Video SEO

Science Behind Ranking YouTube Videos using Video SEO

YouTube helps users to find new and intriguing videos. To do this, YouTube positions videos in light of their number of views, the measure of group engagement, and metadata. An ideal approach to enhance your ranking on YouTube is getting more views, likes, comments, and shares by making convincing videos that contain exhaustive unique titles, descriptions, tags and links.

Science Behind Ranking YouTube Videos using Video SEO

Video Views was the essential measure of progress for video content on YouTube

Videos were positioned by, part, what number of views they had accumulated. Before, a creator could transfer a video with a spammy title and suggestive thumbnail to expand clicks to that video’s watch page – which, would then prompt an expansion in perspective mean that video.

Make Informative Metadata with Catchy Title and Suitable Description and Tags

YouTube Video metadata like title, description, and tags tell users and search engines and YouTube what your video contains. Metadata incorporates the title, description, and tags. To enhance your ranking on YouTube, make enlightening metadata. The title ought to propel, exact, and incorporate valuable catchphrases. The description ought to display the most pertinent data, to begin with, incorporate appropriate watchwords, and give links to extra content. Incorporate an assortment of general and particular compact expressions in the tag area. Proceed to screen and overhaul the tags, so your video stays important as individuals begin utilizing new search terms.

Publish Regularly and Frequently and make a Schedule. Don’t miss the Schedule Time

Publish Video content regularly to your channel to build views of your Videos. Video content constructs a crowd of people and makes your channel search ranking. As per YouTube’s Creator Playbook, you ought to post no less than one video for each week to keep your channel’s group of onlookers locked in. Make a Channel Schedule and stick to that schedule Time.

Connection to Additional Videos by directing to other videos

Counting links to extra content on your channel will expand your channel’s ranking. Urge your gathering of people to tap into another video towards the end of your video to keep them occupied with your channel. What’s more, YouTube needs your videos to direct people to other YouTube favorite videos and channels; subsequently, the search algorithm favors videos that do as such. Add links to related videos and channels utilizing explanations.

Keep an Eye on your Videos Watch-Time

Watch time is YouTube’s most vital ranking component. It’s a straightforward certainty: If you don’t have regular watch times, your videos will downgrade in the search. Keep in mind that it’s about what percentage of the video is watched, not merely add up to minutes.

It is becoming favorite day by day. New YouTube voice search is much more efficient and easy to navigate different parts of the YouTube app directly. Moreover, it has a billion audiences using it every day. If we take Google, most of the users are using this assistant to search for anything on it. In the same, the Google-owned YouTube also has this feature in the regular search bar itself. To make most out of your YouTube search results use voice assistant on YouTube. This lets you save your time while searching.

Android Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on Voice Search Icon
  • Tap the Microphone Icon
  • Allow access to to the Microphone from your Smartphone
  • A recording will start whatever you speak
  • Tap Microphone icon to end your voice recording
  • You will get search results displayed on your YouTube App

iPhone/iPad Smartphone YouTube Voice Search

  • Open YouTube App
  • Click on the search icon
  • Tap the microphone icon
  • A recording will start
  • Speak what you what to search on YouTube
  • End Recording
  • Tap X to go back

Use the plus sign to force a word in the results.
Use the minus sign to force search to exclude any irrelevant search results.

Control your YouTube through this activity. This is going to be the most seeking search feature in the present and future. Even the creators are looking to optimize the videos to serve in that YouTube saerch results.

How To Add Hashtags To YouTube Videos

Whether it is an online journal article, distribution, videos, pictures, podcasts, infographics or just the content of your site, your content needs to be found, your content should be found.

The fundamental trouble is that there are so a considerable lot of these being distributed each day that yours is turning out to be progressively difficult to find. Researching the privilege keywords, expressions, labels, and hashtags are more crucial than any other time in recent memory.

The case for keywords is essentially won. In any case, numerous advertisers still disregard the significance of inquiring about labels and hashtags.

The hashtag capacities here and there like labels, yet with the extra ability to include current undertakings and points important to the content. It has the briefest lifetime pertinence of the three.

