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How To Use Video Heatmap to See What People Like?

In today’s fast-moving digital world, innovative technologies are introduced to Google as a serial offender of it. Video Heatmap generates reports for better 360° Videos for promotions. Video Heatmap is a quantitative analytics tool that helps understand and analyze audience behavior while watching the video hosted by business marketers. Video Heatmap is the newest marketing tool for those who want to attract high-quality leads and to improve business conversion rates. Using Heatmap is more than the other video marketing methods for any business.

What is a video heatmap?

Video Heatmap are the best ways to learn about the overall response of viewers to a video. Can also analyze which parts did the viewers watch the complete video or skip in a video. As we can see, various colors in Heat-Maps to differentiates the performance by each color.

Heatmap provides real-time analytics to help the video marketers and chief editors to understand viewers’ behavior in a fraction of seconds which parts are the best performing contents.

Red Color: It shows the frames watched more than two times.

Green color: It clearly shows the frames that have been watched only once in the video.

Yellow color: It shows that people watched the frames twice.

Blue Color: It shows the minimal interest of viewers.

In other parts, we can see where there are no colors. It shows visitors did not click at all.

How does a Video Heatmap work?

Every viewer is different, and every web page design is unique depends on their industry. Using other videos increase your business, which means businesses need to include everything that will change video analytics. Video viewers can show their actions should change in the form of heatmaps.

Heatmaps are a visual representation of visitor’s strongest desires and motivations. These Windows represents the mindsets of your visitors. The word Heat describes the number of actions done on a particular frame of the video. Maps are the visual forms to reveal your visitor’s behaviors.

Understand Your Users Using Video Heatmaps:

  • The analytics data produced by a Video Heatmap offer focused and unique insights that you may not realize through other analytics tools and platforms. Here are a few essential things that you will learn when you apply them to your videos.
  • Understand whether your users are attracted to your CTAs, lead-generating elements, and other links by clicking on them.
  • Calculate how many users are clicked on email subscription forms.
  • Know what types of videos people are more engaging and interacting with your videos.
  • Identify the type of video that dominating the page with good content.
  • The most significant advantage of the Video Heatmap is it reveals where your website visitors are clicking.
  • It tracks which frames drawing the highest level of activity in your video.

How to use video heatmaps?

Video Marketing teams are witnessing the difference by using the results, and it enhances the storyboarding, content creativity, production, and distribution. Businesses leverage video heatmaps to produce and resonate more with the viewer’s pain points to their analytics.

Every video heatmap has its own process for setting up heatmaps on the videos while hosting the videos and gathering data. These are various tools that qualities either level of playing field that edge over the other. All define the overall common pain points to each tool that tries to solve with their capabilities.

The video heatmap tools are the cornerstones that can turn things around for your business for better results. Improved viewer engagement, understand, and tracking is the three main key elements in video marketing. It tracks every viewer’s behaviors video hosted on their channels.

What Are They Good For?

The main challenge of using videos for tracking is their limited range. Most of the marketers search for tens of thousands of tools, to track customers’ purchasing behavior becomes extra challenging.

  • Video Heatmap have study and compare with sales data, as the video makes easy comparisons.
  • Video and Heat Map are the best combinations to produce good results.
  • It provides a better visual representation of the data within the short intervals.
  • Video Heatmap offer clear real-time analytics into the consumer behavior with the seconds to estimate the overall performance.
  • A product video can reveal exact customer behaviors, their insights when they saw the video, and other information to understand customer behavior on a deeper level.


Introducing the Video Heatmap is a great victory for the Marketers and advertisers. Video Marketers can gather more accurate real-time customer behavior analytics data and use it to build better strategies. It boosts the video conversion rates and shows possible results on overall revenue.

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