YouTube changed the World

How YouTube Changed the World?

YouTube has become the top platform across the globe with more than one billion active users. The era started from the year 2005 with a brand new release of a video platform by three people Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawad Karim. At that time they did not expect that their new idea will change the entire world within a short is the story of How YouTube Changed The World.

YouTube platform had revolutionized everything from education to the entertainment. It had opened the doors of new technologies, innovations, new marketing, and advertising system. YouTube is a significant source of knowledge, and it is almost a video Wikipedia to everyone today.

Erased the Barriers

YouTube had erased the barriers of distance, languages, and culture. Today YouTube consists of many different cultures and traditions. We can watch a different range of content showing various cultures and new things around the glove which we do not know.

YouTube has become the single destination of all cultures, languages, and talents. We can watch Bhutan’s trip, Assamese dance, Paris fashion world, world adventures and much more. Hence YouTube made our world smaller.

YouTube supports its users to turn them into stars

Many YouTube users like Justin Biber started their videos using their unique talent as a regular user and reached higher level stamped as a YouTube star. It is due to the enormous audience base of YouTube. People belonging to different countries are identifying the talent and encouraging the youth and talented individuals and making them as the biggest stars.

User as influencers

Earlier, brands used to search for the right models and top movie stars as their brand ambassador to promote and market their presence and products online. Today, these YouTube stars have become the most in-demand brand ambassadors under the name of influencer marketing and influencers and this is one of the most stunning ways that YouTube had changed the world.

YouTube is spreading the truth

The platform becomes more and handier and becomes a part of people’s lives across the globe. People around the world on this platform are posting the videos and new happenings in their place on YouTube. People are raising their voices by making YouTube support non-profits and fundraising activities. The platform has also revealed the truth behind many political situations across the globe.

YouTube had revolutionized the entertainment industry

YouTube was equipped with the various shows, movies and many another type of video contents for the people’s entertainment and paves a great way for the best entertainment content.

YouTube changed the education industry

Yes, YouTube brings a significant change in the education system. People who are not able to afford the expensive education, coaching and other things are utilizing the YouTube platform as their education tutorial there are many videos which are offering various courses and lessons online for different students related to the different branches. Hence it had changed the education system. Today anyone can learn the interesting subject using the resources that are available on YouTube platform.

YouTube changed the advertising space

YouTube started a new way of advertising to explore the opportunities for the small to big marketers and advertisers on its platform by introducing different types of Ad formats and advertising methods. With the increase in the rate of the audience on YouTube, advertisers are experimenting the new possibilities with new techniques in marketing and advertising online.

Hence, the YouTube platform changes the world in many verticals in a positive way. There are some negatives in every platform, and it entirely depends on us who are using the platform. However, this platform had created history and bring new change across the globe.

How YouTube Changed the Future of Students

The no. 1 star of the social media marketing “YouTube” is still landing rocks to build with additional entertainment themes.
This is a multi-tasking platform for everyone, and the below will give an idea to the use of YouTube for students.

Entertainment through YouTube

A student can use this for Entertainment purpose through popular music, movies, and newly launched trailers or teasers.

For the purpose of Education

They pick a choice of watching Education related tutorials perhaps which are most helpful in building the path their growth.

Landing of Viral Videos

All of the students staring at Viral videos that may be the topic about the most known people, common persons with astounding talent, celebrities and politicians.

For Innovative Growth

They go for the videos of new inventions that can be used to raise the thought of innovative ideas.

In Sports Category

Every student will focus on the Sports videos tending to Cricket, Football and WWE of all time highlights. This can make them design their career through this way apart from entertainment.

Streaming Gossips

Gossips in the film industry, political and sports category had become the enthusiastic theme of the world which holds the entire YouTube marketing victory and this comes under the common activity of students on YouTube.

Trending news on the current affairs of new activities by the Government that has changed the entire system will be watched by them.

The flow of Live Shows

Live shows correlated to movie stars, sports personalities, popular stars of social media and politicians.

To Watch Craft Shows

To break the daily routine of their holidays they find the videos of handmade crafts, painting and marshall arts, especially from boys.

Hub of Fashion and Beauty

As the Fashion and Beauty are the main roles that lead the students of no gender variation and they spend all of their time at those videos only.

Rewinding Funny Videos

They visit the Funny videos those much interesting.

The platform of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are also the main interesting topic in YouTube to grab the attention of the students.

These are the evergreen uses of YouTube in a student life and this could be more useful in all angles. It destructs the mind stress of students in their life.

How Teachers are using YouTube for Future Development

YouTube plays a vital role in the path of the teacher by providing all required information and they grasp the unavailable data that clutched to the teaching subjects. Teachers are using YouTube in somewhat different form. They always want to find the new and upcoming things to discuss with the students to sharpen their minds.

Public and Political Concerned Videos:

They make attention towards the Public and Political issues as they need to share with all students.

Digging Advanced Tutorials:

As a teacher, they thought to acquire the good name in the study cycle by teaching in a broad way so they listen to the lessons and teach the tutorials online.

Viewing of Experiments through YouTube:

Experimental videos of Scientific and newly invented will a part of their teaching role to do the unique research about some useful themes.

Eye on Technology:

As the present trend works on the technology they grab the Technical videos.

Science Fair Trends:

When we hear the word teacher then the striking phrase is Science fairs that very person will get in touch with that. They watch these videos to grip the competitive spirit in the students and bring the fame for their intuitions.

Viral Videos:

Trending videos that are going viral on YouTube will be selected.

Tips related to teaching tutorials grabbed by them to show their extreme talent in the profession of teaching by solving student queries.

Leisure Break by Entertainment:

They put a concentration on Famous figures videos as part of the entertainment.

Maintenance through Health n Fitness Videos:

Health and Fitness tips will be followed by the teachers through YouTube.


They flush away the all-time teaching pressure by watching this YouTube channel.

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