Hashtags assume their part in the SEO of your site and content since they are unequivocally identified with the center keywords your site and association depend on.

Hashtags are a productive technique to discover content identified with particular themes and also, the general population discussing those subjects.

When you streamline discussions, content, and overhauls with hashtags, they turn out to be more obvious to others on online networking stages and web search tools.

A straightforward snap or scan for a hashtag will show those utilizing that hashtag as a part of discussion immediately distinguishing a crowd of people with primary interests.

Most hashtags on YouTube are found in the comments. You can look by hashtag on YouTube, and it will give you distinctive results than if you sought with simply the same watchword. Diverse tests for list items with and without hashtags, the outcomes for # looks dependably indicated videos with littler perspective checks.

So, hashtags do have all the earmarks of being impacting the inquiry results.

Hashtag hunts will probably raise videos from different nations and in different dialects. One spot hashtags appeared to have the most power in an inquiry on YouTube is in the video titles.

Ways to Index YouTube Videos and Ranked Quickly

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the video destination across the web. More than 93 billion page views were recorded every month on the YouTube platform. That is the reason for the demand for video advertising and the marketing on the YouTube platform.

More than 30 million hours video was uploaded on to the platform every month. So, it is challenging for individual artists or creator or marketers to get their identity among the millions of videos on the YouTube platform.

So, to get good visibility and one must follow the steps to index and get good ranking for your videos. Here are some tips to get your video indexed and rank higher on search engines.

Attractive Ttitle

The title of the video is essential to get found in the search results. The title must be user-friendly and must not contain any abusive words. It must optimize according to search algorithm updates. Include some main keywords in the title which are relevant to the topic.

Description of the Videos

The description of the video must be within the two to three lines that matter the ranking on the search engines. You can also use different keyword tools to generate the keywords and can include them in the description. The description of the video must be informative and must not be very long to read.

Closed Captioning

Use the closed caption feature on YouTube, which can show the text over the videos. Closed Captioning is very much helpful to the viewers and new algorithm on YouTube platform coverts and translates the text according to the location, and the viewers from all regions can watch your content.

Promote your video on various platforms and embed it on to your blog or websites.

The title, tags, description plays a key role in ranking on search engines like Google. So focus on the long-tail keywords which can get good results. But focus on the relevancy and make frequent changes.

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Watch Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is like a video ocean, and it is not an easy thing to grab the audience’s attention towards your video. Creators are putting their efforts into the creation of new video with various specifications and equipment and finally uploading to YouTube to count the engagement. Brands and companies are also going with their new video content to reach their targeted audience. But, many videos are just not getting any views and engagement from the audience. There will be several reasons why your video not connected with the audience. Here are some top reasons why your YouTube video is not reaching the people.

People unable to find your video

Your video needs to optimize in order to get identified among the crowd and People must find your video in search results. Try to concentrate on the keyword research to reach the audience.

Lack of information

People may find your video but unable to know more about your video, which made them go away from your videos. So you need a good description of the video, which must convey why you have uploaded this video to the audience. So, it’s time to optimize the video description.

No reason to watch

People may think there is no use of watching your video and no reason. So, why not give them a reason to watch your content within the description and title itself.

Over promotion of your company or your product

Over promotion of yourself and your products or services will not work to increase your reach towards audience because the audience needs useful content whatever the purpose may. So, though you are creating some promotional video, you must not target blindly about your services. Try to create something useful to the audience.

Your social media promotion is weak

Social media plays a great role in your video success. Because it is the social media that can take your video to reach the people. So try to post and promote your video across social media platforms.

Self-hosting on zero traffic sites

Hosting your video across the websites which don’t have much traffic will not get you good engagement levels. So try to choose the best platforms to host your YouTube videos online in order to drive the traffic.

You are not linking or embedding

Another reason behind why your video is not watchable is you are not at all linking it towards your site. Linking and embedding can generate good traffic towards your site and makes your videos more watchable.


Your content is not relevant to the title or your thumbnail image may be not relevant to your videos. This is the biggest drawback.

