, you can automate this process so that it’s done for you! We know how important video marketing is for any business these days, which is why we’re here to help make sure your content creation efforts are efficient, effective, and on-brand. Contact our team today if you need a Video Marketing Strategy consultation.

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