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How to Identify Deleted Videos in YouTube Playlist.

If you’ve ever created a YouTube playlist, you know that keeping track of all the videos can be difficult. You add videos as they become available, but when one or more videos are deleted, it can be hard to identify which ones they were. Fortunately, there is an easy way to help you identify deleted videos in your playlists. Let’s have a look at how it works.

How to identify deleted Videos in YouTube Playlists?

Identifying Deleted Videos With YouTube Analytics

YouTube provides an analytics tool that allows you to see the performance of your playlists over time. Open YouTube Studio and select “Analytics” from the left-hand menu to access it.

On this page, you can view each playlist’s total number of views over time. If you notice sudden drops in pictures, this could indicate that one or more of the videos have been deleted.

The next step is to review the individual video analytics for each video in your playlist.

Again, open YouTube Studio and select “Videos” from the left-hand menu.

From here, click on each video and review its analytics data. Look for any sudden dips in views that could indicate a deleted video.

This could indicate a deleted video if you notice videos with zero views or comments.

Finally, if you are still unsure about whether or not a particular video is deleted, then there is one thing you can do – check its source URL on the Google search engine results page (SERP).

Please type the video’s title into Google and look for its source URL (which should appear as a Google search result).

If no results appear, then the video will likely be removed from the YouTube platform and should be removed from your playlist!

Checking for Notifications

The first thing you should do when looking for deleted videos in your playlists is to check for notifications. YouTube may have sent you an email or information about a particular video being removed from your list. You can also check the notification tab on your YouTube account to see if there are any messages regarding deleted videos in your playlists.

Using Third-Party Apps

Another way to identify deleted videos in your YouTube playlists is using third-party apps. Many apps allow users to manage and monitor their playlists more quickly than on the main website or app itself. These apps often have specific features for identifying deleted videos or broken links in playlists, making it easy for users to quickly keep track of their lists and remove any unwanted content.

Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another excellent way to identify deleted videos in your YouTube playlists. All you should do is set up an alert with the URL of the playlist, and Google will send you notifications whenever something changes on that page. It includes when a video is added or removed from the list, making it easy to stay on top of any changes quickly and easily.

Identifying Deleted Videos

When a video is removed from YouTube, it will be marked as “unavailable” on your playlist. The video will remain visible, but no playable content will be associated. If you hover over the video title, it should say, “this video is unavailable.” It is a clear indication that the video has been deleted from YouTube.

The next step is to determine why deleted the video. You can do so by right-clicking on the unavailable video and selecting “Copy Video URL.” Paste this URL into another browser window, and you should see a message explaining why the video has been removed (e.g., copyright infringement, inappropriate content, etc.). It’s essential to understand why the video was removed so that you can avoid adding similar content to your playlists in the future.

Removing Deleted Videos

Once you have identified any deleted videos on your playlist, it’s time to remove them so they don’t clutter up your list or create confusion when someone else views them. To do this, click on the three vertical dots icon next to each unavailable video and select “Remove From Playlist” from the drop-down menu. It will ensure that only active videos remain on your playlist in the future.

Check Your Playlist Settings

The first step is to check your playlist settings. If you go into the settings for your playlist, you will see a list of all the videos. At this point, it is easy to spot any deleted videos, as they will appear as broken links or blank thumbnails.

If you do not see any broken links or blank thumbnails, may the video has been removed from YouTube altogether. However, if there is still an image associated with it, then chances are it was just removed from the playlist but is still available on YouTube. To check this, click on the thumbnail image and open up the video page in another window. If it opens up without issues, you know it has not been deleted from YouTube.

Use a Video-Search Tool

Another way to identify deleted videos in YouTube playlists is using a video-search tool such as Video Detective or TubeMogul. These tools allow you to search for specific videos by title or keyword to locate them quickly. Once you find the video that has been deleted from your playlist, add it back into your list by clicking on its thumbnail image and selecting “add to playlist” from the context menu that appears.


Identifying deleted videos in your playlists can seem overwhelming, but with these simple steps outlined above, it doesn’t have to be! With just a few clicks, you’ll easily be able to identify which videos are no longer available on YouTube so that you can keep your playlists up-to-date and organized! And by using Google’s powerful SERP tool, you’ll quickly discover if some videos have been completely removed from YouTube! So what are you waiting for? Start identifying those missing videos now!

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