Video length

Lengthy videos might not get good viewers as it takes a long time to watch your content. So make it short and interactive to the audience to gain good attention.

Finally, these are some of the main reasons behind why your YouTube videos are not engaging. Follow these and make a better plan.

How to Turn Your Old YouTube Videos into Brand New Videos?

YouTube as a brand for the promotion of commercial activities has been able to get itself established.  Some of the astonishing facts about the content of YouTube include the following:

Once you create your account and upload your videos, it becomes important for you to ensure that the same are receiving a proper response (monitoring the response).

Over a period of time, the YouTube videos uploaded by you might not receive any traffic with the passage of time.  This is true in the majority of cases.  To turn old YouTube videos into brand new videos following are some of the tips:

• Ensure consistency in traffic to your videos.

• Ensure proper titling and thumbnails for the videos.

• Optimize video tags.

• Ask viewers to view and rate (and comment) the videos.

• Use the inbuilt features of YouTube to get deeper insights into the performance of your videos.

• Build excitement (among your followers) by cross-promoting the content on various social media in addition to YouTube.

• Keep constant engagement with your viewers.

• Refine the video thumbnails.

• Promote unique content on your videos on various social media.

• Conducting contests at regular intervals will harness the followers to your videos on YouTube.

The user must exercise utmost care while choosing his weapons (instruments) to keep his old videos on YouTube into brand new videos.

Ways to optimize old YouTube videos

Relevant Thumbnail:

Thumbnail plays a vital role to grab the audience attention. Make sure to add the title that is completely relevant to thumbnail. Because thumbnail is the opening hook to go through the entire video.

Checkout Description:

Instead of placing the targeted keywords in the description, try to give the relevant content in the description that means what your video is about. Because the description is the one which lets the audience either to watch or not. Note that the first few lines are most precious in the description.

Also, use better keywords. Along with that, make your description just in one paragraph which is easy to understand.

Interactive Cards:

Add interactive cards (end screens) at the end of the video to extend your audience watch at your YouTube channel. It is one of the primary tactics to engage the audience at your channel for a long time.


Give the proper trending tags that make your video visible at the search results of YouTube.

Evaluate the video:

Enhance the video by managing the comments section that means if it has any negative comments, then disable the comments section. Don’t waste time on managing comments.

Use Playlists:

At the end of the YouTube video, it displays a list of video recommendations for the audience to watch further. In that list, all other’s videos will be included which are relevant to that watched content.

If you want the audience to be stick at your channel, then create playlists. When the audience or your fans watch your video from the playlists, then YouTube plays the next video of yours, which can make your audience spend more time.

Just uploading the video on YouTube not enough to acquire the audience retention. The YouTube video optimization skills are mandatory to reach the targeted audience and get your channel monetization.

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos to Really Boost Views and Subscribers

The digital marketer is generally interested in running video ad campaign. Sometimes the marketer may find that the campaign is not producing the desired results or he may also feel that the purpose of the content is served and he may want to use the content for some other purpose – other than the original intention.

1) Changing the format:

There are many formats that the YouTube videos can be presented.   To repurpose the video, changing the format is highly advisable.  Blog posts offer a lot of material on similar content and just by visiting 20-30 blogs reasonable content can be collected.   However, care has to be taken to ensure that there no duplicate issues.

2) Refreshing the content of own website:

The marketer is pretty sure about the content of his video and is also sure about the plus points of his campaign.  The various analytical tools give ample information about the successful portion of the content.  The marketer can use the successful portion for use in his other campaigns.

3) Numbering is the attraction:  

Numbering is available in two places on video marketing.  One is the number of visitors and the other one is putting the title starting with a number.  Ex. “10 ways to …..” will definitely attract more subscribers. This technique is also applicable when the marketer wants to repurpose his earlier and successful video.  Summarizing the information provided in other blogs is also possible in this process.

4) Text and content:

The text that is told in the video needs to be told in the desired tone to have the desired effect.  Once the digital marketer decides to repurpose his YouTube video, he has to modulate the text and also the content to suit the new campaign.

