TikTok for Business

How to use TikTok for Business Promotion

TikTok is a viral social media app that has rolled to add millions of users within a short period. Teens are the most attracting beans on TikTok to create or watch video content on it. This is the most engaging platform where we can edit and share short videos by applying filters, AE features, and lenses from mobile. If you have a teenager in your house, sure that you hear about TikTok.

This is the only app to garner a million users, especially teens, who are most required demographics for the businesses to keep the engagement of sales of their product. It is the only tactic that has made TikTok become the ambassador, especially for brand promotion. Here the influencer marketing strategy works better as you can find the most authentic influencers who have a genuine fan base on TikTok. It has become the most haunted platform for marketing.

How the TikTok works?

On TikTok’ Following’ and ‘For You Page’ are two essential categories. When you download this app, then you are directed to the For You Page. Mostly, you can find on trending videos and top creators. If you want to watch more video content, then you need to follow the other people. Anyone who is king on delivering the ultimate content then they can find their career as an influencer.

Discover is another distinguishable feature on it to discuss. It allows you to expand your brand video content using hashtags and trending challenges etc. The users can watch the content from their followers or following. Also, you can see one’s followers who they are following.

The profiles of users will be displayed along with their videos, also by highlighting several followers and video view count. You can make 15 seconds video length, and it enables the users to twine together clips of 60-second video like Instagram stories.

How brands are using TikTok?

Advertising categories on TikTok:

Hashtag challenge:

Here the brands can use promoted hashtags by displaying banner ads at the audience. In this challenge, the link will be displayed that directs the audience to the challenge featuring page. This is where the audience can find a set of instructions before entering the challenge.

The most accurate insights like clicks, number of views, number of user-generated content, engagement, trending slot, and banner views helps to measure the performance of that ad. #inmydenim is the best-worked hashtag challenge particularly in the strategy of marketing. In this challenge, the users are directed to the main challenge page by displaying the banner ad.

Infeed native ad:

Just like Instagram stories, these will be displayed in full-screen mode with the video length of 9-15 seconds, which can be skippable. It adds extreme features like app downloads and website clicks. Through impressions, video views, CTR, play duration, video shares, comments, and a number of clicks helps to find the performance of the video ad campaign.

Brand lenses:

TikTok is taking initiation to make itself more engaging. It has launched the branded lenses as it one category in that project. They want to infuse this feature by exploring their application, and it is similar to 2D and 3D lenses of Snapshot for faces and photos. Brand Takeovers: The embedded links connected to the landing pages of the website and hashtag challenges within the platform. Here you can use videos, GIFs, and images. This category is exclusive to a single brand every day. In this ad format, you can find unique reach, clicks, and impressions.

Hashtag (#) challenge:

Hashtag challenge is playing a key role in TikTok to capture the businesses attention. It drives huge audience activity traffic towards the brand’s website launching page. This is where the audience is given a challenge and let them iterate on their video. It gains a million real-time audience than any other platform.

User participation:

To launch a successful marketing campaign on TikTok, then user-generated content and user participation are the essential things. Haidilao, a Chinese restaurant, has implemented this experience by adding ‘DIY’ option to the menu. When the audience requested this option, then make their own unique and off-menu dish. After filming that dish creation, they share it on Douyin.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy on TikTok, which is tough challenging to YouTube and Instagram. It is the most engaging form on it. For example, Guess hired TikTok trending personalities and launched the #InMyDenim hashtag challenge which has gone viral.

Moreover, the brands becoming an influencer by setting up their profile on it. In this Adidas Neo is the best example to describe. It’s set up its account in the name of Douyin and partnering with TikTok influencers and other celebrities like Yiyang Qianxi and Dili Reba. Launch fun, creative, and unique content: To show the impact on the targeted audience, you don’t need high-quality content on TikTok. Originality is opposing the quality on it. Most of the audience are showing interest to watch silly and creative content. The users here are the best source to influence the buyers.

How TikTok can fit your digital strategy?

The theme of TikTok is to give more user intended enjoyable experience than any other platforms. In the same, it is more useful for businesses to build a huge fan base. The bands can show off their products or services by implementing more organic advertising techniques. As we discussed the Hashtag (#) challenge is the best way to showcase your brand. Find more marketing ideas and content from other platforms. When you reach the expectations of teens on it, then we can say that TikTok is the top marketing tool for your business brand. Reality is an excellent weapon to engage and drive sales through TikTok.

Why do you need to know about TikTok?

  • It has above 1billion downloads and has 500 million active users per month.
  • 52 minutes per day is the average spending time of users on this app.
  • It has 275% YoY growth of new users per month.
  • In 500 million monthly users, 26.5 million are from the U.S.
  • It is a more popular app on Android than iOS.
  • TikTok has above 500 million monthly active global users.
  • TikTok huge user base in India at 43% of all the users.
  • 66% of TikTok users are below 30 years old.
  • Almost 80% of TikTok sessions are from Android.
  • Each day 29% of users visit TikTok every day.
  • We can find above 5 million #InMyFeelings challenge video content on TikTok when compared to 1.7 million on Instagram.

Raindrop challenge above 685.7 million views.

Jimmy Fallon’s #Tumbleweed challenge has created 8,000 videos with 9+ million video views within one week.

TikTok Demographics

  • 75% of iPhone users on Musical.ly were female in February.
  • 50% are aged between 13 to 24 on the iPhone.
  • 70% are female Android users, and in that 60% aged between 13 to 24.

Tumbleweed – Jimmy Fallon:

Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag challenge #tumbleweed on ‘The Tonight Show’ has led to having huge TikTok downloads in the U.S. In this challenge the viewers are challenged to act like tumbleweed and then upload that video on TikTok. It has acquired 10.4 million views with 8,000 submissions.

InMyDenim – Guess:

The fashion barnd Guess is the first business brand to launch the hashtag challenge of #InMyDenim on TikTok. When the user opens the TikTok app, then they were navigated to #InMyDenim challenge during that campaign. The videos with hashtag #InMyDenim have 36+ million views.

HeyGoogleHelp – Google:

Google launched #HeyGoogleHelp hashtag challenge on TikTok homepage. Here the users need to create the videos that use Google Assistant. This hashtag got 156.7+ million video views. Moreover, Google used influencers to spread this campaign.

DifferentWorld – Alan Walker:

Alan Walker’s #DifferentWorld has created buzz on TikTok, where he asks the users to upload the TikTok video by doing small and fun environmental friendly act.


TikTok is all about fun, creativity, and reality. This is what you need to remember before creating your business campaign on TikTok. Know better about TikTok audience, users, and influencers to launch the most successful brand campaigns.

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