How Nike is using Video Marketing Strategy to Build a Global Brand

Nike is one of the main brands and biggest suppliers of athletic shoes and clothing with incomes surpassing US billions. Through the brand’s history, Nike, alongside Wieden Kennedy, has launched successful and helpful brand campaigns that have included worth past the item itself. Nike began advancing and marketing their products perfectly customized for ladies in the 1990s. Here we can How Nike is using Video Marketing Strategy to Build a Global Brand.

Nike was not the harbinger in ladies’ games clothing: Reebok being the first in 1981, which expanded their piece of the pie of 13% and diminishing the piece of the pie of Nike by an astounding 28%. Nike gradually changed course in the 1990s and has not thought back, forcefully advancing and marketing fitness for Women.

Why Nike’s Video Marketing Strategy is different from others

Nike brand technique is to assemble a capable brand – so that it motivates intense customer devotion from individuals everywhere throughout the world. This is because Nike marketing utilizes the emotional branding procedure of prime examples in its publicizing – all the more particularly, the account of the Hero.

Emotional Branding:

Emotional branding is a kind of marketing method that uses speak to a customer needs, goals, or emotional branding with a specific end goal to manufacture a specific brand.

Building Customer Loyalty with Heroism:

Nike marketing isn’t the main gathering that uses the Hero paradigm to move customer steadfastness. Numerous different organizations utilize this emotional branding system to awesome impact. By and large, the adversary is outside.

Digital Sport

Nike Digital Sport is a moderately new division at Nike, propelled in 2010 (that year they burned through $800 million on nontraditional marketing), which concentrates on creating innovation and gadgets that empower users to track their own wellness insights.

Social Media

Like the majority share of huge corporations, Nike has taken in the advantages of a sweeping online networking nearness.

Nike’s Multi-Platform Marketing Strategy

Television: drive one’s fame in the shortest time:

To accomplish the reason for acquainting LeBron James with the business sector through TV plugs and further make individuals have the further impression of Nike, Nike composed a progression of commercials called “Chamber of Fear”.

Web + Game + Blog:

Besides sitting in front of the TV, the youngsters between the ages of 15 to 24 are additionally substantial users of the Internet. “Utilizing advertisements are insufficient, we need to entice them to visit our site for more profound collaboration,” said Tsai, Wen-Ting. She believed that it was the way to achievement.


Not the same as the profundity of Internet correspondence, Messenger can spread data broadly in a quick way. Nike collaborated with Yahoo to plan audible for the characters in Chamber of Fear ads. Thusly, Internet users could utilize them as emoticons or entertainment instruments.


Nike is presently doing a test in Times Square, where 1 million and 5 hundred thousand individuals go by regular. Nike leased the mammoth announcement of the Reuters 23-story working for open air publicizing.

Nike’s Best Practices to Making Viral Videos

An intelligent film for Nike, where users can tap on highlighted footballers for details and online networking join has turned into the most shared advert on the social web this week with 585,286 shares.

A significant number of them tie into its overall #MakeItCount activity and the Nike+ system; however others are noteworthy viral videos or intriguing social rivalries.

This methodology is contained organizations creating three particular sorts of video for YouTube:

● Hero content – significant publicizing activities that contact a wide gathering of people (this could be a viral video or real business push)

● Hub Content – frequently discharged videos customized to user interests and interests (normally a general content arrangement)

● Hygiene content – comprising of the “dependable on” videos streamlined to address potential purchaser interests (this regularly takes the type of ‘how to videos’)

What You Can Learn from Nike Video Marketing Strategy

A famous trademark for as far as back to 26 years, does It reverberates with pretty much anybody. It interfaces with people all around, permitting anybody and everybody to concoct their particular elucidation. Nike makes you need to get off your butt and move! It’s forceful and direct approach functions admirably and has made Nike into the notable brand it is today (also it’s shoes!!).

  1. Learning #1: Create a Compelling Tagline
  2. Learning #2: Empower Your Target Audience, particularly WOMEN
  3. Learning #3: Leverage the Power of Social Media
  4. Learning #4: Use #Hashtags and Themes to Build Community
  5. Learning #5: Rock the Digital World!

Nike’s Best Video Marketing Campaigns

A publicizing campaign is a gathering of promotions concentrated around one message. They frequently utilize various advertising channels to get this thought over. The planning of these campaigns is additionally and plainly characterized.

So here they are, with no specific request (however don’t hesitate to tell us which one is your most loved in the remarks) – 12 of the best marketing and publicizing campaigns ever, and the lessons we can gain from them.

Just Do It.

Nike’s marketing office knew they expected to exploit it to surpass their first rival, Reebok. (At the time, Reebok was offering a larger number of shoes than Nike). Thus in the late 1980s, Nike finished the “Just Do It.” campaigns. It was a hit.


This campaign may have lost some of its gleams since Armstrong’s destruction; however it’s still a decent case of how Nike utilizes portable to include shoppers as a part of advertising campaigns.

Fuel Your Team

Nike ran this intuitive campaign utilizing its Nike+ social stage, which now has more than six million individuals.

The Chance

Another of Nike’s repeating campaigns is The Chance, which allows adolescents around the globe to win a spot in The Nike Academy for a year.

Times Square billboard

In this versatile campaign Nike setup an intelligent bulletin in Times Square that permitted individuals to content their own specially craft for an opportunity to win a couple of Nike IDs.

The Chosen

Nike at first launched this campaign in 2011, yet it has additionally been keeping running in consequent years.

Nike Grid

In 2010 the games brand launched Nike Grid, which transformed London into a goliath virtual gameboard.

Free Running

Keeping in mind the end goal to advance its new Free Running shoes Nike propelled social campaigns that tested runners to clock their quickest time more than two miles utilizing Nike+.

Catch The Flash

To advance another intelligent running coat Nike ran an occasion called ‘Catch The Flash’ in Vienna.


Content marketing is developing, and that normally brings fluffy definitions that obscure the lines between what something really is and what it is getting to be. It’s frequently pegged as a procedure instead of a technique, yet content marketing doesn’t rely on upon a particular arrangement of apparatuses or a typical work process.

The Nike marketing strategy that a large portion of us perceive isn’t the one that made them acclaimed. Finding the Nike marketing strategy that put them in the guide is the place the gold is.

Besides, much the same as any genuine content marketing system, it isn’t generally quite a bit of a “technique” by any stretch of the imagination. In the same way as other comparable examples of overcoming adversity, it was as straightforward as giving genuine customer esteem.

Image Source:Nike Inc.

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