5) Branching system:

In this system, there is a central content which is permanent and there are the multiple branches of blogs.  The branch blogs can go on change depending on the product/service that is being added to the marketer’s basket of goods/services.

6)Convert the videos to sharable bites:

Split the old video into small bites by adding useful thumbnails which can attract the audience to share your video content.

7)Adding Multi-lingual Subtitles:

To make your videos most watched by a global audience, add subtitles which can understand easily.

Benefits of Repurposing the YouTube Videos


Most of the top brands couldn’t find time to create compelling video content. Simultaneously they want to hold the brand reputation. The only solution for this is Repurposing YouTube videos. It helps to save your money, time, and efforts. By recycling the content, you can earn more from the same input.

Find a new Audience:

The sharing of bites of your video content by your audience with their friends or families may help you find a new audience.

Diversifying Content:

Repurposing your video content can be the best marketing tactic to convey your business or personal message with your audience. Repurposing can expand your content strategy.

Improving Online Presence:

Repurposing the content will help to increase the online business presence. The high-quality content videos will be displayed at the first search results of YouTube, where it attains the audience engagement.

Tremendous Opportunities for unsuccessful Content:

The reformation of old dead videos can get a new life of engaging the vast audience.
Repurposing the YouTube videos will regain the power of engaging the audience. It helps the creators to find better opportunities for creating fresh and unique content for their business brand.

We all know that YouTube is the most powerful and engaging social media platform with a million real-time audience in the present market. All business brands, from start-ups to expert’s focus is only YouTube to elaborate their products or services primarily through video promotion. For that reason, they are mining many marketing strategies that are giving tough competition to one another. Here most of the advertisers or audiences might not have chances to know about Timestamps on YouTube.

Is it essential to add timestamp on YouTube videos?

Why do we need to discuss about timestamp on YouTube videos?

If you want to make your video ad more sharable on YouTube and if the audience likes a particular moment in the video. Then it might have chances to share that video with their friends. But here they need to share the entire video link.

The drawback here the audience might not have much patience to watch the entire video till it gets the required moment.

The audience may skip watching that video in many cases. To avoid such problem, the adding of timestamps in the video fits better to reach a wide range of YouTube audience.

Most of the creators may not know how to add a timestamp in the videos of YouTube. Some of the creators are including timestamps, where the audience can add the start time of the particular moment of the video they need to watch before sharing the video to their friends.

This helps to increase audience engagement.

The faster learning of adding timestamps on YouTube videos will help you gain the million YouTube hearts who involve engaging your channel. It can be a simple step to get your YouTube channel reputation from a million miles.

Linking Timestamp on YouTube Video

Sign in to your YouTube account.

Go to your YouTube channel.

Open the video that you want to set the timestamp.

Now play the video and then pause where you find your interested moment.

Then click on the share option and select the start option.

Now add the time exactly where you want to play the video.

Copy that link and paste it on where either in the video description, comments section, or any other social media platforms.


Play the video that you want.

Pause the video at what time you want to watch it.

Right click on the video.

Then select ‘copy video URL at the current time.’

Now paste it on description, comments, and social media platforms to share.

How to use YouTube Timestamps

When you post a comment on YouTube video, then add the time on YouTube comment to let the others know where you are commenting.

To find the exact time of subscription, add the video timestamps for the transcription.

When your messaging or emailing the video link of YouTube, then linking timestamp will get the audience attention.

The time is more precious than we think. Most of the social media audience will not prefer to waste their time. In such cases, linking the timestamp works better.

When you upload the YouTube video then pin the comment with timestamp video URLs where they can find more information quickly. It can gain the audience attention keeps continuous engagement.

You can also share these links on social media platforms to make your friends watch immediately and make it sharable with their friends.

The use of timestamp in the YouTube videos will help you drive huge audience engagement and channel reputation in a short period. If it comes to branding, this strategy can be the best way to reach potential customers from the real-time audience.

The Ultimate Guide to Add End Screens to YouTube Videos

YouTube introduced the End screen feature that helps to keep viewers engaged at the end of the video. It is expected that this feature will increase the viewer’s engagement and watch time.

