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How to launch a Customer Journey Map on YouTube?

The Customer Journey Map represents every customer interaction with the brand and the exciting customer journey. Therefore, a small story of the customer journey between the brands and customers starts from first interactions till purchasing the products by maintaining long-term brand loyalty.

Nowadays, a clear marketing vision and strategy for customer interactions is essential for your business. One of the most powerful ways to understand a customer journey map can definitely refill your customer experience. Those running a company who want to create a shared vision of customer experience can measure your organization’s growth.

What are customer journey maps?

A customer journey map is simply called CJM, which is a visual representation of customers interact with and experience business across multiple touchpoints. While creating the customer journey map, we must first understand the audience persona to improve the experience and encourage them to revisit their physical stores or websites.

The customer journey is always a crucial asset for any organization or business. Most digital marketing strategies rely on social media ads, YouTube video ads, including SEO, and focus on other forms of advertisements by focusing on the needs of a specific audience.

Measuring and understanding the current customer performance helps a lot in creating the Customer Journey Map. These are easy to create, and they also significantly improve your video marketing strategies.

Different types of a customer journey map to choose from

Everyone in your company gets benefits from customer journey maps. The continuous focus on the customers is effective and essential to building an effective business framework and strategies. However, there are various types to create the Customer Journey Map. Let’s get into it.

Current state:

The current state is one of the best journey maps that you need to follow and experience as it exists today. First, gather the complete information of the customers, like how they interacted with your services, strength, and opportunity.

Strategic situation:

Strategic journey maps show the customer’s goals in the big picture, also showcase their experiences and future dreams. It provides User Stories, and Epics can be defined based on views. Simply Sagas are vital for context, and sometimes these are a too detailed journey with the product and experience.


Persona journey Map definitely shows a journey map with the presence of a customer persona. Here we can reveal the struggling and breakpoint of your Channel. This is specially designed for Persona journey maps to represent the individual journeys.

Future state:

These journey maps are ideal for the dream scenario of the user. Companies can quickly build on current state maps. It also offers a higher level of innovation opportunity.

Tactical situation:

Tactical journey maps offer a few collections of stories in view level. These are especially user registration for your service, mobile app downloads, and unboxing your products.

YouTube video ads and the customer journey:

People might be wondering Why YouTube Videos are essential in your marketing campaign. As per the HubSpot Study, 2020, more than 54% would like to see more video ads and video content from marketers. Because video content is more engaging, shareable, dynamic, and easy to consume when compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

Generally, YouTube video ads are done through Google Ads, one of the best ways of advertising your brand’s services through video content on YouTube, which can maximize your user reach. TrueView ads, overlay ads, Display ads, non-skippable instream ads, Sponsored card ads, and Bumper instream ads are the different types of YouTube ads that exist for marketers. These YouTube video ads play a significant role in Consumers Journey Map because the ads could play before video playing users must watch the ads without fail.

How To Create a Comprehensive Customer Journey Map:

The objective of the customer journey map helping the marketers to know and understands the customer persona, how customers interacted with your business till they buy your services, and their experiences during that entire process. It allows marketers to focus on every aspect of the sales funnel to simplify the cycle for the customers and boost sales and revenues.

Follow these Step-by-Step guide to creating a Customer Journey Map:

Define the Customer persona and Scope for your CJM:

The first step in creating a journey map is a basic understanding of your customers and their Goals. Make sure to define the customer demographic background, authority, and role very clearly. Next, Start to know the customer’s problematic area of your website.

Define the Steps to create the CJM:

Ideally, customer journey mapping focuses on a single-person experience in a single scenario with a specific goal. Find out what you missed on opportunities for new insights. Double verify your invite list to get people to know the customer details and customers’ experience with your product or service.

List Out the Touchpoints:

Touchpoints lie in different places that allow your customers to interact with brands or businesses quickly. List out of all the touchpoints of your potential customers currently using, similarly choose the right one you want them to use. It gives you insight into the customers’ actions.

Consider the Inventory Resources What you have:

CJM will likely touch on several areas of your business to highlight all the available resources in customer journey and experience. You must be well prepared with all the resources that you provide for the Customer Journey Map.

Adapt the Customer Journey Depending on Results:

The detailed analysis of mapping your customer’s journey will give you an excellent idea for marketing efforts that means what adaptations you need to make for your official blogs. Make sure to adopt the necessary changes to help you meet your objectives and goals.

Understanding the Relationship Between Customer Journeys and YouTube Videos

A customer journey map helps better understand and identify the pain points they encounter by Visualizing the thoughts, actions, and emotions in your customers experience. By knowing all their pain points, marketers can design a better experience.

YouTube video plays a definitive vital role in the Customer Journey Map. Video sharing platforms offer a great way to generate engagement through sharing videos, like comments with one another. It plays a vital role among all other in other social media campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

YouTube Videos interact, generate engagement among the brands and Customers. Customer Journey map reveals the interesting things how customers have undergone continuous from starting from online videos.

Define customer touchpoints:

Customer Touch Points will give you a chance of boosting your business sales every time with the existing and potential customer interacts. Advertisement listing, comments, and reviews under your website are the most common touchpoints in every business.

Focus on the customer preferences to Create fantastic graphics that can help you track the customer journey progress. Then update it to improve and to evolve the needs of your customers.

Organizations must identify the critical client touchpoints and start working on optimizing them for maximum satisfaction. Keep in mind that every touchpoint has the proper technique of Optimization to maximize the efforts.

For example, consider the Google listings. Every business or brand should be transparent with the listings and maintain consistency while designing the copy of landing pages. Always happy to interacts with the customers by replying to their comments, especially for negative comments and reviews.

Keep in mind that optimizing the touchpoints must reflect the business’s ultimate goals and push customers down the sales funnel and move a step closer towards making a decision and converting.

Why should a company maintain a customer journey map on YouTube?

Here are a few elements to consider while creating the Customer Journey map on YouTube.

Brand Your Channel:

Channel branding is an excellent solution for marketers to increase brand loyalty and the potential to associate with the specific URLs for playlists. People can easily link directly to particular playlists also navigate to the following video interests.

Annotate YouTube:

YouTube Video Annotations are excellent elements to guide customers to choose their next steps in their buying journey. Create the clickable overlays, which means convert your video into an interactive medium.

Optimize for Search Results:

Many of the potential customers are experienced their sales journey with YouTube videos. Make sure to optimize your keywords for search results to increase engagement that begin their journey with compelling videos rather than your competitors. Try to limit your Title characters, Descriptions, URLs for search engine optimization.

Use the Custom Gadgets:

Custom Gadgets may add additional goodies to your Channel like social feeds, contests, and input forms. Branded YouTube channels will allow the audience to continue their social journey easily from the YouTube videos.


Customer journey map has the power of great storytelling not only to customer engagement but also to provide actionable insights and value-added to brands on how brands or businesses can serve better to customers. Understanding the customers and their relationship with the Organizations can help structure your touchpoints to create an efficient and effective process for your customers. It maps out the current process from the first to the last touchpoint to see whether your customers are correctly reaching the business goals and not reaching a start on new techniques to focus on.

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