These are more or less similar to the YouTube cards. But there is the possibility to customize the end screens than the cards more. End screens add to the video in the last few seconds of the video. These can be seen on desktops as well as the mobiles.

What are End Screens to YouTube Videos

YouTube end screens can be added to the end of the videos to increase viewer engagement. Desktop users will be able to see more information by hovering over the end screens, and mobile users have to tap on the thumbnails.

End screens encourage the viewers to take action. The end screens can use for different purposes. A recent video or one of the videos that are picked up by YouTube or a video in the playlist can promote. You can request the viewers to subscribe to your channel or promote any other YouTube channel. End screens can also be used to divert the viewers to your website or blog or e-commerce site.

End cards will be helpful for the video creators to direct the audience to successive episodes. It is also possible to promote non-YouTube sites.

To add the end screens, sign in to YouTube account and go to Creator Studio. Select Video Manager and choose Videos. Click edit and go to End Screen. If the video already contains annotations, un-publish them. Click on add element. After adding the elements and adjusting them save them. Select the preview to view the elements and if needed edit the end screens and the elements.

Advantages of YouTube Video End Screens

YouTube end screens are similar to manually created annotations. This tool, however, was a desktop-only tool. The new end screens will work for both mobile and desktop viewers. Another advantage with end screens is that the viewers will see even when they disable the annotation. During the end cards, other elements such as featured content, watermarks, and card teasers suppressed.

YouTube Video End Screens Analytics

End screen analytics can be checked in YouTube analytics. To check the analytics sign into the YouTube account and go to the creator studio. Choose YouTube analytics and click on end screens.

End screen report of YouTube analytics gives you the complete information about how the audience is interacting with the end screens. Go to your YouTube account and click on the Creator Studio icon. Select the YouTube Analytics and go to End Screens Report.

You can see the end screen element clicks, clicks per end screen element, and end screen elements in the end screen data. More detailed information can be getting by hovering over individual end screen elements such as element title, element type, time range, call to action, customs message and so on.

What are the best practices creating the end screens? Here are a few of them. Use end cards to feature elements that are related to the video. Encourage the viewers to take action by including some call to action. The video must have enough space and time at the end of the video on the end screen. Editing considers including the end screens in the last twenty seconds of the video. You can make sure that different end screen elements appear in the video at different times.

YouTube end screens are a very useful tool and it should be used judiciously. However, YouTube should take care that advertisements and campaigns do not flood the videos due to which the users may lose interest in the feature.

How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos To Rank Higher In Google Localized Results

Local Video SEO:

We know that everything runs on video especially by using the mainstream like YouTube. The life of a video will be given by YouTube after its establishment. Well, but how the YouTube is getting search results?

The YouTube is getting a searching feed from the world’s number one search engine Google.

We can find a lot of search results of a particular topic for example if we type “London new year fireworks video” then you can observe millions of search results on Google.

Then the audience might pick up the top positioned or first page videos. If you belong that area and being in the last position means there will be zero counts of views for your YouTube video.

How to eradicate this problem? Here are the best local video optimization strategies that help your YouTube video to get a higher ranking.

Use Localized Keywords for your Video:

Try to establish the mostly used local keywords when you create the video. That means if you belong to London then give the preference to local famous attributes like mention the keyword London for the every video you upload.

Example London universities, London attractions ………………………….

Create Geo-Targeted Videos:

Here you need to focus on the creation of videos basing on a universal search that means there are certain types of frequently searched videos like music, sports, universities, and Insurance, etc. This will lead to unexpected traffic to your YouTube video.

Use Localized Keyword Rich Titles:

When you make a video then it should have the titles that must eye-catch immediately.

The keywords should be merged with titles that relevant to local search which shows a great impact on your video.

If you make a video about the hotel in London then give the titles of ‘Great London hotels, Best hotels in London and budget hotels in London.

Here the keyword ‘hotel’ is associated with the local searchable word London and that two combinations must arrive in the title. This will enrich your title to clutch huge traffic.

Create a Localized Meta Description for your Video:

The description for the video is very significant which is going to be viewed by the user in the search engine.

This will specify that what the video contains and this should be localized format.

We all know that how famous the ‘London Eye’ is and if you generate about that then mention nearby famed places like river Thames and Tower Bridge as the clubbing words of your description.

Create Localized Custom Thumbnails using Popular Places:

To boost up your local search then you must use the effective thumbnails of your local popular places. This makes visitor enthusiastic to know what’s new about that.

The view of Tower Bridge looks amazing at the night time and everyone will love to look at that without skipping.

Share your Video on Local Portals and Local Listing like Google My Business:

When you have made all those changes then share that video on local portals and local listings like Google my Business as they are commonly searched and used by the local participants.

This in return gives huge sharing activity to other locations as well.

Use Local Link Building for your Video:

Give as many as links that are possible in your content that drives the audience to revise all stuff you have and this keeps audience to be at your video for a long time.

Try to give other local competitors links so that will in return build up your video link at their stuff.

These are best techniques for a YouTube video to be in the top position of Google localized results which improves your search ranking in the search engine. To experience those results just make use of applying to your YouTube video.

How to Reverse Engineering Competitor YouTube Videos

Here the overall concept works on reverse YouTube video by adding mostly required and searched keywords and content in the uploaded video. What is the best way to manipulate what the customers hear and to control their emotional range? What is the true way to influence the audience that is being the challenge to competitor YouTube videos?

Many of us know the answer to the above question, and it is the video. It is a powerful marketing tool. When you are creating a video content for promoting a product, you should be careful about the content as it should add value to your brand.

Videos rank higher in search results of Google as well. For this highly competitive search terms need to be used so that the search results show you on the first page.

There is a shortcut way to achieve this, and that is reverse-engineering the YouTube videos of the competitors.

Reverse Engineering Process for YouTube Videos

YouTube algorithms for promoting a video are difficult to understand. The platform does not make public the variables that factor into the algorithm.

However, there are few things like thumbnail, title impressions and viewing history that can help shed light on algorithms.

Optimizing the videos for watch time is a principle and the watch time combines total views, duration, session beginning and ending and upload frequency.

When the view velocity of a video is poor, YouTube will not serve the next video to a significant portion of the subscriber base.

When many subscribers do not watch the new uploads, the views of the library videos goes down and also the overall channel viewership.

Such YouTube channels are punished by YouTube by not actively promoting them. Another metric that can impact the YouTube algorithm is the view duration.

YouTube promotes the channels that make the people come back to the platform and makes people spend extended period of time on the platform.

YouTube determines how many views the videos and channel gets algorithmically. To make a channel successful, creators must focus on one type of videos.

Specific content type is watched more on the platform.

Analyzing Competitions YouTube Search

Most of knowing our competition websites and YouTube channels. Go their own sites or channel and see their videos. If you don’t know your competitors, then search for somebody in you niche on focus on topics on which you are making the videos.

Observe for what keywords, their videos are showing up in search results and what are the keywords commonly used by you and your competitor.

Also look at the titles, description and the content of the videos. Also find if there are faults in the videos.

This is to ensure to learn what they are doing right and also not to repeat their mistakes.

Analyzing Competitors Recommended Videos from YouTube

YouTube displays the recommended videos to the audience at the end of the videos they watch. This is good for the audience but may be bad for the video creators as this can promote the competitor’s videos which might result in other related videos getting more views and ranking higher in search results.

To stop related or recommended videos being displayed by YouTube at the end of the video, modify the default embed code from YouTube.

Request for the embed code when uploading the video by adding rel=0 in the code. Use this edited code on the website or the blog.

There is also another way to stop the recommended video display and this is by unchecking the show suggested videos when the video finishes.

However, reverse engineering cannot produce results instantly. You achieve it slowly, and for this, you need to pay attention to what right things you and your competitors are doing and what wrong things.

15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Old YouTube Videos (Free Checklist)

I am having a YouTube Channel! Getting good views for all newly uploaded videos on my YouTube Channel. But what about my Old YouTube Videos. Are they almost dead? What do I need to do to Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos?

Are there any new ways and ideas?

Yes, there are different ways to get traffic and views for your Old YouTube Videos.

1. BOOST Up Video SEO:

Add New Tags to your old Videos. Rework the Videos titles so they’re keyword-friendly and click-worthy. Add tags (Keywords which are currently trending). Write new Meta description if you haven’t already.

2. Create New Video Thumbnail:

Create new Custom thumbnail and update it for your old video. Thumbnail should reflect new trends and designs.

3. Create a Second Video that Riffs off Old video and link back:

Think of the better ways you can elaborate on old videos or turn them into a series of new videos. Then link your new video back to your old videos to keep an engagement on your YouTube Channel.

4. Link back Old YouTube Videos:

For your newly uploaded videos link back old videos in the description of new videos.

5.Schedule the Social Media Promotion for your Old Videos with new thumbnails.

6.Write a new blog post and embed your relevant old videos in that blog post.

7.Add a Popular Videos Section in your YouTube Channel and add your old videos into that section.

8.Break your Old Long form Videos into Short form Videos and upload them to your YouTube Channel.

9.Create Playlists of old YouTube videos using current Trending Keywords with relevant old videos in it.

10.Share Your Old Videos to an Audience Likely to Share & Engage it.

11.Interact on Other YouTube Video Comments and leave your old videos link as a comment on relevant topic videos.
Note: Don’t overdo it.

12.Participate in Q+A Websites if you find the relevant question, and that matches your old video as the answer to it. Just drop your link over there.

13.Use Your Email Signature) to Promote Your Old YouTube Video.

14.Aggregate the Best of Your Old YouTube Videos and prepare useful tutorials.

15.Find Influential Social Media people In Your Niche and ask them to share your old video which is relevant to their audience.

Increase Audience Retention and Traffic for Older YouTube Videos

The statistical data and analytical data only show you about your count of views in consideration along with the number of people watched. But, with the audience retention, we can hold the attention of the viewers towards your video from the initial to final.

The YouTube insights can help you to know about your performance with the videos. When it comes to the older YouTube videos, many of us feel that our work becomes outdated and of no use. But, there is a chance to increase the engagement of the older YouTube videos and can get a good level of traffic.

Generally, the analytics on YouTube platform helps you to improve the various things in your videos by giving you the reports on each and everything about your videos. It also provides you with a complete report on the engagement if the audience and their interests in the videos, which helps you to develop the content online.

Audience Retention –YouTube Old Videos

An audience retention graph helps you to about the views and the total views of the videos in various timings and also shows the views regarding percentages also. The graph will rise with a curve if the audience has increased and if they decrease it will go down.

YouTube Audience Retention
YouTube Audience Retention

Audience Retention

These reports are beneficial for the older videos to improve them because the retention reports can be very brief and also reveals about at which minute and seconds of the video has more and fewer engagement levels helps the older videos to gain more traffic.

The information provided here is handy for the all YouTubers as they are waiting to know about Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos, new thing which never given before.

Drive Traffic to your Old YouTube Videos could be the more enthusiastic topic for all the YouTube Marketers.

12 Reasons No One’s Watching your YouTube Videos

Are you a Vlogger? But you are not getting the expected response from the audience. Are you frustrated of following all others suggestions? No One’s Watching your YouTube Videos.

You might know about the “Philip DeFranco” who is well famous and no. one vlogger in YouTube.

He has almost 5,418,434+ subscribers and 1,889,466,309+ views which is not an ordinary thing.

What does he do to get that much engagement? He just simply reveals the news on politics, current topics, events and gossips of celebrities.

But whatever he chatters in YouTube channel it straightly strikes at the eye of the audience immediately.

What he considers to be an inspiration for others and why no one is watching your YouTube videos? Here are the reasons to blast that twist where you are neglecting.

1.Low Quality

I think your video quality is very low which has been captured with cheap equipment like cameras and mics.

Including that the background of the video might not be attractive. Allocate some sufficient budget to provide everything at a fine quality.

2.Boring Start

There might major defect in the initiation of video storytelling. Here the way of explanation with facial expressions and using hyperactive words in each sentence you deliver is very important.

Otherwise, the audience might get bored and never visit again as it claims ‘the first impression is the best’ forever.

If you are confused to take the extraordinary initiation just go through the YouTube masters channels.

3.Low Sound

The next step you might be failed is that video is having a low sound that no one gets the points that what you are expressing. It must be audible to the audience understands better.

4.Thumbnail is Not Catchy

The thumbnail is the life of the video and you are using the dull thumbnails that not at all clutching the audience. Add colored thumbnails with ultra-visual effects that can’t find anywhere.

5.Not Optimized for YouTube Search

Though you have good video content if there is no description, tags and titles for that video then it won’t get many results.

As the description and title are available in the search results of the search engine which leads much traffic your channel.

Here the description and title will impact the audience by directing them directly to your channel. Hence mention the ultimate titles and description.

6.No Link Building and External Embedding

You are uploading the video but not assigning the internal links of other video content on that video.

That you are not giving the external embed links of the video of yours and others at your channel.

Just follow the “Newton’s third law of for every action there is reaction” that is when you involve others at your’s they might obviously show interest to share your links with their videos.

7.Not Creating Video Content on Current Topics

You are not generating any videos that related to current trending topics. 90% of the audience from the public will be connected to the trending news which is very exciting to know the more and more.

8.You are only promoting your Brand

Everyone knows that ‘self-exaltation is the fool’s paradise’. You are just only promoting your brand by yourself without the involvement of others.

A single word from the mouth of others will impacts more than on our own. When you are not uttering others, they too do the same in vice versa.

9.Not giving value for User Engagement

You are not considering the comments and feedback of the audience at your video. This is the major fault that you are doing.

If you observe Pew Die Pie and Philip DeFranco they give an immediate reply to only fans cum subscribers. This is the secret of their winning.

When you don’t show interest towards the viewers they just kick of your videos by quitting to watch.

10.No Social Media Promotion

The blind mistake you doing is that you are not using the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,Snapchat and Twitter which are the most trending apps that connect millions of users for the video you upload to your channel. Try to share the links at those sites and your blog as well.

11.Your Channel is not having Subscriber Base

Your channel doesn’t have many subscribers that who looking for the content you upload. First of all, build up the subscribers by introducing the audience preferred content in the channel.

12.You recorded your Video with a lot of background Noise

The YouTube video you uploaded might have lots of background noise which annoys every visitor who is watching those videos. Just clean up those issues immediately.

These are the bullets of mistakes that mislead you to get a huge drop of your channel that allows audience not to watch your YouTube videos. Just consider all these points when you want to run a successful channel.

Science behind Calculating Money made from YouTube videos

YouTube is one of the best platforms for generating income from videos. There are more than one billion users for YouTube and more than 300 hours of videos uploaded to the video-sharing platform per hour.

Income from YouTube videos can be earned in three ways and these ways are YouTube ads, sponsor ads and affiliate advertising. YouTube ads are a major source of Videos on YouTube.

Creators do not make money on YouTube based on the views their videos have. Engagement of viewers with the ads on videos can.

Adwords platform manage the YouTube advertising. There are different types of ads such as cost per click, cost per view etc. There are also TrueView ads types which are pre-roll, in-search and in-display ads, these are skippable ads.

Viewers can skip them after five seconds. Advertisers pay to the video creators when someone watches the video for a minimum of thirty seconds.

Even if a video is watched for ten million times, no money is made if nobody watches or clicks the ads.

YouTube RPM is the rate used to calculate the estimated earnings for one thousand impressions. The revenue of each YouTube video is calculated in estimated earnings for once in a month.

Estimated earnings per day can be calculated by dividing the video impressions with one thousand and multiplying the value with RPM rate.

This way we can get the estimated earnings per day. At, we can give the impression and RPM rate to get the estimated daily earnings value automatically.

Increasing the YouTube RPM helps to increase the earnings. There are few ways by which RPM can be increased.

Video quality must be very high. A high-quality video will be assigned with good ads by YouTube and this can improve the RMP.

More ads are displayed on the videos that get more social shares. Likes and comments on a video increase RPM of YouTube.

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